A Festive Pizza Party and BREAKING DAWN!

Last night, me and Billy went to my girlfriends Jessie and Ashley's
 "Make Your Own Pizza" slash get in the holiday spirit par-tay.
it says Christmas decorating, but there was no decorating done, so I will just say it was festive.

Isn't that such a cute idea?
 Who doesn't love making your own pizzas?!

They told me they had multiple bottles of wine and plenty of veggie toppings for me to put on my pizza so I better come because it ain't a party without Katie...
so naturally, I said "ok, ok, FINE...I'll go!"
{and what I meant by that is: you don't have to ask me twice.}

They had quite the little setup: their Christmas tree {PINK mind you...} and decorations were up, music playing, and all the fixings for a great pizza party {aka cheese dip, garlic bread, toppings, and fresh dough.}

Ashley {go follow her, she's a sweetheart!} preparing our dough for us
Billy fixing up his mini meat lovers pizza
{and Jessie sexting in the background, who are we kidding?}

Who are those handsome pups you ask?
Mr Wilson {left} is Jessie's dog
Maxwell {right} is Ashley's dog

...aren't they adorable?
I love them.

They asked me to bring Rocky, but I told them I really didn't want Rocky to be the dinner. I mean, Rocky is the size of their heads.

PS-See those boots? 
1 of the 3 UrbanOG pairs I ordered a while back. :)

hi there Maxwell, nice to meet you again.
no, you may not eat my husbands food.

So... in the past month, we've gone to a make your own pizza party and a chili cookoff party. I'm loving all of these parties filled with good food and our closest friends! Cheers to the next one. Maybe me and Billy will host an Ugly Christmas Sweater party? We'll see. :)

TONIGHT is THE night, people......





Breaking Dawn Part 1.

A group of girlfriends and myself {along with our men-they claim to not like it but deep down I think they do} have started a mini tradition of going to each of the Twilight series midnight showings. We go out to dinner & then head to the theatre around 8pm (yes, you read that right) to have some drinks and get in line. The theatre we go to is ALWAYS packed and a line is formed typically by 7pm. However, we pick this theatre because they have a bar and serve beer, wine, and margaritas {oh, and food too.}

Yes, please.

They even name their drinks after the characters
the "Edwardtini" and so on.

I'm such a nerd SO excited and am really trying to convince Billy to dress up as Edward and Bella with me. He did say though if he agrees to do it there will be ZERO pictures.


I'll have to sneak it somehow.
We'll see.

Who's going to see Breaking Dawn this weekend?!



  1. Pizza party looks like it was a blast! :)

    Have fun at the movie! I will be sleeping at midnight. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  2. Oh my goodness..you and Billy have to be about the cutest couple ever. I am kinda jealous I wasn't at the party though. Looks like a ton of fun =)

  3. Such a cute idea for a party! I might have to steal that one! And I'm officially jealous of your twilight viewing tonight! Have fun!

  4. Thanks for you and Billy coming to the party, it was a blast!!! The pics you have are sooo funny... I believe while i was mushing the dough you said DON'T MOVE, haha!

    Maxwell looks oooo so handsome, he definitely hammed up our blog today!!!

    we defs need to do another party soon... IE you and billy hosting!!

  5. OMG, what kind of dog is Maxwell?? So cute! Looks like a great party...definitely got you in the spirit of Christmas right? And I cannot wait to see Breaking Dawn! Yesss!

  6. I was thinking of holiday party ideas in class today (what else is there to do?) and I thought Ugly Sweater :)

    Your outfit is too cute!!

  7. Just another reason to LOVE this time of year - all of the festive gatherings! What a cute idea for a party.

    PS. The pups are adorable!

    <3, Your newest follower

  8. Such a fun party! Love that idea!

    I won't be at the midnight showing, but I'll definitely be going SOON. My hubs totally goes with me too...and acts like he's just there for my support. PSH, he loves it!

  9. That make-your-own-pizza party sounds amazing! And omg i cant not WAIT for Breaking Dawn!! I wish i was going to the midnight premier though :( booooo

  10. Looks like you had a blast! What a fun idea for a party!! Theater with a bar!? Jealous!

  11. What a fun party idea! Who doesn't love pizza & Christmas?
    Ps- You and Billy are just too adorable! :)

  12. Those dogs are huge! And very cute :) Looks like a great time!

  13. Can't wait for Breaking Dawn!!!! Midnight premiere? Yes. And those pups are huge! Too cute.

  14. I need to see that movie. Now I'm hungry for homemade pizza! Yum!!

  15. aww looks like you guys had loads of fun. i also have a pink tree i set up in my kitchen, i can't wait to put it up!

  16. You two are so precious and Billy is always such a good sport :)

  17. #TEAMEDWARD beeotch!! I am going but we already knew this. You better tell us how it is immediately!! I can't wait to see it tomorrow.

    That's such a great idea for a party, I love all the festive pics. I also cannot wait to get my christmas tree this weekend. YAY!!!

  18. I love big dogs and those two are super cute! I had a make your own pizza night for supper club a few months ago and it was a big hit! Enjoy the movie tonight! :)

  19. GOOSEBUMPS every time i see anything regarding breaking dawn!

  20. I cannot wait to see Breaking Dawn! Unfortunately this old girl is waiting until tomorrow night. #teamedward :)

    The pizza party is such a good idea!

  21. precious party ideas. might I say that I am extraordinarily jealous that ya'll have a movie theater that serves drinks and food?! we have to sneak stuff into our cinemas haha.

  22. The pizza party is so much fun - love how festive all the decorations are!

  23. I love the pizza making party idea! so fun! I may have to copy this for one of our couple's dinner dates!

  24. The pizza party looked like a lot of fun! I can't wait to see Breaking Dawn either!!

  25. I can't believe you got Billy to go see Breaking Dawn with you and even go so far as to dress as Edward?! That's amazing! Haha! Shawn thinks I'm silly for getting into these books and movies. But I'm jealous that you're seeing it tonight. I am seeing it tomorrow with my girlfriends. It's our tradition to see it together too! Have fun!

  26. I love urbanog.. it's one of my fave places to get my shoes from. This is such a cute idea for a "get in the season" party, love it!

  27. okay holy shiooot r u telling me that your theatre serves drinks????? i'm jealous b went to see the first one but thats it lol.. but i think he likes them too he has seen all 3 thus far lol..

  28. Let's break this down in tree parts, mmmk?

    1.) Had a fabulous time with you last night. Billy boy is hilarious. "I had this idea, but with hotdogs" or {takes picture} "Oh yeah... that looks GREAT!} or my favorite {posing with Mr. Wilson in front of a pink Christmas tree} "this is gay" hahaha. Oh Billy Boob, what a trooper.

    2.) Someone (pointing at you right now) was a little tipppppsssssssyyyy last night. Love it.

    3.) BREAKING DAWN! YAY! YAY! I cannot wait!! DO NOT BLOG ABOUT IT OR TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT IT, not sure when I am going to see it. I got my dad to read the books (oh dad...) hahaha and we go on father/daughter dates to see the movies, just like the Harry Potter movies, so I thought I would save this one for him too!


  29. 1. Im in love with Maxwell. Labradoodle right?

    2. Love the boots

    3. Team Edward all the way but I will definitely be waiting to see it til next week! I cannot take the lines and screaming highschool/blogger girls! ;)

  30. Aww sounds so much fun! I love parties! And you have fun tonight, I'm hoping to go see it this weekend. LOL, I love the "Wait for the Honeymoon" sign!

  31. Oh my word cutest dog ever! Love your outfit too but I want to steal the dog haha. xo

  32. looks like a great time :) love the pics of you and billy!! :) have fun seeing the movie, I am not a fan really ... but i am sure its gonna be fun!

  33. Looks like fun! I love their pink Christmas tree, and also Maxwell who looks like a gigantic bear! Cute!

  34. I'm going to see this movie next week!! Can't wait for the honeymoon scene now!! thanks! lol

  35. I missed this post the first time around! What a fun pizza party. I hope you enjoyed the movie. Midnight showing...sheesh, I am getting old because there is just NO WAY I could hang. I cannot go to bed at 2:30am and function anywhere next to normal the next morning!


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