Bring Some Balloons And A Toy...

This past Friday, one of my best friends Marissa and her fiance Mike, got to find out the gender of their baby bean that will be born in Jan or Feb and it's a sweet baby BOY!! :) At first, I offered to have them over for some champagne to celebrate and share the news with us {they kept it a surprise and showed us their ultrasound video to reveal the gender to us!!}, but then had the idea to take some maternity pictures for them. I told them to pick up some balloons and bring a prop I could use for some cute Pinterest-y looking pictures. It had just rained (figures) and it was almost 9 o'clock at night so the lighting was absolutely terrible, but I still got some decent pictures.

I am so excited for these two and I know that Marissa is going to be the best mom. She has been a nanny practically her whole life, or what seems like it, and she is so wonderful with kids. I've already 'reserved' her as our nanny for when Billy and I have kids (don't get any ideas...this won't be happening for awhile!)

Some of you tried starting twitter and instagram rumors that it was me that was pregnant. 
Tisk, tisk.... I nixed that about as quick as I can inhale a chocolate bar. It was pretty funny though. Nice try, friends.

What do you think?
I tried doing my best with it being a last minute thing, and no sun being out!

here's a picture from when me and my best friend Lindsay found out that it is a baby BOY from the ultrasound video and also one of me pretending to be a photographer (key word: pretending.)

I had never seen an ultrasound video like this before. It was seriously so amazing! 
Baby boy was moving around like CRAZY and we could even see him clapping his hands.
It was so precious. aka I had baby fever for like 2 minutes and then came back to reality...

Congratulations Marissa & Mike!
I hope you love these pictures.

*Today, I'm over at Rocky's girlfriend (one of them ;-)) owner Nikki's blog talking about fitness/working out. If you don't follow The Pink Growl yet, hop on over and say hello! She is the sweetest.

Have a totally terrific Tuesday!


  1. Those are awesome! What a great gift to give your friends. They'll treasure those forever!

  2. You did a great job. Going to check out your guest blog!

  3. Such cute pictures!! congrats to the both of them!!


  4. love the pictures! so cute! so exciting, i cant wait. except i can, and i need to check the husband part of my list before doing so. but I do have to say now that lately I have been reading a lot of blogs and those bloggers have become preg, aaand now everytime I eat a lot and my tummy gets big I think, so this is what I will look like when im pregnant. Hahaha so this is growing up?

  5. Aww mama Rissy!! These are so cute!!

    PS-did they get engaged?? Did I miss something?? Or did you just NOT tell me?! TEXT ME!

  6. MOOOOREEE THAN EXCITED for these two lil pumpkins im so happy i got to meet!!

    she has the cutest little belly! and yes judging by all her stories of nannying, i just KNOW shes gonna be a great momma and mike a great father!!

    and these pics are just SO CUTE katie! seriously they are awesome!


  7. haha i totally missed the rumor mill....the first picture i saw was "it's a boy....NOT MINE".....haha. loved all the photos thought - you are becoming such a great photographer!!

  8. haha i totally missed the rumor mill....the first picture i saw was "it's a boy....NOT MINE".....haha. loved all the photos thought - you are becoming such a great photographer!!

  9. Awww congrats to your friend and LOVE the photos! Baby boys are the best {clearly I'm biased!}. :)

  10. SO nice of you to take photos for her!!! They turned out great!

  11. YAY for baby boys! What a cute mini photoshoot you did! love it!


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