A Look Inside...{My Fridge, Wedding Crashing, and The Norm}

our fridge.
aka...the queen bee in our house.
The ONE thing in our house that can literally change my mood in a matter of seconds.

{I'm taking a small break from our Boston trip recap, but don't fret, that'll be back soon}

 I've seen people post about "What's in your 'fridge" before and since I'm nosey, I really enjoyed it and figure I will share mine.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again - there's not much I LOVE more than a fully stocked fridge {besides this fall weather, the release of pumpkin spice latte's, and fall clothing.} I've also got a pretty yummy recipe to share with you today, too.

If you were to come over to our house, it would be a rare occasion that our fridge & pantry aren't fully stocked to the nines. I consider it a small amount of torture actually when it's empty. I find myself opening it countless times per day just staring into it until it gets filled again.

Here she is.

Starting at the top: There's a liter of pop in the back (mainly for guests we have over since I've recently banned it in our house...aka Billy & his Coke are taking a break ;)), liter of Crystal Light, Silk's Pure Almond Unsweetened Milk. 

Inside the Pyrex containers? Cantaloupe & a Tomato Chickpea Salad (that I use as a dip with pita chips...SEE RECIPE BELOW!)

I have fish on the top right that I will use for dinner tonight.

On the right side, you can see strawberries and blueberries and then I've got my yogurt collection....FAGE, Choboni, and even Activia below.

3rd row: Trader Joe's Roasted Red Pepper dip, Sabra Pine Nuts Hummus (my favorittteee), salsa, and some Feta cheese.

Bottom row: Coors Light ~ it is tailgaiting season, friends. Then I've got my various .69 cent flavored waters that I can't live without, Vitamin Water Zero, and Powerade Zero's in the back.

Next to those drinks is my Jello Double Chocolate Pudding 100 cals collection. Great for a low cal dessert after dinner and also some whole wheat english muffins!

In the 2 bottom drawers are a plethera of veggies - carrots, broccoli, zucchini, squash, spinach, peppers, & some fruits. The middle drawer we keep most of our cheese, tortillas, and such.

There you have it.
Probably not the most organized refrigerator in the world, but hey, I do what I can.

So very interesting, I know.

Here's a quick dip (or salad) recipe I've mentioned before that I love. One of yall asked me to share it and I completely forgot until now :) so here you go!

Tomato & Chickpea Salad

**Note: I don't really measure these ingredients - I typically just eye ball everything and adjust it to the taste I want!

-1 or 2 large tomatoes
-1/2 cup of sweet onions (or more depending on your preference)
-1 can Garbanzo beans, rinsed and drained
-4 tablespoons white wine vinegar or sherry
-1/2 cup EVOO
-fresh cilantro to taste 
-pinch of parsley
-salt and pepper to taste

MIX and chill.

I normally eat this with pita chips or {gasp} tortilla chips.
Tortilla chips = my weakness.


How was your Labor day weekend?!

Did you all see that my beloved Buckeyes came out with a pretty big win on Saturday?!

They did win, but Akron (who they played) isn't exactly a good team, so we will have to see how they do this Saturday when they play Toledo, who is actually ranked pretty high this year.

My first view of the stadium this year.

We were all like kids on the first day of school....so excited to be BACK {but on campus hehe} tailgaiting with friends.

Unfortunately, I am a Level 10 SLACKER, and haven't gotten around to uploading any pictures but those will come another day!

Later on that evening (after a much needed nap), I went out to dinner in the short north to Rossi with my best friend Angela.

We had 1 3 glasses of wine and shared good conversation.
I sound 90.

Anywho, if you are a Cbus girl, go eat at Rossi. DELICIOUS.

After dinner, we did something I never imagined I would ever in my right mind do.

 Crash a wedding.

Before you go and think I'm a total loser and classless (I'd like to think of myself more of Vince and Angela more as Owen), there is a tiny bit of reasoning behind this decision. My good friend was in town and this might have been the only time I'd get to see him. Plus, we knew about 10 other people there that we knew would cover for us if it fact we were to get busted and thrown out. Dinner & dessert was far from over and we were convinced to come crash the wedding since everyone was just at the boozing/dancing stage.

We must've thought long and hard over this decision over for 2 minutes a good 10 minutes before we decided WHAT THE HECK...We might as well!

....and we did.

It was a great time.
and I officially checked that off my bucket list of idiotic things I can do in 1 evening.

The end of my weekend was spent at my parents house with Billy. We finally got to indulge in the top of our wedding cake {which I cheesily decorated} and it tasted just as good as our wedding day over a year ago! NO JOKE. I was very skeptical but it was delish. 

 I even managed to score some BIG old school items found in old boxes that were THEE bomb.com back in the day........

Oh yes.......

GAMEBOY with 3 games.
..also in the stack is 2pac Greatest Hits, Monica - The Boy is Mine , Toya - I do.

Let's just say I had a GREAT ride to work this morning!!

I love going to my parents because I typically come home with something really awesome that I never had before. Does anyone else do this at your parents house?!

Who watched the premier of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night???

...yet so sad.
 I couldn't help but feel so sad for Taylor at any mention of Russell and their marriage. :(

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Lots of fruit in your fridge - yum! I can't get enough berries! How *fun* that you crashed a wedding!! Haha - that must have been hilarious! :)

    Hope that you have had the chance to enter our Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway!!
    twitter: @maryanddyer

  2. I love having a full fridge! Makes me happy! I am also pretty organized with out food placement! Its helps when making meals! Cute Post

  3. Oh my gosh, I love that you crashed a wedding! That's secretly a bucket-lister for me... how hilarious! I bet it was so much fun. Congrats on your Buckeye win! The Terps won, too, so I can say congratulations without any sadness or anger :) Haha, just kidding! Happy Tuesday, girl!

  4. I've totally crashed a wedding before too, but here in small town SD even if you aren't invited to the wedding you most likely know the people getting married so everyone just goes to the dance...very strange, I know.

  5. Why didn't I see you this weekend! Wah!! I ended up going to lil bar and tried to text you :(
    I guess there is always next time!! :)

    and your fridge is so neat and tidy .. mine doesnt look like that lol.

    never been to Rossi but hear its good!

  6. I LOOOVE chickpeas...will have to check out this recipe asap! Your fridge is SO neat! Our needs to be organized stat! Love all your product choices...makes for some good ideas.

  7. Not organized?? I was thinking to myself how organized it IS! Crashing a wedding isn't toooo bad - as long as you don't make a drunken fool of yourself. :)

  8. Our fridge looks naked compared to yours! ha! the fruit looks good :) That is funny that you crashed a wedding! free food & drinks ;)

  9. I think our fridges look very similar. And that dip is similar to a chickpea salad I make for lunch. Yum! :)

  10. Your fridge is so organized! Wow. And I love that sprinkle cake!

  11. I don't even know where to start! Your fridge is amazing and we pretty much have the exact same taste in food/drink. I thought that I was the only one obsessed with those flavored waters!

    The tomato and chickpea salad sounds delicious. But then again, everything you mention on here does!

    I can't believe you crashed a wedding. Hahaha love it! That's definitely not something that many people get to check off their list :) Oh, and I love all the finds you got at your parents' house. The Boy is Mine - such a classic!

  12. I have been OBSESSED with crystal light lately too! And we eat a silly amount of Sabra hummus in our house. We buy the HUGE container at Sams...it's $6 of deliciousness.

  13. i love tomato and chickpea salad...yours looks delish!

  14. Your fridge looks so neat!! I feel like ours is pretty stocked at the moment, but I feel like tomorrow or the next day it will seem so empty and bare! Thanks for the chickpea recipe--I am a big fan of anything with tomatoes! :)

  15. LOVE your frig! So neat, organized and healthy! Mine is so empty! We had to literally start from scratch after the hurricane! :(

  16. That's one clean fridge! I always have to have chobani and fage (both) stocked in the fridge too. Beer during football season is most definitely a necessity!

  17. My man would love u. He's from Ohion so he's a huge Ohio State fan. And you made me hungry lol

  18. Intotally have some of the same stuff in my fridge!

  19. Hahaha I am so jealous you crashed a wedding....that is like a dream of mine. Good work, you made me proud :) And your refrigerator is so nicely organized...thanks for making mine feel like a trash hole. I should come have you pretty mine up!

  20. OMG! You should come crash MY wedding. HAHA Only it wouldn't be crashing, because you're totally invited! :)

  21. i absolutely love that you crashed a wedding. you might just be the most amazing person i know for that one!

    your fridge is so healthy! you would hate living hear....mine echos on tha daily! but when it's full-ish, it has some of the SAME things in it....fruit, yogurt, hummus, vitamain water! yum yum!

  22. I wish my fridge looked that great. I always dread grocery shopping and put it off as long as I can.

    I agree that RHOBH was so good last night. Adrienne and Paul's bickering at dinner was just so funny to me. And the Jackpot v. Jiggy action was too much!

  23. i LOVE seeing what's in people's refrigerators! I'm equally as nosy :) And our fridge looks very similar!

    I can't wait to see your pictures from the Ohio State game. My hubs and I watched the game on tv and I thought of you!

    Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to A&M's first game this weekend because of my dad's surgery, but I'm already looking forward to the next one :)

    Thanks again, for all you've done to help me, Katie! You're amazing! :)

  24. nice fridge! that's pretty awesome looking. i would knock people down right now if there were fresh fruit in my fridge. i've been craving it since i got home. hm. grocery shopping time, i guess...

  25. I'm gonna be saying Go Toledo ! :) I got my Bachelors & Master degree there and my BF used to be their kicker on the football team!!

  26. Sorry it's late but Happy Anniversary! I'm glad you guys enjoyed your cake. I was skeptical too but ours was also good. I guess wrapping it 10x in saran then foil helps :) Hope you're enjoying Boston!


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