Grow / Change / SURPRISE

1. Make sure my loved ones know how much they mean to me.
2. Think positively, act positively, bring positivity to others.
3. Get outdoors. Soak it all up this summer.
4. Travel out of the country.
5. Write thank you notes more. Even "just because" notes.
6. Fly to Houston to visit Steph and BBFT* 
7. Get back into reading, instead of watching trashy reality t.v.
8. Disconnect from my phone/internet when on dates with Billy, and when spending time together at home.
9. Spread kindness. Be kind, always.
10. Keep our basement organized. 
11. Be more patient, and when overwelmed-just breathe (aka take a sip of closest sangria). 
12. Call my parents more, and actually return their voicemails. 
13. Spend less-save more.
14. Dream bigger.
15. Walk Rocky in the mornings before work because he loves it.
16. Focus on ME.
17. Don't sweat the small stuff.
18. Do our laundry and actually fold/put them away when they're finished.
19. Start back up in writing in our journal before bed. Leave love notes for Billy.
20. Give yoga another chance. (the first time I wasn't a big fan)
21. Do little surprises or celebrations for friends and Billy to make them smile.*See #8
22. Visit with the neighbors.
23. Attend CMA fest in Nashville.
24. Pay for a strangers bill when getting coffee or in the drive thru every couple of months.
25. Go to Ohio State vs Michigan game.

What are some of your goals?

*Steph (SJHK)-SURPRISE WOMAN! In just over 2 weeks, Billy and I will be arriving in your neck of the woods (literally-hello Frio river!) in Houston bright and early at 10am on July 3rd and staying for 6 lovely days, until Monday the 9th!!! Please have my Range Rover, our norm Iced coff, with a side of sangria, to pick us up from the airport. And yes, Beau and I planned/texted about this behind your back for a couple weeks...don't hate me.

I'm so excited to be in Texas with you for the 4th of July and stay at the ranch. It has been killing me for the past couple weeks to not be able to tell you, but we thought it would be fun to surprise you via blog post so, here we are. I know Fathers Day is a hard day for you, but I hope this cheers you up a bit. I figured you would kill me if I didn't tell you at all, because you would probably want notice to shop and detox first. Am I right or am I right? 

We will be reunited so soon and I'm so glad I don't have to avoid texting/calling you anymore because I'd most definitely spill the beans (and for the record, even Kristen kept this secret. That says a lot as you know! Thank you Kristen!! Can't wait to meet you and Shalyn! :))

....We're flying to Texas. We're flying to Texas. We are flying to Texas!!!
{Billy has never been to Texas and I haven't been in many, many years! Cheers to another vacay!}

Glad that's out.
Surprise people sometimes...it's pretty fun.



  1. i want to come! haha texas is my very favorite place to be :) have fun!!!

  2. That's a damn good surprise!

  3. HOLY FLYING FRENCH SQUIRRELS! WHat the hell just happened!!?? Here I am just bloggin' along and BAM! KATIEWHALENKRYSHHOWARD IS COMING TO TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO SEE ME!!!! Shit balls I AM STOKED!!! OMGOMGOMG I don't even know what to say!! How am I supposed to sleep tonight?! I feel like I'm going to Disney World tomorrow morning!!!

    You are a rare find, my friend and I will cherish our friendship until the day I die. xoxoxoxoxo I LOVE YOU!!

  4. I LOVE THIS TO THE MOON AND BACK!!!!!!!!! i cannot wait to hear all about this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love you all!! <3 <3


  5. Aw yayy!! What an awesome surprise!! I just got back from meeting my bloggy bff in Atlanta and we can't wait to plan another trip. Y'all are gonna have such a good time :)

  6. Ummmm... should I be hyperventilating right now? 'Cause I'm more than a little excited about this! Can't wait to have you in my neck of the woods so soon!!!!

  7. How sweet of you! I am sure you and steph will have a blast!!!! Enjoy Texas it is one of my favorite places on the plant!

  8. What a sweet surprise, you are such a good friend! Jealous of the frio I'm sure y'all will have a blast!! :)

  9. Awww YAY!!! How super duper exciting!!!! Hope you have the very best time ever!!! XO

  10. That is so exciting, I know ya'll will have an absolute blast! Can't wait to live vicariously through the post haha.

  11. you are so precious!! love this list! and awwww TEXAS yay!! bust out the boots! can't wait to hear about your trip!

  12. awww! That is so exciting! What an awesome surprise :) Have fun! Get yourself some cowboy boots :)

  13. hardest thing Ive ever done. No Joke. BUT I DID IT! Secret KEPT!

    Its a miracle!!

  14. This is so cute!!! I'm sure you guys will have the best time! :)

  15. awesome!!!! so exiciting! wish i could come too! :) you two will have THE BEST time!!!!

  16. I can't even believe this is happening. Is dis real lifes!? :) I am soooooooo stinkin' excited! PLEASE tell me you're bringing Rocky too!? This is gonna be the best weekend EVER! Get ready pretty lady and hold on to yo knickers! It's gonna be a BLAST! I can't wait!


    You made her day!

    Hopefully I will get to meet y'all too!

    MOMMA J!

  18. you are the sweetest friend ever.
    i take that back..you would be the sweetest friend ever if you would show up at my doorstep and surprise me. think about it.

    ps. i was serious about our blogger happy hour via internet. i should probably email you about this. and then buy a camera or something so i can actually do this thing they call skype or whatever. i am so behind on the times..

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