Fall Lust List: Bold Blazers {And A Story}

Fall blazers

Today is pt.2 of my fall fashion lust list!
To review, pt.1 featured all different types of fabulous fall shoes.

Blazers are quite possibly my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. Ok, they are. In the fall, I try and wear them as much as possible. They make putting outfits together so easy, but look so chic! This year, you should try and step out from the normal solid color blazer, and try a bold print like floral, striped (my personal favorite), or polka dot. 

Blazers are so simple to style...throw on a vintage tee with boyfriend jeans for a casual look, a striped shirt with skinnies for the office, or for a night out style your blazer with a blouse underneath.

I recently found a navy/white striped blazer from TJ Maxx that I can't wait to wear (I'm saving it for California!). 

What is your favorite color/type of blazer for this fall?

Over the weekend when the temperatures here dropped to the 70's, it took all of about 2 minutes for me to throw on ankle booties and a blazer. These pictures are really horrible quality, but I'm finally linking up this outfit with the lovely lady Erin @ Living In Yellow for her fall fashion series because I told her I would and I keep my promises. Or maybe it's just that I really love the idea. You be the judge. ;)

Outfit deets: Lace top: F21 (recent), Blazer: Charlotte Russe, Jeans: Macy's, Ankle boots: Kohls

You can't leave just yet. 
You guys really need to hear the events of what just happened to me tonight.
As you know, Rocky's birthday was Monday (thank you for all the birthday wishes), and Steph and BBFT sent him a birthday package that she tracked and was scheduled to arrive tonight (Tuesday). I get home - no package. 

I text Steph to tell her and she says, "OMG I'm a dip shit. I wrote the wrong street numbers and it says it's delivered at a different address on your street!" 

Fast forward a couple minutes while I search up and down my street for this infamous package. There is no house on our street with the numbers she was referring to.

 Steph then calls me to tell me she's tracked the package on google maps (any normal psychotic aunt would do this), is on the phone with UPS, and it's showing it's 5 miles from our house. She says, "You must go get it! It shows it's still on their porch!" 

So, in the car we go. Rocky on lap.
About to sniff out this birthday package.

I finally find a house (on a completely different street name and on the opposite side of my city) that Steph says it's at and start walking up to the house. The husband was sitting in his car (obviously waiting for his kids and wife to get ready and get in the car to leave) and says, "Can I help you?"

Why yes, you can. Give me my freaking dog package. Kidding.

Me, sounding and looking like a complete fool: "My girlfriend sent my dog a birthday package but put the wrong address. She stalked the package, and your house, and it shows it's here." 

Teenage girl jumps out of the back of the van.
For a brief moment, I wonder if this is going to turn ugly. 
At least I have my 7 lb dog to protect me.

"Oh, you're looking for a dog package?"


Teenage girl yells to her mother: "Mom, this girl got a dog package, too!!!"

-What is this girl thinking? That storks are just dropping random dog birthday packages addressed to "Mr. Rocky Krysh" from the sky to the whole city?-

Me: "No, the package is FOR my dog!"

Teenage girl and mom: "OH! We order stuff all the time and have dogs, so we opened it (since that is A COMPLETELY NORMAL & LEGAL THING TO DO!) and read the letter, but we didn't take any treats!" 

What in the world...?

They give me Rocky's opened package and I'm almost done with this madness.

Me: "ha ha ::fake smile::, oh ok, thank you so much!" then I walk as quickly as possible to my car to jet the heck out of there.

Then I proceed to call Steph and we laugh for about 30 minutes.
The one damn time Steph decides to not send anthrax in the mail!

Let's recap:
-The family clearly wasn't going to return the package to the post office like normal human beings (illegal)
-The package was addressed to a dog and I'm pretty sure their dogs name is NOT "Mr. Rocky Krysh" (just wrong)
-Did they ORDER a stuffed pheasant squeaky toy, bacon treats, and 2 Texas shirts recently?! I didn't think so! 
-Driving to the opposite side of my city to track down a dog package and letter from Texas. Steph wrote the letter to Rocky and not only did they open the package, but they opened and read her letter! I can ONLY imagine what they thought of Steph at this point, but then again, at least she didn't have to show her face to them....
-Stalking a random house and a family thinking I'm the biggest creep in the world!

Normal Tuesday night activities, my friends. 
But hey, all is right in the world because this guy got his package.
No thanks to the mail thieves. 



  1. Oh my word...how crazy is that??!? I can't believe they opened it! I'm so glad you guys tracked it down so that Rocky could enjoy his presents!

  2. OMG those people are CRAZY!!!! Then to lie to your face. Weirdos. So glad you found his bday package and are safe. And it all makes for a good blog story!!

  3. bahahaa! Those people are crazy for opening that...I can't believe the package even got that far from your house!!!

  4. O.

    I am STILL DYING just thinking about this. Thank GOD for Google Maps and UPS tracking department....and I am not thanking God for the mail thieves.

    Friggin' jerks.

  5. I mean, really...the shirts said they were "going to hell"? Who keeps that??!!


    and opened the letter! haha so nosy!

    next time you should goto their house when they arent home, read their mail, and leave them a note being like "omg you guys get mail TOOO!!????!"

    thank god mr rocky got his gift tho!! how sweet is stephy and BBFT!!

    love it!

  7. see, this is what my problem is: normal people read that story and get all "OMG! mean!" and I read that story and get legitimately angry (rage issues?) at how rude, idiotic and downright theiverous (that's a word, trust me) people can be. They deserved to be hit.

    Knowing me, I would've dropped the following lines as well:
    "yeah I'm not sure if you have seen me around, I work for a lawfirm downtown. Friendly fact for the future: if it's not addressed to you, don't open it. It's a federal offense to do so. Did I mention that I'm a lawyer? Have a good day!" to make those idiots sweat. ugh. people are so dumb and classless.

  8. LMAO!!! I agree with Steph who the H-E-Double Hockey sticks would keep those shirts? Do they have friends in Texas? So crazy! I would never open mail that did not have my name on it! Funny story for sure and I'm glad Rocky had a great Birthday!

  9. Wow - I am seriously laughing out loud. Who opens a package that isn't addressed to them!? How random.

  10. Oh wow. This would only happen to you two haha. I can't believe some family with CHILDREN would do this. I mean some young people maybe? But telling your kids "Oh ya hunny, you can open and play with this package that is clearly addressed to someone else!" SO wrong and such bad manners! Glad you stalked them and found it! Rocky is a stud in those glasses :)

  11. I can't believe they opened it AND read the letter, how rude! At least you got the package though.
    BTW that lace top is sooo pretty, I'm going to try to track it down online.

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  13. Wow, tpeople be cray! So happy Rocky got his gift and can enjoy it now. Pretty weird they opened it, and read the letter.

  14. i cannot believe they opened your package! what the hell!!! mind boggling!

  15. I don't own a casual blazer. Can you believe it?! I'm going to buy one this season, and the JCrew one you posted looks like the perfect one to start with...

    And I can't believe that someone opened a package that wasn't addressed to them! Especially because it clearly wasn't to them and i'm sure Steph didn't put the return address as a dog website. How odd...

  16. Those. bitches. Seriously. I would have kicked some Ohio-an ASS. Not cool!!! I'm glad that Rocky got his package though. Those glasses are perfect for him!

  17. I would have been TICKED, lock those suckas up... JERKS, reading sweet Rocky's mail!! I'm glad you found it though-- you and Steph are crazy!!! :)

  18. OMG I would have been so ticked off! I would have definitely said, "oh is your dog's name Mr. Rocky Krysh too?!". What jerks.

    I'm glad you got the package, because those sunglasses are bitchin on Rocky.

  19. LOVE blazers! Wish I could find some cute ones.

  20. I could live in a blazer daily and be perfectly content. Jcrew and Zara always makes my favorite ones!

  21. People are crazy, but we already knew that. I'm dying over Rocky's birthday glasses, though. WHAT A CUTIE :)

  22. I'm obsessed with ALL fall blazers! and I kind of like pairing a nice rugby/jcrew blazer with ripped jeans...is that weird?

    Btw- bring your blazers to SF!!

  23. love the fall blazers bit. now i want to spend $. this is a bad thing. and those people who opened your shit? whaaaaaaaaaaaa? ppl r nuttttttts.

  24. Freaking so funny!! Glad Rocky finally got his package!

  25. I cannot believe they opened the package! Who does that?!


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