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Happy Wednesday, loves!

I'm really happy to be here today.
I haven't linked up for WILW and Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday in SO long
...and boy, have I missed it!

While I'm still o{bsessed} with Pinterest, we sometimes take breaks in our relationship. But now that the iPhone app is consistently working {finally..good grief}, we are "on" again and I can't wait to see what everyone is pinning lately.

I'm {loving}: spring colors available in stores
from jewelry to clothes

...I'm loving it all.
and we aren't even close to winter being over yet
{minor detail that I'm willing to overlook}

new earrings & necklace.

navy polka dot scarf 
bright colored tops

I'm {loving}: adding granola to smoothies!
I can't believe I've waited so long to try this..the granola adds a nice texture and more fiber to your morning smoothie. 

I'm {loving}: the crazies bachelor

it's like a train wreck...
you can't help but watch.

I have to say..I like Emily, Nikki, and Kasey B the best.

I'm {loving}: Jillian Michael's 30 day shred!
{yeah I've posted about this before}

I did this workout video almost daily before our wedding.
 It makes me feel stronger and really works your core..two thumbs up in my book

I'm {loving}: my Nike Free Runs 
...so comfy.

I'm {loving}: Christina Perri's song, A Thousand Years.

...I know this was released a while ago, but I added it to my ipod 
and can't stop listening to it.

I'm {loving}: my husband!


and here are my favorite pins this week
for Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday!

head to toe - I'm in love with it all.
I can't wait to pair demin shorts with blazers..soo cute.

cute & simple valentines day decoration

all white kitchen

bite sized baked brie
{I die looking at these. Can't wait to make them!}


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What are you loving this week?!

*what's to come? delish vegetarian recipe on the blog tomorrow.


  1. Oooh good idea with the granola in your smoothies! I'll have to give that a try!

    Also, love the denim jeans with a bright-colored blazer!!


  2. where did you get that necklace!!!??? i am in love!

  3. Nike Free Runs are literally the most comfy sneakers I've ever worn. Also, loving that song - so sweet.
    Have a good day doll face.

  4. I looooove that necklace. Where is it from?

  5. How do you know who he picks?! I thought I knew on Brad's season, but the spoiler was wrong (they said Brad spent Thanksgiving with Chantal O, and therefore must have picked her)

  6. that brie looks amazeballs. yum-o. also I too am loving "A Thousand Years". And even though I'm not a HUGE taylor swift fan, her song "Safe & Sound" with The Civil Wars is another good one you should check out. it's going to be in The Hunger Games movie.

  7. I LOVE those jewels, lady! They're amazing! Loving all of your pins, too. Really want to try those candles with the Valentine hearts- so adorable. Love that wedding photo, too! :)

  8. That necklace looks like a Francescas find. I love that place. Where is it from girrrrlll? I love everything you pinned! I've been in the mood for Spring fashion too today. hmmm ... maybe I will just have to post about it soon.

  9. Love the denim and yellow!!! Well I love anything yellow... but that's besides the point...

  10. I hope you didn't just giveaway that Emily or Kasie B. don't get picked on Bachelor. eeekkkkkk!

  11. LOVE the yellow necklace! AND those baked brie bites look AMAZING, I may have to whip those up sometime soon! YUMM-O!

    And, duh, I already follow you on everything cuz i'm a stalker.a lazy-eyed stalker.

  12. I love the Bachelor too, I have been so tempted to look to see who wins, but I don't want to ruin the surprise, ha. By you saying you don't like the winner, it will probably be courtney. I also love the pin of the white kitchen, very classy!

  13. I'm going to have to go check out the stores again this weekend bc I couldn't find anything a couple weeks ago.

    And I love that song!


    I am currently loving... Jersey Shore.

    For real.

  15. I love so much in this post. Your necklace is awesome. I really want to try Nike Frees. Love your pins too. And short with the blazer, perfect!

  16. Love your pins. I'm following you on Pinterest now. :)

  17. So much goodness in this post! I can't even comprehend! HAHA But I LOVE that pic of you and the hubs. SO cute!! :)

  18. I recently started using Jillian Michaels 30 day shread as well and wow does it work. I've been sore everyday..not sure if that is a good or bad thing. haha.


  19. Im on day 12 of Jillian and while she is kicking my butt I kinda like it!

  20. you've got to tell me where you got that jewelry! LOVE!

  21. SO much loveliness on here! LOVE the necklace! Love the polka dot scarf (umm where did you get it?!). I am soooo in love with that Christina Perri song. I've been playing it over and over again too. And am about to do it again now while at work. ;) You were such a beautiful bride.


  22. Great loves today!! I'm your newest follower!!

  23. I mentioned it on Twitter, but I'm totally in love with that jewelry!! Also, I'll have to do a Bachelor post one of these days but so far, I think I like Emily the best :) You and Billy... sigh. Too cute ;)

  24. Love that necklace!! And the bakes brie bites look DELISH! :)

  25. Bachelor is my guilty pleasure too! I can't help myself! =)
    That is a super sweet song and I love all of your pins!
    The picture of you and your hubby is BEAUTIFUL!!

  26. Loving your new earrings, necklace and sneakers!

    That outfit with the shorts and blazer is perfection! I love that!

  27. Oh I LOVE that song and it was on repeat when I first bought it! And the bachelor. How cute is kacie b?? Poor girl could not ski.

  28. I'm glad you're doing What I'm Loving Wednesdays again! I too got hooked on the bachelor, however, this is my first season back so I'm not quite accustomed to all the making out! I feel bad for those girls watching each other make out with Ben, but I wanted to tell you that Emily, Kacie B and Nicki are my faves too! However, I'm a little worried Nicki isn't getting any one-on-one time. Oh goodness, did I just say I'm worried about the bachelor? I might need an intervention soon...
    In my defense, I only started watching it again because: a) Ben is cute b) Ben is from Sonoma (my boyfriend is from Sonoma County) and c) I live near San Francisco. Alright, I'm done defending myself now.
    Thanks for the great posts everyday! I love getting to work in the morning and seeing a new KC&CO post in my google reader!
    XO Katie

  29. Super cute post today! I pinned those same Valentine decorations and can't wait to try it..I was able to find the conversation hearts at the Dollar Tree even. :) Hope you have a great rest of the day!

  30. My husband and I are frineds with Nicki's ex-husband so I have found out alot of "dirt" on her!! haha If it was not for knowing what I know, I would like her too! I tell myself each season I am not going to watch again but I always do.

  31. The necklace and earrings are SUPER cute! Where are they from?

  32. Hmmm granola in a smoothe?'! Not a bad idea!

  33. Love the heads up about the Pinterest app actually working now. I never use it cuz it's a pain in the butt but now...

  34. I'm loving those Nike's! I'd gladly kick some serious calories to the curb with those on!

  35. I love that Christina Perry song too!!! And my guilty pleasure is also the craziness that is the Bachelor! xox

  36. i absolutely love this post! you gots some great stuff that you're lovin!

    i have totally been drooling over the bright funky colors that are going to be happening this spring/summer. um i'm totally on the search for a yellow and pink blazer.

    love your new nikes!

  37. Granola in a smoothie is genius, I too love Kasey B. - she seems awesome, and your new jewelry is gorgeous. Happy Wednesday friend!

  38. Love the valenties day decoration! Oh, and that Christina Perri song is amazing...Ah-mazing :)


  39. Love the pic of you and your husband, so cute.

    And I like your pins too.


  40. I love your shoes! Love Nike Frees!
    And pinterest! I seem to have the same type of relationship

  41. One of my co-workers made the Vday decor and it's adorable! I'm dying to wear jean shorts, nude pumps, and a fun blazer! So cute :)

  42. Thanks for playing along!

    LOVE that kitchen you pinned...so pretty!

  43. Awww, you are too cute!! That kitchen is gorg.

    Don't forget to check out my Mary and Dyer giveaway!

  44. I love your Frees. So fun! I want pretty running shoes again...and the shred is what I did for a while back in March last year when I first started working out again. I loved it but sometimes I just wanted to shake Jillian.

    Those are the Brie bites that I made!! So so yummy!

  45. fantastic EVERYTHING katie!!

    denim shorts and blazer?so freakin cute I cant stand it!

    also im kind of curious as to how i did not know KC&CO has a facebook page!! i need to go like it ASAP!



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