Friday Five {Arm Candy Lovin'}

ello' ello' ello'!

You know what I love?
Besides Fridays (Amen!).
When I don't post, and you check on me asking me if I'm still alive (looking at you, Erin.)
That makes me feel special (and a BIG thank you for all your comments on my office post!). Truth is, sometimes I have nothing to say (shocking, I know) and I figure why bore you with random crap? 
Oh wait, I do that pretty much everyday. 

Moving on...
I do have some sweet things to share today.
including but not limited to a $15 Starbucks gift card. Just sayin'.

Both the sideways cross wrap bracelet and the Faith bracelet are from StyleLoveLiving...
aka one of my new favorite jewelry shops. 
Seriously, they have the CUTEST jewelry and I'm obsessed. I posted this picture on Instagram yesterday and it seems like all of you are equally as obsessed, as well.
Well, it's your special day.

All KC&CO readers get FREE SHIPPING with code: "KeepCalm" (one word)
and it NEVER expires. 
That means anytime you shop there, you never have to pay for shipping.
Awesome sauce, I'd say.

Get to shopping here!
Also, you will get another discount if you go to their webpage and then go "Like" their Facebook page. 

Make sure you keep an eye out for me styling these bracelets in outfit posts in the future!

2.  Million Dollar Listing

Are me and Billy the only ones obsessed with this show?
We've been watching it since the very beginning and Josh Altman is our fav (middle).
He tweeted me back last week and it truly felt as if Brad Pitt tweeted me.
Not kidding (nerd alert). 

We love looking at the houses and how much commission they make!

3. VS Semi Annual Sale

I swear, it is close to impossible to go in that store during this sale and walk out with exactly what you went in there for!!!! Next year, I need to hire someone to just go with me and not allow me to pick up anything else besides the Bombshell bra. the end.

On the plus side, thanks to Billy's parents (thank you!!) I was able to get all of this for free because they gave me money (plus a beautiful charm for one of my bracelets) for my birthday. So, all of this is justified, right?

Sidenote: that Tropical Breeze scent smells amaze. 

4. Fathers Day

We are celebrating Fathers Day early with my Dad and my stepmom Judy tonight. 
We decided to have them over for a cookout because we are leaving for Cleveland for the rest of the weekend to spend time with Billy's family. 

While I don't tell him as much as I should (need to fix that), my Dad means the WORLD to me. I don't know what I would do without him, and he raised me to be the woman I am today. He is, without a doubt, the one man I've always looked up to my entire life and I would need more hands to count the reasons why I love him so much.

I'm looking forward to giving him some gifts and cooking out with them tonight!

So, Dad, if you're reading: 
Happy Fathers Day! I love you!

 5. Iced Coffee

Remember how I said they are my special Friday treat?
Yeah...about that.... those days are long gone, let's be honest.
They are becoming a 2-3 week thing. 
I blame Steph and BBFT because they are both coffee addicts.

Now, I have a special gal to introduce you to.
She loves her coffee, too and is offering a $15 Starbucks gift card right now on her blog.

Lindsay blogs at From Nanny to Family, is a fellow Columbus, Ohio gal, and has such a special family story that you must hear about. She also got hooked to that Christian Grey/50 Shades business that I've been meaning to get into. 
Anyways, Lindsay is super awesome so get to know her, friends.

Helllloooo Keep Calm & Carry On lovers!

My name is Lindsay and I am so excited/thankful to be able to be stopping by from my little slice of the internet today to meet all of you here on Katie's fab blog!

You can find me 5 days a week over at my little blog From Nanny to Family, unless of course I had too much riesling the night before and I am trying to spare you my rant.

So you want to know a little bit about me? Maybe you don't and you already clicked away- either way I'm giving a little background info. . .

I live in the burbs of Columbus, Ohio with my hubby of {almost} 2 years. He had 2 children when we got married, so therefore I now am proud owner of two children. I mean parent. I was their nanny before I was there step-mama, so I loved them before I loved my husband.

I wish I had some scandalous story to tell you of how our relationship came to be- I was the nanny, but there was no affair that happened. Divorce came into play and we found each other after that. Strange, simple, possibly weird? But it works for us.

Olivia 8 & Gracie 6

I love wine or anything alcohol really, reality TV- minus the Real Housewives of NY they fell off the wagon hard this season so I had to press delete, reading {especially enjoyed the 50 Shades trilogy}, right now I am really digging summer time, I consider cheese a food group and one that I LOVE, I love to travel but not sure I consider travel with kids really a vacation, oh and coffee I am in love with Starbucks.

To share the love I wanted to offer you all a $15 gift card to Starbucks. Stop on over to my little slice of the internet to check it out/enter!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!
I have some exciting things happening on this blog next week
...so stay tuned.


  1. I LOVE Million dollar listings too!! The Josh on the left is my favorite, and his grandmother is a hoot! Tim and I love when he goes to talk to her for her advice. And that's a great arm party! I need some new bracelets to spice up my wrists. Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the cross bracelet, I ordered one a few weeks ago,and it turned out to be too small, and uncomfortable to wear.

    I'm a fan of MDLNY. I watched the one from Cali last year, but I got annoyed.

    Is McDonalds Iced Coffee good, because I find their regular coffee NASTY! blegh!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. adoring your bracelet stack, may have just a spent some moolah over at StyleLoveLiving - my husband is NOT going to be happy with you ;) happy friday!

  4. LOVE the bracelets! I'm going to have to check this place out...especially if there's free shipping! HOLLER!

  5. I tried the Mickey D's Caramel Frappe yesterday and thought of you! It was good! AND I didn't have to get out of my car to get it - bonus! Now I just need to look up how bad it was for me...

  6. OMG I LOVE Million Dollar Listing! I miss what's his face though, with the bieber haircut. what happened to him?

  7. I was wondering where in the heck you were! :) I love those bracelets... so cute! I need to get on this stacking trend, but I have no idea what to do. And I don't wear watches. So I feel like that's two strikes against me. HAHAHAHA

  8. Ooooooooh I am so excited you are back. Thank God or else I would have had to drive up there and find you. Oh wait. Maybe you shouldn't have posted. Anyhow, as you already know, you made my day. And week. And year.
    Loooooooooove you. Happy weekend.

  9. I may have to copy your arm candy. No kidding.

  10. SO PUMPED about the free shipping!!! I have been wanting one of those cross bracelets sooo so bad. Now maybe I'll get two... since they ship free & all ;)

    Happy Friday to you!! Enjoy your weekend celebrating papa's!!

  11. Million dollar listing is the SHIZ!!!

    And I'm just avoiding the mall in general...until my bday...cuz hopefully people will give me money. C'mon August!! lol

  12. Ohhhhh my goodness. You know how much I love my arm parties. Checking out this site nowww!

    How did I not know about MDL? I'm pretty much obsessed with real estate. Might have to add this to my DVR list! Happy Father's Day to your dad and enjoy your time this weekend with family! :)

  13. Such a cute picture of you and your dad!
    and i definitely have to check out that jewelry site! ive been looking for a new one

  14. Love every single piece of jewelry on your wrist!!

  15. Um he tweeted you back? What did you tweet him? And I love him too, but I feel bad for Madison. Waaaah. Why is MDL so good?

  16. LOVE Million Dollar listing. My husband and I always say as soon as we win the lottery or he makes a movie we are calling the Josh Flagg to find us a house. I want to be friends with him and his grandma. Have a great weekend!

  17. I went to VS the other day for the sale, and I'm so proud of myself for walking out with zero things! I was looking for bras but couldn't find anything in my size. They never have my size :(

  18. LOVE the jewelry! Laying is the thing now and I need to get some more pieces to layer.

    I LOVE Million Dollar Listing. Its seriously mt fav. I thought I liked NY more, but I am so torn. I love them both equally. Insane money happening there.

  19. I love million dollar listing! That's so cool he tweeted you!! I love twitter for that exact reason. When Zachary braff finally replied to one of my millions of tweets I almost died haha! Obsessed w your arm candy! So fabulous!

  20. Love the cross braclet and I am also obsessed with the million dollar real estate show. Love your blog!!

    new follower


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