Weekend...Come Again?

Happy Monday, loves!

First things first: One of my favorite bloggers, Ashley from Run with Me, featured me in her Summer Essentials series, and today I'm on her blog talking about my summer essentials and my favorite summer activity. Go check it out and say hello to Ashley while you're at it...you will love her! thanks Ash!

I'm not sure if it's me, or all the Vitamin D, I soaked up this weekend saying this, but this past weekend was one of the best ones so far this year. Well, minus the fact Billy was gone until Sunday afternoon. Billy spent the weekend with some guy friends and his brother at the cottage cleaning the boat, fishing, etc. so you better believe I was parked at my favorite pool allll day long and hanging out with girlfriends. The weather here was 85 and sunny all weekend long. The sun and I reunited and it never felt SO good. My lovely friend, Jessie's, pool opened up on Saturday and I had a text at 9am from her about being locked out of the pool because the gates hadn't opened yet, but that she was still setting up shop out front to be the first one to get in to save us spots. Serious pool rats we are.

Allow me to introduce to you where my butt is parked the majority of the summer.
the Goat.

this place gets packed and is so much fun. They have volleyball courts and cornhole to the left. I took this pic around 11am, so it wasn't too crowded yet.

and with this girl...
me and Jessie!

{left: beginning of the pool day. right: towards the end. I forgot how wonderful being tan is.}

It was fabulous.

....and after we couldn't bronze our bods any longer...me, Kasey, Jessie and her boyfriend Matt, and another couple, Karisa and Scott, went to the Clippers baseball game downtown and it could have not been a more gorgeous night for it.
My ideal day right there...sun & fun all day long. 

OOTN: Clippers game
(dress was featured on my blog last friday-Forever21, shoes: Old Navy)

Me and my girlfriend Kasey...

On Sunday after Billy got back in town, he took me out to dinner to one of my favorite restaurants, Tucci's, to have an early birthday celebration. We both indulged with pasta dishes and got some fro-yo for dessert after. The weather was perfect to sit outside on the patio and they had a small jazz band playing. It really was a perfect evening..

{dress: Forever 21 (old)}

Luckily, I have a super short week ahead of me. I'm sure that by now you are so sick of me saying this, but you have to hear it one more time...Steph and BBFT fly in on Weds. night!!!!!! This Weds night. like 2 days. STOKED. Can you tell? then on Friday it'll be my birthday and Jess and Erica arrive! Eeeeeeeek!!!
We are ready for the 2 texans, the Boston rapper, and the KY priss.
But the real question is...are you ready?! I'm going to say sorry now for blowing up your instagram and twitter feeds with pictures! ;)

Even though I will probably be MIA from commenting on blogs this week, I still have some good posts scheduled that you should definitely come back for. Tomorrow you have a chance to win a shop credit to an awesome online shop! :)

What did you enjoy most about your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend :) And I love that blue dress of yours :)

  2. so glad I found you from ashley's blog - excited to read more! that day does sound perfect - I love being tan and sitting by a pool - I just need one close to me. : ) hope the next few days until your visitors arrive goes quickly!! have a good monday!!

  3. your weekend sounded like perfection!

    but i have to inform you...next weekend will be even more perfectious ;-)

    i am jealous of your tan legs....litereally SO JEALOUS! i only have a tiny bit of color so far BLACH!!

    soooooo excited omgosh..litereally getting chills thinking about this weekend


  4. Looks like an amazing weekend. Love that dress on you! Did you get my guest post? I emailed it this weekend at some point.

  5. Love the blue dress! I enjoy your blog especially cause I'm in Ohio, too. I have yet to be to the new Clippers park but it looks beautiful. Makes me want to go to a game now.

  6. Loving that forever 21 dress and those shoes! I am so excited it's starting to get warm so I can TAN!

  7. Jealous! I wish I could tan as easy and quick as you!

  8. Sounds like a fantastic weekend and I am super jeal that you got that tan THAT fast! My hubs is the same way...drives me nuts!!

    Glad you had a great early birthday celebration!

  9. Being tan is quite amazing. There is nothing quite like the golden glow. Glad you had a fabulous weekend! :)

  10. Love all your outfits! Check out my blog if you get a chance:


  11. Looks like a fabulous weekend...summer all the way!! And dang girl...check out that tan!!

  12. You guys get so dressed up for baseball games in Ohio! Not in MA! Red Sox shirts are a must!! :) I'll be heading to Ireland on Wed and won't be on blogs for almost 2 weeks so HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY! Have a fab time w/ your bloggy friends. I'm sure it will be great.

  13. Love those Old Navy shoes!!!!! And I totally ordered my red bubble necklace on Saturday. Can't. freaking. wait.

    Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great time with friends later this week!


  14. Looks like you had a great weekend!! I am LOVING your bathing suit, and both dresses! They're all so cute!

  15. Where can I find you on instagram...I am knew and would love to follow you. Please don't judge me...I understand I am WAY behind with instagram. lol.

    I am loving this weather and summer hobbies too! Hopefully we have many more of these great weekends!

  16. I am so jealous! Can I have your life please ;) Totally kidding but seriously it rained in Colorado all weekend.. what a bummer!
    Your bday dinner looks so yummy! Loved your outfit for the baseball games! I am going to have to go stalk Old Navy for those shoes :)

  17. Loved your summer must haves! I live in my ray bans too!

    I'm having a neon accessories giveaway right now!

  18. Love ur dress :) I love Kasey .. She's so nice! And how are u so ran already?? Hate u ..

  19. This post just makes me so happy!!! I loooove the Summertime! I also love the before and after pics from the pool. Can't believe all the COLOR you got! What's the trick??

    You look gorgeous in all of these pictures! (What's new?) And I'm so excited for your awesome week/weekend ahead! Yes, you are going to make me jealous while posting everything to Instagram! ;)

  20. I'm so happy I found your blog! I love when I stumble upon a good one. New follower :). I am so jealous of your weekend and your newfound tan! I attempted the same this weekend but just got burnt :(.

    Champange Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  21. um, the goat looks UGH-mazing!!! And yes, yes, yes being tan is such a happy place!

    LOVE your F21 dress and the colorblocked shoes together - perfection!

    thanks again so much for posting yesterday and linking up! :)

  22. sounds and looks like you had a blast. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post for LaurenConrad.com. xo



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