Blog It Out.


Good morning sweet peeps!
We've almost made it to the weekend. 
This week went really fast, so no complains here.

I want to share these 3 posts that if you have not seen in blog world yet, 
you should definitely read.
Raven, Kristen, and Erin touch on some important blog topics
 that got this brain to thinking. 

If you haven't read them or refuse to click those links above, 
then you probably won't understand why I'm writing all this. 
So you might as well go click on their links. 
Ready, go. :)

When I first started my blog, I did it to have a "journal" type of space where I could write and share things going on in my life. It was also started due to my Mom's love notes she left me when she passed away. I wanted to create my own love notes for my family, and for myself. At that point, I barely knew how to leave comments for others on their blog, more or less understand the concept of sponsoring, giveaways, link-ups, etc.

In fact, if you want the honest truth, Pink Lou Lou's blog was the very first blog I started following regularly. Poof's, makeup reviews, vlogs...what in the what? I had never seen such things. The day I saw her following MY blog, I literally shit my pants had my mouth open and called Billy and told him that 'the biggest blogger in the history of blog world' was now following my blog. Shut the front door. I couldn't believe it. This blog was officially real at that point. 

Moving on, I know how long it took my blog to grow and how fun, yet time consuming, the process was. I love blogging. It makes me happy. I've met some best friends from blogging. I find my greatest ideas through blogging (who can think of them all on their own nowadays, anyways? I'm looking at you Pinterest.) I promised myself I would never take my blog in a direction that wasn't true to myself and I know that I've followed through with that so far.

With time, my blog has grown and I can't tell you enough how thankful I am for you, my readers, and the comments I get on a daily basis. I do feel as though I do a pretty good job at replying to your comments, or answering emails. It does get difficult to reply to all of the emails and comments I receive, but I do try my best. With working full time and having a husband that surprisingly still enjoys hanging out with me after 9 years, I get busy. Just like I'm sure you do. However, I often go out of my way to visit new blogs and leave comments. Sure, I have a couple blogger ladies that I'm really close with (mainly because I've met them in real life and have been following them for over a year now), but I try my best to reach out to other bloggers as well. I may be old school here, but I don't really play into any blog drama, or blog "rules". I think everyone should just do what they want and have fun. Everyone and every blog is different.  Also, whenever I leave a comment on your blog, it is because I have something to say and I liked what I read. It's not because I need, want, or expect a reply. Unless I'm asking a specific question, then I'm usually leaving you the comment to let you know I was reading and agreed with what you said. Plain and simple. 

Let's wrap this up. 

The point: I LOVE and appreciate all of my readers, and I love getting comments pop up in my inbox. So THANK YOU ALL! I truly appreciate all the love you've shown me. I would never want you guys to feel neglected by me, so this is your chance to speak up and say "hey, you never reply to me!", so I can be aware of that and fix it. I hope that you know that it doesn't matter to me how big or small (I, too, had that 1 reader!) your blog is, I will follow you if I see that we have similar interests or just that I'm loving what you post!

By the way, some of my favorite posts I've ever written have less than 10 comments. 
Like this one, and especially- this one (and thank you for the recent comments on this!). 
If you haven't read those yet, go get to know to me a little more and why I first started my blog.

*In addition, please leave me a comment here with a post or 2 that you've written about you on your blog. I'd like to go read them!

If you take one thing away from this...I hope it is that you know how much I love and appreciate my readers (even those of you who have never introduced yourself!)  
and to STAY TRUE to yourself/why you started blogging in the first place. 
And if you are feeling worn out with blogging...take a break. 
No judgement here. 

let's all Keep Calm and Carry On.......
aaanddd...I'm cheesy.

{PS-Your comments on my Polka Dot Outfit post yesterday are so sweet. XOXO!}


  1. Can I tell you how much I love that this is one the second blog post I've read this morning? It's just so open and honest. As a "newbie" in the blog community, It's so comforting seeing down-to-earth bloggers like yourself, who have thousands of followers but still appreciate and love each comment. You are an amazing lady :)

    P.s. My first blog everyday following was also PLL and then I found Jess, about a week or two later I found you and Steph. When you started following me, I'm not gonna like I was ecssssstatic! :) Made.my.day!

  2. Your and Stephs blogs are my FAVE! I feel like you are always real in your posts which is why I love reading them!! :)

  3. I love your blog! This is my favorite post.


  4. I read your blog..daily, but almost never comment! I totally agree with your post. Blogging takes time and you can get wore out--I've been there. One thing I LOVE about your blog is your title (which may be the same as mine) Keepcalm.Carryon it my motto. I have a sign on my desk at work and at home. You seem so real and sweet when you post. I hope my marriage (going on 3 weeks) can be as happy as yours in 9 years!



  5. mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah momma.

    thats all.

    your blog had my heart at hello.

    or when i saw that you drink wine. and that you are fashionable. and that your husband is a plaaaaaaya.


    xoxo sunshine.

  6. I love that their posts have sparked such a conversation. Blogging really is such a balancing act, you put so much work in it to gain followers and reader, but if you don't LIVE your real life you have nothing to write about.

    I can't even tell you how much I DIED when I saw you were a follower. Lol you, Raven, and Erin follow and each time I called my mom squealing. (She still thinks I'm cray for putting my life out on the net, and for going to meet these girls I DIDNT KNOW, but I'm so glad I did!)

    Anyway...people need to use the sense that God gave 'em. If I don't get a response to every comment I'm not hurt. I know you guys see them and that's why I left it.

  7. Hi lovely! I have been a follower for a while now and I just love your blog!

    My little blog has been around for a few months, but really I feel like it is just starting to find it's stride. I'm kind of a mess sometimes, but I love to share my tales of comical misfortune, so here are a couple of posts that are all about my "So Ashley" moments! Enjoy!


  8. I simply love this post and that you love blogging, I do, too, and loved reading about your journey! It is time consuming, but when you live it, it truly does become such a great community of friends, your passions and life...creating the journal you wanted when you started! :) I also love that you did it for that reason and to leave notes behind, as your mother did in her own way...what a touching story! Thank you for this post and know that we love reading your "notes" and appreciate the time you take creating your own space in Blogland! <3

  9. What a great post! I am new to this whole blogging world. Although, I have blogged from time to time for a bit, I am new to the whole new world of blogging and love your blog! Hope you have a blast in Texas, it is great! Along with the Frio! (I live in the hill country and it is amazing!) Here are two of my blog post that kind of give insight to me if you want to read!



    Happy Thursday!

  10. oh Katie ... teach me how to blog like you do, please!? haha. Seriously though I think I need a teaching sesh from you ... lets plan it k!? no but really if it wasnt for you, I dont think I would be blogging and without you I wouldnt know how to do nearly as much as a I do now .. half my readers come from your blog, btw ... :) HEART YOUUUUUU!

  11. Love this post Katie and agree with you. It makes me sad that so many people got so heated about Raven's post that they didn't really see the heart of it. You already know this, but you have helped my blog out so much! Not only do you respond and comment, your sponsorship was the BEST one I've done to date. You, Raven, Kristen, Allie, Lindsey I ALWAYS enjoy reading your posts because you keep it real and I know it's 100% you and not trying to be anything else. I've now written you two novel comments today haha sowwwwy! :)

  12. Love this and your honesty! I think you always come across as very sweet and open to all blogs. I definitely agree that blogging is a full time job...which makes it pretty hard when you already have a full time job!!

  13. I follow all of those blogs and it floors me that people actually expect you ladies to reply to each and every comment. Redic!! I am not a blogger..yet...just a crazy blog stalker for now and I have commented on lots of posts and some have replied some have not and I sure don't have my panties in a wad!! People need to get over themselves!!

    Have a lovely day!! :)

  14. What a great post! I love reading your blog daily and catching up on your life! Even though most of us are strangers, I feel like the blog community is just a neighborhood where we all know each other and can express our feelings, get advice, and make some pretty awesome friends!

    Come check out my blog :)

  15. LOVE this. I was thinking last night about those 3 posts and almost wrote my own post that just said, go read these 3 ladies posts because they are awesome and the women who wrote them are even more awesome. We can now add yours to that list :) This is great post and I think so necessary. Keep it up!

  16. Well said my dear!! It's important to remember where we all started and how far we've come. Amen to that!! :)

  17. Love this! I read Raven's note the other day and thought it was so true. I'm a small blogger, but I'm slowly working my way up (hopefully). I love when bigger blogs follow me or respond to me, but at the end of the day, my blog is about me and for the things I enjoy :)

    Glad to have found you recently!


  18. PLL and Kristen are two of the first blogs I started following and it led me to yours, and Stephanies, etc., etc. I enjoyed reading all of ya'lls blogs and I finally decided to start one of my own.
    I had no idea how to get started, so I randomly emailed you about a blog design and you referred me to Coral Cafe. Your email was so sweet and I really appreciated you taking the time out of your day to help.
    Like all the other readers have said, I appreciate your honesty and how "real" your blog is. I'm still new to this blogging world, but I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far!


  19. You are so sweet, Katie! I seriously think the world of you and your blog -- plus we are Ohio girls so it's an absolute blast seeing someone explore and enjoy a city that I'm familiar with! :)

    Btw- I don't always expect responses from you, but you almost always do which is very cool! I can't imagine how much time you put into this baby! I can barely keep up with my lil' blog ;)

  20. I think you said it perfectly..its actually sad to think that there is drama out there about blogs. Simply put..I blog for me..not anyone else.

  21. 1. I think you are a sweetie.
    2. I am just so humbled by this little story, so cute, I had no idea you called Billy haha!
    3. I am glad I didn't scare you away by telling you right off the bat that your husband was a hottie.
    4. Great post. couldn't have said it better myself.
    5. Can I also steal your text above about the emails?? I get so frustrated with nonreply emails, cause I want to respond! haha.

    xoxoxox keep up the great work sister.

  22. I really loved reading this post. There has been so much hubub in the blog world as of late about blogging - what to do, what not to do, who's wrong, who's right. This post just came off as so very genuine and real and kind, and I love that!

    PS Since you asked:

    My first ever blog post, one of my favorites that actually never got a single comment (probably partially cause I published it weeks before getting my first ever follower!): http://www.stresscasey.blogspot.com/2011/03/letter-to-myself-10-years-from-now.html

  23. Aw, Katie I love this! I am newer to the blog world but this post is so inspiring. :-) Keep up the good work, lady!

  24. i started following your blog because i liked the name. and you have great fashion sense! two things that are so important in blog world, lol. but yea, i've enjoyed your blog since i started following. i don't always comment but i'm always reading.

  25. Amen sista, good for you! I'll still read your blog whether you reply to this comment or not because I love your content :)

    xo Shane
    ps. I hope you reply ;)

  26. Being very new to the blog world it is posts like this and from Erin at LIY that make me happy I follow your blogs as well as help me with my own blogging. I love the realness and honesty that you both put into your own posts!! Thank you!!

  27. blog land is getting a little cray cray lately...I love that you stay so real. Do what you want, say what you feel, and don't give a damn about anybody else :) and cheese it up lady...lets all keep calm & carry on!

  28. Love this post! I feel like there has been so much pressure lately to get more followers, get more comments, etc. I just keep telling myself that those are not the reasons I started my blog. I just want to document my daily life and go back and re-live it every now and then! :)

  29. Great post Katie. It can definitely be hard to not get caught up in blogging. but I started blogging as a cathartic release and that is why I blog!. For me blogging is a sort of escape from the troubles of job searching!

    here are two posts that give insight into me and what goes on in my head.




  30. Great post Katie. It can definitely be hard to not get caught up in blogging. but I started blogging as a cathartic release and that is why I blog!. For me blogging is a sort of escape from the troubles of job searching!

    here are two posts that give insight into me and what goes on in my head.




  31. i've been seriously loving these honesty posts! PLL was one of the very first blogs i started following regularly as well and that led me to so many others, including yours! after about a year of reading i decided to finally start my own blog. as a super, super newbie i really look up to bloggers like you, steph, PLL, kristen, raven, lindsay etc because all of you gals keep it real. there's no BS, you guys aren't trying to make your lives seem picture perfect at every moment and you all just seem so genuine.

    i love the idea of having a record of how you're feeling at any given moment..what a gift for the future! keep up the good work, i love reading :)

  32. I love this! I read Raven's and Kristen's posts yesterday and agree with every one of yall's posts on this. Blogging is supposed to be a fun thing, not a "see how many comments and/or followers I can get" thing.

    Like I said when I commented on Kristen's, I just finally started writing in mine after years of following and reading everybody else's because I wanted to be able to comment and have people put a face to the name if they happened to click my link. I think when people become obsessive about it, it completely takes the fun out of blogging, and then what's the point?

  33. This is why I love reading your blog. It's honest, real and fun!

  34. Katie, I love this post for so many reasons! I love blogging...it has been nothing but a reflection of me and everything that I do and what goes on in my life. I always said I would blog while it was FUN and MY OWN. I still feel that way. Your blog is one of my daily reads...I always feel bad because I don't comment on every single post everyone writes, but I am always reading. I think it is so important for us as bloggers to remember who we are and to stick with it!!! Thank you for keeping it real, yo!

    Happy Thursday!!!!!!


  35. You said it all in such a nice, sweet way! I just started blogging again after taking a big blog break. I took the break after thinking that 1. I sucked at blogging lol and 2. That I had to follow the "blogging rules" which I did not follow and therefore, sucked at blogging. I decided that I need to blog for me and those who might be interested in what I have to say and your blog post helped confirm that. I only have two followers and hey, I'm proud of those two followers! lol. I am starting out where all of my favorite bloggers (like you, Holly, Megan O, PLL and Stephanie) all started and I look to your blogs as an inspiration. All of your blogs are so real, kind, funny and most of all, each of you, which is why I love reading them. Anyways, your blog is great and I love reading it everyday! Happy Thursday!

  36. This is why you are one of my absolute favorite bloggers :)
    You've always replied to any comments or tweets that I've sent your way and it is greatly appreciated! Not to mention I just absolutely adore you and everything you talk about :)

    anywho, my blog is small and super random but if you're interested...


    I just recently got back into it so check it out!

  37. Even when I'm down and out with blogging or overwhelmed or just don't have time, I always still read some and yours is one of them, becuase of your sweet, sweet posts and becuase of your heart. Keep it up, girl!

  38. I love your blog Katie! I've been following you for a while. I love to reminisce about my 20s and when my hubby and I had a life and i had cute clothes. Hahaha! I think you are great at replying and I am pretty sure that NO one thinks you are a snob :-)

  39. You are so adorable. Your blog went straight into my "favorites" category as soon as I saw you on Steph's blog. I personally love reading bloggers first posts. While sometimes I feel stalkerish, haha, it really does give me insight to the blogger and their background, including why they blog. I am a blogger newbie, but to me, blogging is a way to journal all the fun things going on in my own life. I think everyone takes what they need from blogging. Relaxation, venting, memories, etc. It's just a wonderful escape. Thank you for being you!

  40. Timely posts from all of you and very well said Katie. I do have a blog(that I hardly ever post on) but when I was mulling over the idea of starting it back up again, I e-mailed you after seeing your guest post on PLL's and your reply was so kind and encouraging. I've never forgotten that and am a loyal reader to this day! :) Thank you again for that, and who knows? Maybe one day I'll be one of those that can get their act together and blog on a regular basis!

  41. I saw those post yesterday about honest blogging/blog snobs and it was very interesting. I love your blog and I can't remember how I found you but love that I did. You are a blogger that I usually save until the end to read because your one of my faves.

    a couple post about me:


    those aren't the best but you can't read my blog and even follow me to get the full Megan effect. LOL

  42. I love this post and your blog! I've been following your blog for a couple of months now, and I just love reading it everyday! You're so inspiring and someone I look up to :)

  43. I like you. I feel like I don't play into cliques or rules too much. Sometimes I get nervous after not having time to respond to comments, and while sometimes I don't, I try really hard to go back and do it. It makes me happy to read that you don't expect responses back until you ask a question. I generally don't expect replies back either unless I ask a question. The only exception that sometimes get to me is when I am really blogging a lot and read the same person's blog daily for weeks and weeks and comment and never receive even one reply. It hasn't happened in a long long time that I've even been regular enough to experience this, but that is the one time it disappoints me not to receive a reply. I am not talking about you in the LEAST. You are so great about replying, comments, tweets, etc. You have grown, but I really don't think that it has then gone to your head or make you feel that you have a different role in the blogging world. You are one of my absolute favorite blogs, and you're one of the few that I've read continuously as I've been out of touch with blogging a bit. Continue to stay true to who you are here on the blog. It definitely shows.

    And as far as me? I think you know a little, so I'm not going to leave any posts. One thing I'll leave? One month until my wedding!!!!

  44. I haven't received any responses back :( but that's okay...I STILL LOVE YOUR BLOG. I've been a long time follower and consider your blogs one of my daily reads. We aren't all that far from each other. I know you are in Ohio, and I'm in Lexington, Ky.

    http://southernbelle23.blogspot.com/p/test.html (<--about me page)

  45. What a sweet post! I haven't been following you too long as I am new to the blogging world but you've pretty much always responded to my comments. I read ravens post & I def do not think your a blog snob. You're adorable & I really enjoy reading your blog & stalking your dog haha! Xoxo

  46. the pink lou lou is the bomb, she's the cutest ever! i recently found your blog from steph from beautiful mess and have been a follower since!

  47. New follower from Friday's Letters and love it already!

    I am a "new" blogger so I basically am trying to keep up!.

    Started my blog on a non-existent site for myself to heal and just came to blogger hoping to join in the actual fun world of blogging!

    But it is so great that you try to respond to every comment. I am excited to do all the hard work to get to where you are with your blog. It's the cutest!

  48. Love this Katie! :) I feel the same way! I love reading your blog! PS- your outfit post below, oh em ge- ADORABLE!


  49. omg Katie that ice cream/laptop pic has me wanting to reach out and grab it!

    ok so totally read all those posts and LOVE LOVE LOVE

    i 1000% agree with you with not playing into blog drama/rules/things like that. Everyone blogs for diff reasons and i just respect that! and i love that you do too :-) and it makes my heart happy knowing there are bloggers out there like ya-self that go and visit new blogs! LOVE. THAT.

    love you lady :-)
    sooooo much!
    and so thankful you are in my life!


  50. I found your blog through LIY..... truth I recently went all the way back to your first blog post and read every one of them up to today! I got hooked on the life of a girl in Ohio :)

    1. The relationship you have with your husband inspires me. I hope to one day have a relationship like yours.
    2. I hope to make friends through blogging like you have (I love the friendship you have with Steph)
    3. I have become addicted to sugar free iced coffee from McD's because of your blog THANK YOU!
    4. and lastly I follow bloggers that I would like to have as friends and I can definitely say I wish I had a friend like you!



  51. I just found your blog through Aunie Sauce and have not spent the past hour reading - loving it by the way! I know it's an old post but it caught my eye in the "you might also like" section and of course I had to read Raven, Kristin and Erin's posts too (can you tell its a slow day at my office with all that blog reading I am getting in?). Anyway, just wanted to comment here on this subject because as a new blogger (barely a year) so much is still new to me and I enjoyed this!

    1. Hi Lydia! :) haha thanks for reading! My hope is you will love blogging just as much as I do..and I'm sure you do already a little bit! Glad you said hello!


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