Whale Watch & Anniversary in Hingham {Day 3}

I'm not gonna lie...I'm really excited to share this post with you all today!

It's the 3rd day on our trip to Boston.

We woke up Friday morning to the most beautiful weather -- not too hot, not too cold with the sun shining bright and few clouds in the sky.


perfect day
 for a 4 hour whale watch and to go out to dinner just the 2 of us to celebrate our anniversary!

Looking back, Billy and I both agreed this was our favorite day of the trip in Boston! :)


My aunt and uncle are amazing at planned ahead. I must get this from my Dad's side of the family (his sister is my aunt) because I absolutely love planning ahead and knowing where we are going for the day. They planned the whale watch for the early afternoon so that we would have enough time to get home, have a glass of wine, and get all dolled up (me; Billy looks good all the time) before our big anniversary dinner. Not only that, they looked up their favorite restaurants in all of Boston and picked a favorite for us, based on what we wanted {seafood & by the water is our kinda place}, to make reservations at a week ahead of time. Awesome, right?!

We took the whale watch out of Plymouth which is literally less than 5 minutes from my aunt and uncle's house. Billy and I love being on boats in general - so we were very excited for this 4 hour whale watch / boat cruise!

{Billy with Plymouth in the background}

{Billy and I with my Aunt Eileen & Uncle Tom}

The boat took us all the way out to almost Provincetown on Cape Cod. We were surprised that where all the whales were spotted recently were so close to land...atleast that's what it seemed to us. That day we had the pleasure of seeing 3 humpback whales and 1 minke whale.

....the whales we saw were around 30 - 40 ft in length!

Those are all humpback whales in the pics above. It was hard to snap pics and also enjoy seeing them up close at the same time. One of the humpback whales kept following right alongside our boat which was pretty amazing to watch. It's crazy how huge they are!

Billy and I enjoyed some drinks on the way back to Plymouth and he made fun of me because I bought a cup of clam chowder on the boat! I understand it's not exactly the best place to buy clam chowder in Boston, but hey, when I'm hungry I'm hungry and I wanted me some clam chowder {it was good for the record.}

After the whale watch, we went back to the house and my aunt had a spread of snacks out for us. I'm pretty sure having appetizers set out for you everyday on vacation is a very underestimated thing...it was wonderful. We got changed and took some anniversary pictures before we left for dinner...

Happy 1 year anniversary to us :)

The restaurant we went to celebrate our anniversary is called Alma Nove in Hingham.

This restaurant is wonderful for many different reasons:

1. The head chef is actor Mark Wahlberg's brother ~ Paul Wahlberg. You can often find him in the front of the house greeting guests. Pretty cool, huh? and we got pretty lucky!
2. They had the OSCAR dinner party for the movie "The Fighter" here.
3. The restaurant is situated in a harbor so you get great views of the waterfront.

Gorgeous, right?

While we were having a cocktail waiting for our table to be ready, I told Billy that this man outside the front of the restaurant looked just like the head chef, Paul, that I just briefly glanced at his picture from the website the week prior. It turns out that I was right and that it was Paul! He spent the rest of the evening walking around the front of the restaurant ~ it was pretty cool!

Well, the food and service at Alma Nove were phenomenal. Our server noticed that during dinner we exchanged cards {note: Billy's card made me literally cry at the table!} and without saying anything, she brought us out a complimentary dessert! It was so sweet.

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate 1 year of marriage.

Final thoughts? If you are ever in Boston, go eat at Alma Nove and make sure you schedule a whale watch! then come tell me how awesome they were. :)



  1. Happy Anniversry!! Looks like you two had fun and you guys make a beautiful couple. Can't believe you got to see te whales so close up how amazing!

  2. LOVE all the pics (even though I stalked your FB already and looked at them ... hehe)

    Whale watching looks amazing! and I love your outfit with the lace skirt :)

  3. Looks like you had an amazing anniversary! You two are so cute together! Love all the pictures! How neat that head chef is Mark Wahlberg's brother ;)

  4. Awww, it looks like your anniversary was perfect. All of these pictures are amazing! I can't get over how big those whales were!

    I absolutely ADORE your dinner outfit -- you're gorgeous, girlfriend! Cute 1 year picture idea too! :)

  5. Such great photos! I can't believe how long your hair is! Looks AWESOME! And I LOVE that lace skirt!

  6. It sounds like the perfect anniversary! I'm glad you had a wonderful time! & I love the pictures! For the pictures that both of you are in do you ask someone to take your picture or a tripod? I always get a little nervous asking other people lol

  7. uhm okay loving all of these pictures!! especially the anniversary one..too cute!! and all of your outfits are fabulous girl!!! it looks like y'all had so much fun on your trip :)

  8. LOVING all the pictures!! Heres to 80 more years!!

  9. Lovely pictures! You two are adorable! I am loving your outfit!

  10. Yay, Happy Anniversary! That sounds like a great, and very special day :)

    The last photo is phenomenal!

  11. aww y'all are so cute! I just wanna stick you in my pocket and bring you to Texas!

    ok...I need to know...did you eat the top of your wedding cake?! If you did-was it awful? I've heard both sides...

    Not gonna lie...when you said "I'm REALLY excited to share this post with you all today!" I thought you were gonna tell us you were knocked up. I may or may not have been a leeeeetle excited but nonetheless...I scrolled down and saw a cocktail in your hands and knew for sure there's no kanga in your pouch.

    PS-do you like the way I leave you comments like we're having a conversation? LOL don't mind me...

  12. ok-disregard the wedding cake thing. I just read your previous post and clearly you already covered that...

  13. You look beautiful! Love that skirt and button up! Happy Annisversary. Boston looks gorg!

  14. Happy Anniversary!! Looks like quite the lovely trip. I love Boston! Whale watching is so much fun, so lucky you spotted so many :)

  15. OMG! Whale watching! Seriously! I wish I had gone on this trip! HAHAHA

  16. What a fun day! I've always wanted to go whale watching. Those pics are amazing!!

  17. you and your hubby are so freaking adorable!! what a great activity on your 1 year anniversary to do

  18. Aww you two are too cute!!!! I loved your outfit by the way! And that day sounds absolutely perfect!

  19. Boston looks seriously amazing! You and your hub are too cute. Love the pics! Seems like a fabulous anniversary :)

  20. ya'll take the absolute best pics! love the one on the boat - magazine worthy!

    so happy for you and this whale-watching biz-ness...i've always wanted to go - what a great way to celebrate an anniversary!

  21. Great pictures! You guys are a pretty couple haha

  22. Happy anniversary!!! Looks like you guys had a great trip!

  23. This looks like the perfect day in the Boston area. So glad you had such an amazing anniversary!

  24. katie, you look stunning. this skirt is adorable. i can't believe these pictures. so fun. i can see why this was your favorite day. amazing. would love if you check out my new outfit post. xoxo


  25. It really looks like a perfect day! :) We also celebrated our anniversary few days ago :)

  26. Happy Anniversary. Looks like an amazing time. Love your outfit and the whale pictures are stunning!


  27. Well first of all, you look great. I love your outfit!! And congrats!!!
    I need to book a whale watching trip next summer. Hope you can come back to the Cape... and visit the Vineyard!

  28. Happy Anniversary! I love your outfit too--that skirt is so so cute!!

  29. Happy anniversary! I want your sexy legs. That is all.


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