Friday Things {New Additions}

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Happy, happy, Friday party people!

The above photo represents perfectly how I'm feeling lately...happy. I think I need my own set of balloons to let fly up into the sky...don't you think? My birthday is officially one week away (are you annoyed yet?), the house is organized for visitors, and this weekend will be spent by my favorite pool (it opened early!) in the 80 degree sun, drink in hand, and with friends. I'm beyond excited. Also, Billy is taking me out for an early birthday dinner to my FAVORITE restaurant, Tucci's, on Sunday, just the two of us since friends will be arriving mid-week. I'm perfectly OK with celebrating two weekends in a row...

Before I go soak up the sun this weekend, I wanted to be a good bloggy friend and share with you some recent additions to my closet.

Red Bauble Necklace
(ebay-turquoise purchase got me good, so I decided to throw in the towel
 and get this as well.)

and this next item is probably my favorite out of them all.
My new minty fresh canvas bag.

Good news for all of you is that if you come back early next week...
I may or may not have a giveaway to get yourself one of these.


On 2 completely seperate, and random notes:

-My blog recently hit 350,000 page views!
This makes me extremely happy. like way happy.
Thank you to ALL of you for reading :-)

-I forgot to share this earlier this week..Rocky was so precious on Mothers day. He was more cuddly than normal and wouldn't leave my side. I just love him.

Alright, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine this weekend.
I hope you get to enjoy some, too!

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  1. Oooh, that striped peplum top is too cute! I am currently wearing the coral version of the J. Crew $15 necklace.

    Happy Friday girlie, and enjoy your weekend plans!

  2. Oh my...that red necklace with the striped top is perfect! Seriously loving it. I'm probably going to have to cave and buy the bauble necklace!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Tuccui's sunday fun day! love you babe and coffee saturdays!

  4. Happy Friday, girl. That dress is super cute, and the red and white stripe with that necklace, ah, I love it!

  5. I love the peplum top with the bauble necklace. Gorgeous!

  6. I love the necklace! and the purse!! both great for summer

  7. LOVE that you got the red necklace too! SO cute!! And congrats on the amazing page views!! :)

  8. I am obsessed with your red shirt/necklace combo! Too freaking cute! I'm wearing the Turquoise version of the necklace today.. love it! Have a wonderful weekend :)

  9. LOVVVVVVVE the neclace. And how freaking CUTE is your dog! I love my little love bug as well...they are such a TREAT to have around!

  10. All midwest bloggers have a soft spot in my heart...so glad I found your blog :) And seriously, how cute is Rocky?!

  11. pkease reveal where you got that purse!! I'm dying to know!

  12. Such a cute dress! & I was a sucker & bought the turquoise one from ebay! Great buy!!! Have a great weekend!

  13. Happy Friday dearest! That purse is amazing and what a cute dress!

  14. Happy weekend beautiful, I'm still waiting on your waist, great thanks.


  15. Tell me more about this striped peplum top! Its so cute, I'm just concerned it'd make me look puffy! LOVE this necklace though...I might hafta go ebay it up!!!

  16. That top and necklace looks so great together!! love them both!

  17. i saw you sporting your new dress tonight...looking goooood!

    And thank to instagram I also saw you got some awesome sun today (me too!) yay weekend!!


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