My Fav Month {St. Party's Day}

{pictures above from 2009-2010}

When you think of your favorite month of the year
what is it?

For me, it's March..
Yes, I know, it may not be a summer month here in Ohio (and I love me some summer), but it's the month of St. Patricks Day and my husband's birthday.
...and as you can see, I take St. Patricks Day very seriously.

My Dad's family is Irish, so I was raised to celebrate it and the more parties, the better. Luckily, the city I grew up in (Dublin) goes ALL out for it every year. It is my FAVORITE event of the year and I would not miss it for anything (well, most things.) Every year, my girlfriends and I have a tradition of starting early and going to downtown Dublin and bar hopping. We start when the parade in Dublin is over and we make a whole day out of it. We also usually go to Flannagans, which is a HUGE bar that typically has over 5 bands playing throughout the day and a massive tent is set up for the celebration. There are bagpipers that play and everyone dresses up.

This year, we got lucky. Dublin's celebration is actually the weekend before Flannagans celebration (which is on the day of St. Patricks Day) - so this year we get TWO weekends to celebrate my most favorite holiday ever. Did I mention it's one of my best girlfriend, Holly's, birthday too?!
Yes, please. Party all around.

Someday, I guess I will have to come to terms with the fact that I'm too old to celebrate like I'm in college again, but that day is not this year.
So, celebrate I will.

All of these pictures are inspiring me and getting me excited for St. Patricks Day.
I think green cupcakes are in my baking future...
yes, most definitely...

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

This weekend is Billy's birthday (got his present over a month ago and I am so excited about it!) and the following 2 weekends after will be spent in green attire and drinking lots of green beer. Maybe some shamrock shakes too.. ;)

So, here's to a great month ahead!
I'm ready for ya, March.

How do you celebrate St. Patricks Day?
do you celebrate at all?

Want to see unseen footage Steph throw me under the bus, YET AGAIN, from our Blacation to Naples?? Go HERE to read her post today.
For the record: Girlfriend snaps photos faster
 than I can SAY the word pho-to. #Truth.

*Half marathon training update: Every week I'm going to post how my training went the following week. This past week I completed the 14 miles I was supposed to and it was rather easy. My knee held up fine and that made me feel good because I was unsure if I would have any pain. I'm going to be starting Crossfit (with Kelsey) soon and I'm SO excited about this as I'm hoping I will gain some strength from these classes. I'm also pretty scared for my life too because I heard it's intense.
Have any of you taken a Crossfit class before?! Fill me in!

**Lastly, I'm announcing something different to be happening
on Keep Calm and Carry On tomorrow.
Check my blog early tomorrow morning
 for the news...



  1. I pretty much have the same pictures with my girlfriends. I take March very seriously, I actually met my now fiancee on St. Patrick's Day!

  2. Green is your color! :) Very much looking forward to St Patty's Day too! We will be out with our other couple friends. Such a fun day!

  3. Green is YOUR COLOR!! haha You forgot to add this into the mix...Love it! I think those green cupcakes and cookies are too cute!!

  4. How fun! Sadly, St.Patty's day isn't that big here but it sounds like you have some great celebrations in store this month! Be sure to post some pictures ;)

  5. You should take the trip to my hometown (Scranton, PA) sometime for Parade Day. It's the second largest parade in the country. It's insane, but in a good way...so much fun!

  6. You should take the trip to my hometown (Scranton, PA) sometime for Parade Day. It's the second largest parade in the country. It's insane, but in a good way...so much fun!

  7. Savannah, GA is the place to be :) Which is where I live! Top 5 in the nation for St. Pattys!! We dye our river green and all of the fountains!!! Last year we had a little over 400,000 people in attendence! It was cray cray! Drink all of the green beer you want while watching the 3 hour parade! :)

  8. O girl, I love me some St. Patty's day, as well!! It's celebrated majorly down here in MS. We have a huge parade, one of the biggest I believe. It is probably the biggest weekend down here and it is crazy!

  9. Crossfit is amazing! You will push yourself like you never have before and it feels so rewarding to track your strength and endurance progress. I love it! My brother is actually trying out for the Crossfit games, he writes my workouts for me.

  10. I looooove St.Patrick's Day! LOOOOOOOOOOVE! (I am Irish too!) The Hubs and I talked about going to Chicago or Savannah this year since it fell on a Saturday....but then I went and got pregnant....soooo, I will only be celebrating with green cupcakes and cookies! Enjoy for me!! :)

  11. I have to work this year on St. Pat's and I'm SO upset about it! I wouldn't be able to partake in the green beer this year, but I could drink some...margaritas? Yep, those are pretty close to green.

  12. I love st. Patrick's day!! Almost as much as I love Mardi Gras. I wish our town celebrated that big!!!

  13. Unfortunately I have never celebrated St. Patrick's Day...This year it is on a Saturday so it may be different =) Maybe we can get the group together for some fun =)
    I look forward to March because it is when we celebrate our wedding anniversary and go to The Strawberry Festival

  14. We don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day. Growing up, my Mom would make corned beef and cabbage but that was about it. My kids just think St. Patrick's is a day to wear green and get a shamrock shake at Mc Donald's!

  15. Oh and I didn't mention that in Savannah you can have open container ;) All day errday!!

  16. My birthday is the 16th, so for my entire life I've LOVED St Patricks day, it's my fav holiday too, every year I get a two day celebration! M thinks I'm crazy for loving St Patricks day over Christmas, but he's wrong.


  17. puuuhllease tell you me you drink your beer green this day? lol... i can't wait!!

  18. My dad is Irish, too and we grew up celebrating St. Patrick's Day every year doing some sort of something! I went to Dublin two years ago for it (my dad lives in Worthington/Columbus) and it was so fun! We are trying to come up with plans for St. Patty's Day this year...so I'll have to keep that in mind :) Love the pics!!

  19. Well I must agree with you my fav month is March also but it is because it is my birthday month and my lil puppers birthday month to:)

  20. There is nothing BETTER than all the green stuff lol! Shamrocks shakes and mint-chocolate chip cookies... nom nom nom! :)

  21. I like St. Patrick's Day...though this year will be sad not drinking green beer! :( Oh well!! Can't wait to hear your news tomorrow!

  22. I can't wait for St Patty's day!!! We're going all out this year too! WHOOP! :)

  23. WOO to the HOO!!! I got a shout out and partaaayy for SPD and my birthday we shall? Do you think a Hummer limo would be too excessive for the BIG 2-8?!

  24. I knew you were a leprechaun all this time! St. Patty's day isn't all that big of a deal here in Texas!! I suppose it's because it falls during the same time as rodeo and rodeo trumps EVERYTHING lol.

    When you get around to making the green rice krispie treats, make sure you send one (or 8) my way!

    And yes-you already know I threw you under the bus once again. MUAHAHAHAAAAA. It was too comical to NOT!

  25. um basically what everyone else said...GREEN IS YOUR COLOR!!!!

    you are never ever ever too old to celebrate!!! wahhooo IRISH!!! (im half irish so on holidays like this i like to just say im irish) hahah

    yay for billys birthday!!

    and YAY for less than 3 months till i see you!!

    also...loved the unprepared pics on stephs blog hahah amazing


  26. Those pretzels in the shape of a clover are adorable.

  27. Those pretzels in the shape of a clover are adorable.

  28. I LOVE St. Patty's Day! It is so much fun! Plus green looks good on everyone!

  29. Such a fun holiday! Just to be crazy!!! :)

  30. Any holiday in which I can dress up like an idiot and drink all day is a favorite holiday of mine! Which is why Halloween in my favorite. :)

  31. On your first day of Crossfit, I would make them aware of your knee issues. One of the downfalls of crossfit is that proper form is not always a focus which can cause or worsen injuries. Good luck!

  32. I love St. Pat's Day too! Boston is the city to be in to celebrate. They do a big parade and it is so much fun. This year I'll actually be on the Cape for that weekend w/ girlfriends but we plan to go to an Irish pub and I hope it will be tons of fun!

  33. I have a LOVE/HATE with St. Patrick's Day. This was the day I fractured my nose/eye socket and was taken to the ER. At like 3 am.


    Classy .... right?!

  34. Love those pictures!! You're adorable with your green :) St. Pattys Day is a fun one, although you're right that it's harder to celebrate as good as when we were in college...

  35. What do hookers like me do on St. Patty's Day? I hang with hookers like you.
    lalalala love you.
    PS - my call this morning was priceless. "Dad?"

  36. You look amazing in green! Sure is your color ;)
    Just tried a shamrock shake last week and it was delish!

    PS..you are crazy awesome to have been able to run 14 miles so easily! I went to the gym yesterday and was panting after 3..lol I need to step it up!!

  37. March is also my favorite month! It definitely helps that my birthday is also on St. Patty's Day. =)

    Happy March!

    Keep Shining,


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