My First Blog Post!

I did it! Well atleast I think I did...? It has taken me a while to get this thing up and running but it's finally done, phew! I have never had a blog before, so if there is anyone out there that can give my blog a MAKEOVER or give me advice on how to make it better - that would be wonderful!!! :)

I guess I should first start by explaining why I chose to start a blog:

#1. The main reason I started it is so that I have a way of sharing my life experiences with others...including a family story so incredible that is only heard about in a movie, some good, and some not so good. I have a passion for helping others and feel as though I have been through a lot at my age, so if I can help or give advice to just one person then making this blog be worth it to me. Maybe someone, somewhere can relate to me and my experiences.

#2. It is the perfect time... October - Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have/have had a lot to relate to in this category (which you will soon read about) and figured this blog would be a great tribute to that and a way for me to open up about my struggles with the disease.

#3. I wont lie... some of these are pretty cute and I enjoy reading them!! I also think that this will be awesome to use to keep in touch with family and friends that live in different cities.

#4. So that I can look back and remember all these memories one day :)

Will I be posting everyday? No, probably not. Will I share every little detail of my life on here? No, absolutely not. Most likely it will take me a while to get used to having one. But I hope you enjoy following my journey!!


  1. Althought I am totally against blogging and it is slightly creepy...I am going to make sure to stalk your blog as much as possible.

    "giving into torture."

    I will say that the blog looks FANTASTIC and I am pumped I got a pic on here. I also look forward to our emails being published.

    your fave cousin

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