A Sweet Reunion

....and it's going to feel so good.

I'm going to be one of those girls today.
You see, Billy has been gone for a week. One whole week. 7 days.
I didn't blog about this for privacy reasons, but let me just tell you, this has been the longest week since May 25th, 1985. I say that because the first week of my life I imagine felt really long too because I probably didn't eat a lot, and we all know how I get when I don't eat.
Anyways, Billy and I have never been one of those couples that have to be together 24/7, and let's be honest...I really enjoy my girl trips. As he does with his guy time.

With that being said, this 7 days has felt way too long. 
Mainly because I haven't slept hardly at all and I think I'm starting to go crazy.
Case in point being that last night without realizing it I bought 3 cake mixes and only one box of icing. Oh, and I used Christmas colored sprinkles to decorate. It's the thought that counts, right?

I realize 7 days isn't that long and there are so many couples out there that go much, much longer without seeing each other. I give all of you so much credit.
He was in Vegas for 3 days (damn lucky him), then he flew straight to Florida for work, and has been there since Tuesday. He's been traveling overnight and had a lost bag situation that turned into me having to track the bag down all over the U.S.

 {Why can't airlines just put bags on the plane it's supposed to go on?! Come on.}

I get to pick him up tonight, which means this is the best Friday ever.
I imagine him to look like this when I pick him up..
all relaxed, tan, loving life.

and me?
I plan on doing a happy dance around our house.

Lucky for you, you get to be reunited with someone special, too.
Sami is the coolest (and I mildy stalk her on instagram) which is why I'm having her back on my blog today for round 2. She also hosts a great weekend linkup on Mondays that you should join! 

*You may see me interject some comments here and there below, info about a football tee shirt giveaway, a blogger fantasy football league, and the cutest picture I've ever taken of our sweet furchild below, so read on. :)

I know what you're thinking.. I came here for Katie and now I have to read about this girl?
Well let me tell you something.. Katie and I have lots in common. In fact, if you like Katie, you're sure to like me too. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.. I'll get into all that in just a second. 

First let me introduce myself..
I'm Sami and I blog at Sami's Shenanigans. I've been blogging since December 2011 when I finally decided to stop just reading blogs and start writing one. It's worked out pretty well so far and I am so grateful for ladies like Katie helping me along the way. 

Now let's get to the good stuff! What do Katie and I have in common?

First of all, we both love our long, luscious locks. I mean that's a given ;)

Although, Katie's a brunette (true story-getting rid of the highlights this weekend!) and I'm a blonde. That's neither here nor there.
I can assure you, mine (owner of this blog) never look that luscious. Moving on.

Second, we both love OSU football! 

Hey, I never said we rooted for the same OSU.
They may on different sides of the country, but I can assure you both school take their Football teams very seriously! 
(and some may be better than others-cough, cough, Ohio State. Sorry, who's post is this again? I'll shut my trap.)

Not everything that Katie and I do is pretty though, we've both made some pretty embarrassing choices in our lives. We rocked gouchos and platform flip flips like nobody's business and we're not afraid to share it with the blog world.

But hey, look on the bright side. At least we didn't wear those shoes hideous with our gouchos.

Next, we have our sweet pups! We both love our dogs and if my Lily girl had her way, Rocky would only have eyes for her. Unfortunately, Rocky is too much of a stud to be tied down to just one girl.

Lily isn't happy, but she'll move on eventually.

Hmmm.. what else?

Oh ya, we are both so lucky to have such great significant others.
Here's me with my man just last week!

Yep, you heard it here first. Gavin and I are an item!
Try to keep it on the down low if you can ;)

Alright, time to get serious! 
I love Katie and I wish we had this much in common (Sami-WE DO! I once dated Gavin too. You know, before Billhead.) but that was just me being silly and sarcastic, something you'll find pretty often on my blog if you stop by! You'll also find lots of fashionlots of funnies, and a pretty fun Weekend Update link-up.

You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @SamiShenanigans

Thank so much to Katie for having me! 
See you guys soon :)


Who's excited for football season?!

Annie is hosting a personalized football tee shirt giveaway: here
and Erin is putting together a bloggers only fantasy football league: here.
So cool. Go enter!

What are your weekend plans everyone?
It's supposed to be nice here, so I'm hoping we get some pool time in as I feel white as a ghost lately.
Rocky says, happy weekend friends!
{this picture just melts my heart!!!!}


  1. That photo of Rocky is just adorable. I want one the exact same way, except with Mia, of course!

  2. My hubby has been working non stop this week ...and I feel like I haven't seen him at all.. So I {kinda...sorta} know how you feel...I know you will be so excited to see Billy tonight :) oh and I bet rocky will be too...and is it just me or do you eat{drink} more and do lots of snuggling with your dog when your hubs is gone??..lol
    I love sami too! she's awesome :)
    have a wonderful weekend with your hubby

  3. yay yay yay!! girl i can relate times 10!! Austin has been away for baseball since he left for spring training feb 17! his last game is Sept 3. and then he is home! its like better than Christmas :) life is simply better with your best friend in it, i'm happy yours will be home tonight :)

  4. Enjoy your reunion! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Glad you get to see your husband! :D

  6. I love little Sami :) She is so sweet

    Katie, i die over that pic of Rocky. it is adorable. hahahaha Sadie is so jealous.

  7. Enjoy your reunion!! I completely understand though - I'm the same way that likes to have time away with the girls! Or else, how do you miss each other?! =)

  8. I am new here! and I am loving your blog! Rebecca @ roffenkr.blogspot.com


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