Birthdays Are Always Fun.

{me and Kelsey-Sushi Rock}

This past weekend we celebrated the ever so awesome Alicia's birthday!

A group of us went to Sushi Rock for dinner {which is amaze by the way} and then we went downtown afterwards to get our groove on. Over the past year, sushi has really grown on me. My bff Lindsay got me into and I now find myself craving it weekly almost. My favorite roll so far is the Dragon roll, but I'm up for trying new ones. I seem to like the shrimp rolls the best. Which sushi roll is your favorite? Share with me! I absolutely love hanging out with these girls..we always have a blast together. Our boys even just joined us and now have a little bit of a bromance goin' on together.. ha ha.

Here's a peak into the night with about 100 pictures..
sorry gals.

pretty in pink.

all the girls looked so pretty!

I decided to finally wear my red skinnies
and a black lace top from F21.

{all the girls}

can you tell we were having fun?

adore Holly and her monkey face.
ha ha :)

also that's Holly's hubby Shawn up there wearing Amber's fur vest.
It's a good look for him, don't you think?

Hope you have a good birthday WEEK, Alicia!

Today, is another veddy veddy important persons birthday...

My BBFT / tubby/ my best Stephy's husband.

Happy Birthday Beau!

Billy and I are so excited for Florida with you and Steph.

...and the yellow pants.

*chickpea tacos were a big hit last night.
SO very yummy, and you don't miss the meat at all.
I can't wait to share with you!

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  1. That looks like a fun weekend!!!

  2. My favorite is the philly sushi roll! It has a glop of cream cheese in the middle! :)
    Love the black lace shirt!

  3. Supa sexy top! Celebrating birthdays never get old!

  4. YAY for BBFT's shoutout...I'm sure he'll be commenting here soon enough lol...

    I LOVE that black lace top. Like LOVE. And if you bring it to FL, don't expect to get it back. Muahahahaha.

    PS-HOW is your hair so stinkin' long and beautiful??!! What are your secrets?? Oh ya-you don't BLEACH it every 8 weeks like moi. Shit.

  5. That looks like such a great time. Everyone looks beautiful! I love sushi too. I love this one particular roll that I only know of one place you can get it. It has cream cheese, cucumber, and crab in it. So light and yummy!

  6. I miss a little time out! We never get nights out with friends anymore and I am totally looking forward to our date night tonight. Our last date was 4 months ago. sad, i know! so glad you guys had a fun night! xo

  7. I love your red pants!!! Wish i was brave enough to wear some! Looks so fun.

  8. You girlies are just adorable! Sad I missed a good time! Love your outfit!

  9. What gorgeous friends!!!! And how awesome that you have a few blog friends!!! Love!

  10. Looks like a blast! I love the outfit!! You're such a stylish little lady. :)

    My favorite sushi roll is the spicy tuna. But you have to add the crunchies. I think they're called tempura flakes, but I like saying crunchies better. HAHA I also like trying the more adventurous rolls, but that's my fav.

  11. try the california roll love it!! and the philly roll.. love the colored jeans!

  12. and then I see you in these red skinnis that I remember you either tweeted or texted!! CANT REMEMBER!

    gurrrrl you look fabulicious. And so tan. what is your effing secret and tell me how I can achieve this!!

    you and your friends are gorgeous

    and eeee Beau!! I want to watch teh video on stephs blog sooo bad but she is still blocked! Come on work...i have important videos to see haha


  13. I LOVE the red skinnies! I have a pair of maroon colored cords and I use any excuse to wear them! So much fun :) Ohhh and I had sushi this weekend too YumYum!

  14. Beautiful pictures! LOVE your red pants:) So cute! Happy Tuesday!

  15. First, LOVE the red skinnies.

    Second, don't you think birthdays should be a holiday?! I mean.. its only one day a year... or for me.. a month (I celebrate halloween through thanksgiving baby!)

    Third, SUPER excited to read the taco recipe. I'm trying to go vegetarian 2x/week, then work my way up from there! :)


  16. Love that F21 lace top!!

    I love the Spicy Tuna Roll and I love getting it from Haiku!!

  17. Looks like such a fun weekend! :)


  18. birthday nights with girls are so much fun! LOVING your outfit chica - rocking those red jeggings perfectly!!

  19. 1. I love your red skinnies..
    2. And your lacey top
    3. I wish I liked sushi, but I don't really care for it :(
    4. I guess I better go like you on facebook ;)

  20. Thanks for the Birthday shout out! I had a good one yesterday. Cant wait to hang out with you guys. I have a feeling florida is going to be a perfect 80 degrees and we texans are going to be cold and you ohio'ians(?) will be hott. Either way we will do our fair share of drinking!


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