Cleveland Trip, Funfetti Dip, Cold Ones.

This past Friday night we had my parents and my stepbrother's daughter, Mary Kate, over for a cookout for an early Fathers day celebration! Blogger fail though on my part because I didn't even get any pictures with my Dad...shame on me. Billy and I put a gift basket (the basket was a 6 pack of his favorite beer...) together for my Dad with a gift card, his favorite candy, and other various small things in it that he would use often. 
Dad's are seriously impossible to shop for! Anyone else feel this way? 

and this picture right here is exactly what I've been doing almost every Friday when I walk through the door after work...
sit on the deck with a cold one and kick my feet up!

{top: Tobi, jeans: F21, necklace: J. Crew Replica necklace, Ebay shoes: Jack Rogers (love!)}

We all enjoyed dinner and some drinks together on the deck and had a great time just spending time with them at our house. After they left, we headed to Cleveland to spend the weekend with Billy's family.

On Saturday, Billy, his brother, and his cousins all went golfing for his cousin Doug's birthday, so I thought this was a perfect time to catch up with my friend Jessica who lives close by and spend the day at the pool with her. The boys golf, the girls lay out... fine by me. 

Later on when the boys were finished golfing, we headed over to Billy's cousin Doug and his girlfriend Cara's beautiful house for....you guessed it, more eating and drinking. This is a common theme when hanging out with us. As Billy would say, "Katie does not skip a meal". The man speaks the truth, what can I say? Anyways, It was so nice because all of Billy's cousins were there and some of his best friends that we haven't seen in a while. 

An extremely handsome group..if I do say so myself.

Oh, I made a killer dip that you need to know about.
....you probably already do, but if not, write this recipe down and make it STAT.

Funfetti Cake Dip
recipe: found here!

Only 3 ingredients and tastes just like cake batter.
What's not to like about that?
(I think this is more of a dessert dip, so serve with animal crackers or even vanilla wafers!)

Since Sunday was Fathers Day, Billy hung out with just his Dad some and then our uncle Joe had the whole family over to hang out and celebrate his daughter Megan's recent high school graduation. We headed back to Columbus later that evening and exhausted didn't even begin to describe how we were feeling, but we had a great weekend. 

And of course, Rocky gave his daddy some extra kisses...

melts my heart.

...and before I stop with my ramblings for the day, I wanted to do a quick review on Orgain nutrional drinks for Tasty Tuesday.

 Orgain is the first organic ready-to-drink nutritional shake that contains the equivalent of 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. The people at Orgain were nice enough to send me 8 nutritional drinks in chocolate and vanilla bean flavor, and I love them both. I've been drinking them in the morning for breakfast and it tides me over until lunchtime. Not to mention they don't taste bad at all...actually, they taste pretty good. 

 Each drink has 16g of protein so it would be great to drink after a tough workout as well. 

 Have any of you heard of Orgain?
Find them at Whole Foods, or other similar stores, and give them a try!

They also have an Iced Cafe Mocha flavor that I'm hoping to try soon.
You know how I am with iced beverages. :)

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  1. Such a southern girl you are now with you Jacks. haha :)

    Yes, that funfetti dip is the bomb!!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! What do you use the dip for? Fruit? Looks mighty yummy, so I want to make sure I use it correctly lol.

  3. What a fun weekend! That dip looks pretty incredible.

  4. weekends full of cookouts are the best kind.

    In other news: OMIGOSH. I spied your claddaugh (spelling?) ring on the middle finger of your right hand. I have one I wear in the same spot too,..haha.. it's the only other ring I wear besides my engagement ring. neat!

  5. Ok all the men in billhead's fam have THE most amazing teeth!!!!! Ugh! So perfect!!! (I'm a sucker for pretty teeth...)

    ALl this drinking, eating, patio talk makes me 100000000x more excited to see your scrawny little but in 15 short days!!!!! My only request (for now) is that you teach me how to make this funfetti dip.

  6. I pretty much love any kinda' dip, lol... so now I have to make this. I've seen it floating aroudn on pinterest but had NO idea there were only 3 ingredients. That's my kinda' cookin!! ;)

    Ps- Why is Rocky so darn cute?! I am pressuring hubs to get me a pup ASAP!

  7. Looking gorgeous as usual in all of your pics! i just spent 100 at GNC buying protein powder for shakes and recipes - I just started the Tone It Up diet. I'm on ... Day 2 ...wuahaha.

  8. I just pinned that funfetti dip! Fun weekend!

  9. Oh Gosh your deck looks like the perfect place to start the weekend with a cold beer!!! So relaxing!

  10. Ooo that dip sounds good! And your weekend looked amazing, as usual! Love hanging out on the deck and relaxing!!

  11. Cake batter dip?!?!?!? Oh lord...Boomer's going to LOVE this. lol

  12. I LOVE your necklace! ;) No but for real, you look super cute!! :)

    I also wanna steal that pup! Poms are the BEST!

  13. yay for jacks!!! oh and that picture of billy and rocky is precious!!

  14. Looks like y'all had a fun father's day weekend! That funfetti dip look delish and it's so easy to make! I'll be making it soon for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I've given up on being creative w/ gifts for my dad and pretty much always get him a gift card to the same restaurant but this time I changed it up w/ a place on the Cape that he likes! I just discovered the cake batter dip this weekend too! Love!

  16. That pic of you on the porch is adorable. You are so lucky you have a deck. That is on my must-haves list for the day we do move out of the city and into the burbs. ;) Sounds like a great weekend.

  17. I always love seeing pictures of Rocky, he is so sweet! And girl that is exactly what I do almost every evening after work...kick back with a beer or glass of wine. Working girls need to rewind, amen!!

  18. Loving your adorable outfits as always

  19. Love your red necklace! Do you know the exact seller you bought your turquoise and red necklace from on ebay?

  20. love your dress!! and you are lookin real tan lady!! I need some pool time soon .. didnt lay out at all last weekend .. bleh.

  21. Looks like a fantastic weekend. And that dip...I'm nervous to make it because I just know I'd eat it all myself. Haha.

  22. Ohhh that dip is my FAVORITE!!

  23. Funfetti Dip sounds like pure heaven.

  24. That funfetti dip looks so good! Ill be making it very soon! Thanks:)

  25. ooo that is a handsome looking froup of boys...hellllooo! haha! i love your dog so freaking adorable! i could look at pics all day! haha!


  26. What a handsome group of fellas indeed! ;-) Looks like y'all had a great time! I'll have to give that funfetti dip a try sometime, funfetti anything is the boyfriend's absolute fave!

  27. That funfetti dip sounds so good...and dangerous, lol.

    I love reading your blog-I now live in New Mexico but grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland.

  28. Omg i'm gonna need to make some funfetti dip! It sounds delicious!


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