Color Crush {Red and Pink}

Winter may have just started for us here in Ohio, but my mind {and some of my wallet} has already started to wander to spring. With Valentines day quickly approaching, I can't help but notice how the typical colors for this holiday are emerging practically everywhere else. I can't think of two other colors I'd prefer to put together over pink and red. I love how classic they look together, how bold of a statement it is, and it looks pretty easy to put together!

Red and pink..I've got a color crush on you. 

Since we will be in Florida for Valentines day, I'm hoping to recreate this look
and then continue on with it for when spring finally does show it's wonderful face. :)

and this may be a litttttlllee premature, but who's excited
to wear these spring colors on your nails come spring?

:::raising my hand:::

What do you think...would you wear the red and pink color trend?

*hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I did, and still haven't quite recovered yet...
 which is why the recap will be tomorrow.

**I'm excited to have my best friend, Lindsay, over for dinner tonight and to watch the Bachelor. I decided I'm going to try a new recipe I've been eyeing, chickpea tacos, and can't wait to share the outcome with you all.

Hope they turn out as yummy as they look!


  1. I wore the red and pink trend over the summer! Love it! I also love orange and pink together :)

  2. AGHHHH i loveeee SJP!

    That first outfit rocks... however it would not rock on me! :(

  3. Love this trend! I've done it already..... since i'm so ahead of the fashion game. ;)


  4. I love pink and I love red but honestly, I'm a FIRM believer they do not belong together...unless it's valentine's day.

    So only allowed in February for me!


  5. i love pink and red together!!!

  6. I love red an pink together.

  7. LOVE this color combo!! So chic and great for spring! You will totally work this look for Valentine's!! Take pics!

  8. chickpea tacos sound yum. i don't think i will be able to get into the red and pink trend. that palette doesn't look good on me. i'm more into the cool colors and jewel tones in the blue and purple family along with black, grey, and gold. But I'm sure you'll rock the orange, red, and pink!

  9. Girl, you know me...you're lucky if you see me in blue! :) I can say with confidence I will not be wearing pink and red together, but maybe I'll branch out and buy a pink shirt this spring. :)

    I think you'll look fab in the combo with that dark hair of yours!

  10. I am totally loving the pink and red combo! I saw a few outfits and LOVE the combination. I am on the hunt for those colors as we speak! <3

  11. I LOVE the two colors paired together!!! I'm excited for the new Essie colors :)

  12. I love pink and red together, it is so bold and definitely a tropical/summertime outfit. You are going to rock these colors!

    Have a great day,


  13. Loving the red and pinks! You're getting me excited for Valentines Day slash the spring in general! This cold weather is too much for me :) Have fun tonight!

  14. I am loving this trend... Not sure if i can pull it off yet, but loving it on others!!

    Excited for Spring... I am ready for Winter to be over!!!

    I want to hear about this New Recipe!! Ugh Bachelor has been BORING... hope it starts getting good, cause i am starting to lose interest, especially since I already know who he picks :D

  15. Pink and red is my current favorite color combination. I am planning on wearing something pink and red for valentine's day - I just need to find the perfect outfit! xo

  16. I can't wait to hear what you think of the chickpea tacos! Happy Monday! :)

  17. GIrl you will loook amazing in red and pink! I am with you on pushing spring to hurry right along!

  18. I love the red and pink. I just don't think I could pull it off. I am your newest follower, and I just love your blog!

  19. ahhh what a fabulous mix of COLORS!!! I want this!

    ok so ive been eying a pair of red skinny jeans and all i see myself wearing them with is a white or black shirt. Whooda thought pink would look good!! but what other colors!?! help fashion guru!!



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