I hope this make sense...

...because I'm on 5 hours of sleep!

When my alarm went off, I thought it was a cruel joke.
5 mins longer? 10 mins longer?

Since there are so many of you that are going to see Breaking Dawn this weekend, I won't ruin it for any of you and mention anything about the movie last night.
Well, except that it was amazing and more amazing.
and more amazing.

Here's what I will share on this frigidly cold Friday....

1. Does anyone else think that Starbucks drinks aren't served nearly as HOT enough as they should be? I've recently started asking for them to be EXTRA hot, especially because it's 30 degrees today.

{I want that coat}

2. Ohio State plays Penn State this weekend. I would love for all my bloggy friends (you!) to CHEER them on for a win tomorrow. We need it and I really want to crush them!!!!



Also, did anyone notice that Ohio State mens basketball is ranked #3 this year?!?!
They are a truly amazing team and I hope they go all the way!

3. Demi Moore has officially filed for divorce from Ashton Kutcher. There have been speculations for months now about their marriage being on the outs, but it was never confirmed. So sad! I loved them together. Demi released a statement yesterday pretty much confirming that Ashton did cheat and because of her vows and values, she isn't able to move forward in the marriage. That's what I took of it, atleast.


My thoughts about Hollywood marriages is this: It would be extremely hard to be an actor/actress and have your spouse in movies where they are not only kissing other people, but also doing sex scenes with them. I mean, I don't think anyone would particularly enjoy seeing that and it would def put a strain on your relationship. Also, if the other person is remotely good looking or a good person in general, it would be hard to not form SOME type of connection with them after being in such intimate settings with them, no? I'm in no way saying that cheating is acceptable, but I can see how in Hollywood it is much harder to make marriages work and last. This has nothing to do with Demi and Ashton, but just my general opinion. If Billy was makin' out with other broads left and right, I'd probably go legit crazy... {some of you are probably thinking "you already are!", right? Actually, don't answer that.}

Ashton is so hot. so, so, hot. Just had to get that out there.

4. I NEED all of you (yes, all of you) to help give me some ideas for my Dads' 60th birthday {which is NEXT WEEK}. I have been trying to come up with a clever gift idea for him for the past month, and have failed miserably. My Dad is seriously the hardest person to shop for {like most parents}. He has everything and will never give me any ideas on what to get him. To give you some info about my Dad: he enjoys movies, golf, football, books, sporting events, and isn't very "with it" when it comes to technology {he still types with 2 index fingers} so an Ipad, for instance, wouldn't be something up his alley.

Since I have around 600 readers, I'm expecting 600 comments giving me an idea of a gift for him. Please, pretty please :) It could be something you've gotten your Dad in the past, or just an idea you think would be extra wonderful.


5. Me and Holly have planned a Columbus Blogger meet up for Saturday, December 3rd. The location and plans are finalized and I am SO excited. I'm already stressing to figure out what I will wear! I want to make sure I'm not leaving anyone out that would like to come. I know that some of you Cbus girls have only recently starting following my blog, so if you're interested, please leave me a comment with your email address and I can send you an invite!

6. I have recently discovered KEP Designs, based out of New York City, and am crushing on their jewelry {especially their bracelets & earrings}. Who's to say this isn't a sneak peak to my next giveaway? Not I. You may want to check them out.

and stay tuned for Monday
...just sayin'.

I leave you with that.



  1. I was sad to hear about Ashton and Demi too! :( And I totally think he cheated. I would never want to be married in Hollywood. It's like a death wish.

    As for the gift ideas... could you buy him tickets to his favorite team? Maybe even a shirt or something to go with it? Like a game day package with tailgating food, clothes and tickets or something?

    And those bracelets.... SO CUTE!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. :)

  2. Okay, so first off, my dad is the worst to shop for too. He doesn't really "want" anything and he's handicapped so the whole technology /golf/normal dad things don't work for him. He does like food though, but doesn't go out, like, ever So, I have started to ship him a cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory website every year on his birthday. I get the small one, because it's just him, but it's big enough for 4 people. Each year I pick a different flavor so it's always a surprise. His birthday is today and he got his pumpkin cheesecake last night. A sign for you? Maybe...

  3. 1. I will cheer for OSU this weekend, you are a welcome, you know that's a big deal for me.

    2. I was so in love with Ashton, he was actually my #2, until now. I cannot tolerate cheating. Poor Demi.

    3. My step-dad's 60th is in 2 weeks and I have NO plans for his gift OR any Christmas gifts for that matter...so I will be stalking comments for ideas.

    4. We need a National Blogger meet up! Preferably somewhere warm. K, thanks.

  4. I'm sooo excited to see breaking dawn this weekend!!! I got my dad a subscription to golf digest last year and he loved it! Have a good weekend :)

  5. Ummm, I can't wait for Monday! Jewelry is my obsession and those bracelets are prettyyy!

    Shopping for dads is sooo tricky! I never know what to get my dad so I'm no help here :( Hope you have an amazing weekend!! GO Ohio State! ;)

  6. I'm an EXTRA hot Sbucks girl too! I have been for a while. If it doesn't scorch my tongue it isn't hot enough. Ok not really but you get the point! I heard about Ashton and Demi on the way to work today. So sad :( I can't imagine being married in the Hollywood world. Also, those bracelets are ADORBS! Must get one!

  7. I cannot WAIT to see the movie...hopefully this weekend!! :)

  8. Football tickets for just the two of you! Daddy/Daughter day! And maybe a shirt or sweatshirt to wear!

  9. i got goosebumps when you said breaking dawn was amazing.

    i have issues. CANT WAIT!!

  10. I really liked Demi and Ashton too, then I read in People about him cheating and now I think he's disgusting. It was an interview with the blond he cheated with. I'm sure this wasn't the first time, well, as sure as I can be with never meeting any of them.

    I hope your team CRUSHES Penn State.

    Love those bracelets.

    I have an idea for your Dad but it's more like a prop for the birthday. It's been on pinterest, you take 60 suckers and make a sign that says "60 sucks".

    My father in law likes cigars every now and then, not sure if your Dad does but we got my FIL a thing to keep his cigars in. Can't remember what its called but it keeps them fresh.

    Or the ticket idea that everyone else is suggesting, with sweatshirt/hat.

  11. while its always a little sad when a couple splits, i cant say im surprised... the age difference is enough of an obstacle... i mean 33 and almost 50?! completely different stages of life. i think he cheated, too. and i actually {kind of} agree with you about hollywood marriages. in my opinion, cheating is never excuseable... but if i were an actress i could see the challenge... with new and exciting intimacy would always be tempting. and i could NEVER be a wife in hollywood. id be a crazy jealous person.

    my dad {and father in law} both have december birthdays... they're sooo hard to buy for! {especially with christmas right after} so i will be reading all of your comments as well.

    i always try to give them some clothes {bc men never buy for themselves!} and something personal {framed pictures, etc}... but i have no great suggestions, sorry!

  12. First - our meet up is Sat., Dec. 3 not 5th silly lady! :) I'm super pumped for it and will also give a shout out to it in case more Cbus bloggers want to join!

    GO BUCKS!! I too hope we crush the living Sandusky/little boy love out of them! What are you doing for the game?!

    My pops is super hard to shop for also, so I feel ya sistah! What about something personal like 60 reasons you love him/make him a great dad complete with photos of the two of you?

  13. I don't know if you have time to do this, but I saw it on pinterest and thought it was a great idea!


  14. I am training someone at work today so I cant blog :( but snuck on here to see your blog, because its the best and because I just love reading! :)

    will I see your pretty face this weekend!??? please!?

    cant wait for bloggy meet up!!!

  15. Lacey, thank you for that idea. that is such a good idea! I'm going to try and pull it off :)

  16. is it sad that

    A) I dont drink coffee and
    B) I wish I did so i could participate in red cup talks and pumpkin latte talks? WAH JEALOUS! hahah

    ill pray for OHIOs win YAHOO!!!

    i wanan come to the Cbus meetup wah...its only an 11 hour drive for me....haha i might die. But seriously..meetup soon girly-pie ;-)

    ok MUAH i hope your lil leggy is better 100% soon!


  17. I agree on the starbucks thing. By time I get to work, my drink is ALWAYS cold! Unless it's their tea which is ridiculously hot, and stays that way for a long time.

  18. Uk plays penn state this weekend so I'll cheer for Penn state to go down in all sports :)

    I don't know if you are the youngest but combining something he likes with something involving you- dads will love. Like movie tickets for the two of you to have a date night etc. We did it for my dad one year and he loved it.

  19. The idea that Lacey had was the first thing that came to my mind. I saw that same thing on Pinterest and thought it would be so sweet! :) Good luck!

  20. 30 degrees GEEEZ thats cold!!!

    Love the bracelets!

  21. 1. I'm having to ask for starbucks drinks extra hot too!! They get cold in like 10 minutes. Not nice when you're trying to warm up, and have to drink it super fast to keep it from getting cold.

    2. I completely agree with you on celebrity relationships. I would hate having to see movies where my boyfriend is kidding other girls, much less a sex scene! I just could NEVER date a famous person, even if hes a singer too, and no matter how hot they are!

  22. I will definitely cheer your team on this weekend if you promise to cheer my team on next weekend! :) For your dad, if he is a big Ohio State fan like you, I think you should get him some Ohio State cornhole boards! (Cameron is getting some Clemson (eww) ones for Christmas..ssshhh!)

  23. I am loving that fur coat that girl is wearing with her starbucks coffee!!

    I totally agree with you about hollywood marriages!! It would be incredibly hard to not give in to the temptations. Stay out of hollywood, i guess. ;)

    My dad is, like yours, TOUGH to buy for! I think a ticket to his favorite teams game..I know that's probably already been done, but I feel like guys appreciate doing things rather than getting things ;)

    Have a wonderful weekend, lovely ;)

  24. All parents are so hard to by for, but especially Dads! Maybe you could by him gift certificates (however that works) for rounds golf or tickets to a sporting event that he might enjoy. It does sound like a touch one.. Good luck!

  25. Yayay an Ohio meetup! Can't wait!

  26. Ohhh noooo! A die-hard Gator fan meets a Buckeye!? ha :) Word on the street is you might be getting Urban Meyer. lucky :/

    On to the big birthday... What if you gave your dad a photobook? You can make them on Shutterfly.com or Snapfish.com, they always seem to make good sentimental gifts?

    Or perhaps Daddy/Daughter date night? Concert tickets to an artist you both like? Tickets to a college football game?

    Just some ideas that might help! Let us know what you decide :)

  27. an Ohio blogger meet up??!! Pssssshh...I don't even know you anymore.

    And 30 degrees!!!?? REALLY!??? It's been in the 80s here!!

  28. I am sad that their marriage broke up, and yes I do think Hollywood would make it dificult for a marriage to stay intact, but its not impossible.

    My father is also difficult to shop for...when in doubt I buy him something to do with golf. He LOVES golf. But other than that ....I draw serious blanks.

    Columbus blogger meet up!!!! Yes please! I'm pretty sure my email is linked up to my profile but : katygoesboom@gmail.com, just in case.

  29. Ahhh, Ashton is soo hot! But, now I kinda think less of him because he is officially a cheater!

    I'm so jealous of your CBus meetup...maybe one day I'll live there!


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