Fall Lust List: Shoes and Styling Them

Fall lust list: shoes


I know, I know. 

You're (not so) shocked I'm getting into fall fashion here on le bloggy.
To my defense, I have almost 90% of my fall shopping already done, 
so it's been on my mind. A lot.
I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed of that statement.

I thought it would be fun to start doing fall lust lists/guides since it's my favorite season

 and this is my first edition! 
Look for more in the future as fall gets closer and closer.

This fall I'm seeing loafers everywhere...leopard print, studded, polka dot, and in bold colors. 
Last year I didn't get into them as much, but I have to say there are some really cute ones this year. 

As for fall boots, my philosophy is you can never have too many. ;) My favorite style is the riding boot because it is so versatile, but Emily Maynard can sure pull off those combat boots and make them look cute, can't she? I'm not so sure how I would look wearing them,
 but I do think pairing them with shorts is the way to go. 

The Tory Burch Sally Wedge (9) is classic, perfect for work, and goes with mainly everything. Plus, they seem super comfortable. If I didn't just find a similar pair of these from BCBG, I would definitely save up for those bad boys!

Now, here's some inspiration on how to style

 some of the shoes listed above...


that dog? hilar!

riding boots
[you don't always have to pair with skinny jeans or leggings-think outside the box!]
oh hay, that's me! (left)

suede pumps
[pair with your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans!]

ankle boots

Alright....it took all of one of these pictures
 to make me excited to bust out my fall clothes.
Sorry summer.

What fall shoes are on your lust list?

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  1. I love most on your list. Except combat boots. I hate them with a passion. HATE. Sorry, but to each their own, right?!? :)

    I'm not on the loafer trend yet. I think they are super cute on other gals, but don't think I can pull them off. Love the pumps and short boots. And the TB wedges? I die.

  2. We don't have much of a Fall here in Florida. But, it doesn't mean I don't want ALL of those shoes on your faves list. I'm loving those Riding Boots, and the Pink Pumps.

    Also, that ADORABLE love ankle bracelet. Must find it.

  3. I would rock those Tori riding boots in 100 degree weather. SWOON!!

  4. Where did you get those boots??
    They are so cute :)

  5. OH, loafers!!!! Well I just bought two pair of Toms, so those will have to do for now. Love them.

  6. Ok- those Gap loafers in polka dog (and every other option I saw on their website) are DEF going on my list. They look super comfy- do you have a pair?!?

    I love fall- my faaaave fashion time! Bring on the cool weather and football and boots!!

  7. I sooo want those TB wedges! So super cute! Too bad it's going to be a million degrees here in Houston FOREVERRR.

  8. I absolutely LOVE your fall lust list. I need to get me a few pairs of loafers myself. Those studed ones are presh!

  9. I thought you were going to say you were lusting after Jef and Emily... because I kind of am.... in a "I want that kind of relationship" way...

    hehe ok but seriously, love all your pics! And there's a pair of Steve Madden boots that are super similar to Emily's pricey Sam Edelman pair... they might be mine soon : )

    No judging you AT ALL for having a lot of your shopping done. Go you!


  10. I NEED a pair of loafers. Those are definitely on my list this fall. I'm leaning towards the leopard ones, but we shall see! :)

  11. Loafers and boots are definitely on my list. And you are so right about pairing boots with other clothing. Some of my favorite outfits are when I pair my riding boots with dresses or skirts.

  12. love those, I am all about the riding boot girl and I am dying for the weather to cool down so I can wear scarves and boots!

  13. I am dying for a cute pair of ankle boots! I found some on ShoeMint but they were sold out in my size! Something tells me Target might have a cute pair come fall! I am all ready for sweaters and leggings :)

  14. I wish I had money to shop for Fall clothes .. I feel broke right now ... wahh! lets hang soon, k, luv ya, talk to you soon ...

  15. Love the riding boots with the skirt - too cute!!

  16. girl, i already have a fall post ready too! i can't wait. i am back & forth in nc/sc, and it is hot. as. helllll. here. ps - they have knock offs like boot #1 at target. very similar!

  17. LOVE that cute black & white skirt! I need some details about that, lady :)
    Umm, i have been on a hunt for boots. I shipped back my THIRD pair of Frye boots today bc I have yet to find a pair that looks un-ridiculous on me :)
    Second, I swear I havent forgotten about sending you a pic of those leopard shoes, which I swear were sent to me from heaven (or marshalls, but what evs :) )!

  18. I'll take #1-9 please! The Tory boots are a-maze and the leopard loafers are also on my list!

  19. I just love loafers, so chic and comfy!

    Im hosting a IN PINK giveaway with 50 winners, make sure you check it out!

  20. I love that picture of you and such a cute outfit! You have amazing style!

  21. I'm all about the loafers...GAP has some out that are to die for!! I love how Jessica Biel styled them with colored jeans, a plain white v-neck and a blazer. I'm making a mental note to plan that exact outfit for one of my San Fran vacation days. ;)

    I think it's official. I'm ready for fall NOW! We just started covering some of the new fall trends on our blog this week. Lots more to come!!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  22. I loooove riding boots and ankle booties for fall!

  23. i'm dying for some ankle boots! i love the look of loafers, but i think they look funny on me. idk.

  24. I would LOVVVEEE a pair of those Tory Burch wedges!!! I've been lusting after them for awhile, hehe :)

  25. I want those Tory Burch riding boots! But considering I could have 5 pairs of riding boots for the price of that one pair, I think I'll pick the less expensive option!

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