Cape Cod {Day 2}

On our second day of the trip, we decided to head to Cape Cod.

It was a Thursday so we knew the traffic wouldn't be terrible like it is on the weekends. Our original plan was to head to Martha's Vineyard and thanks to the sweet & beautiful Lindsay we would have had the best activities/restaurants to chow down on seafood at, but the hurricane decided to halt that plan. Everyone was trying to get off the island before the hurricane would hit later on in the weekends & we weren't guaranteed we would get a ferry ride back, so we just decided to go visit various parts of the Cape for the day!

We decided to make most of the day by traveling all the way to the farthest town on the Cape ~ Provincetown.

Provincetown is a very trendy and interesting city. By interesting, I mean that if you are heterosexual you are the minority here ;)

The views on Provincetown were gorgeous and  we pretty much walked around all day seeing the city, shopping, and eating a bunch of yummy seafood!

You will hear about those 3 things a lot ;)

There were actually many Great White shark sightings in Provincetown while we were there. While we didn't venture in the water, Billy was intrigued and wish we would've saw one...from AFAR that is.

The homes in this town were gorgeous.
The price tags?

We ate lunch at The Central House and enjoyed some fish n' chips!

After lunch, we made our way to Cape Cod's National Seashore.

The National Seashore is about 40 miles of beach, ponds, and marshes!

We continued to drive through the Cape and ended up stopping in Chatham next for some shopping.

Where are all my Lilly P lovers?

I took this pic for my best J-Belle because it's filled with Lilly! I might have picked her up somethin' from here because I know she just adores Lilly P ;) she'll have to wait and see!

After Billy and I I was finished spending our money, we ended up eating dinner in Sandwich right across the street from where my family and I stayed 5 years or so ago!

Overall, Chatham was my favorite stop on the Cape, but Provincetown was very cool too. Both very pretty!

Have you been to Cape Cod before?!

If so, what are your favorite towns to visit?

and just because today is BUCKEYE PRIDE Friday I give you....

me at 8am in my Buckeye attire!
{with a somewhat fake smile b/c I was still tired}

First game is tomorrow and we are heading down to tailgate at 9am!

{with my Jessie bear}

{and pretty Ashley}


hopefully this pretty chicky

and who knows....maybe we will run into....

Emily & Hollie too?!

I sure HOPE SO!
Gosh, I love blogger turned real life friends :)



  1. wow, that house is like perfect!!
    and my boyfriend is from ohio - therefore, a buckeye fan! now he's in knoxville with me. he hates he vols and hates the color orange. it's hilarious!

    have a good weekend!

  2. I love Chatham! In the Pink is a great store. If you ever get back there, you should stop in at the Chatham Squire. They have amazing chowder and cape cod red ale.


  3. My husband has a ton of stories about exploring Provincetown in his late HS years and how he would frequently get hit on (or maybe he wishes? Haha) by the locals ;) Half of his family is from MA and so he grew up making frequent trips to the Cape - the rest of his family still does. I'm hoping to make it out there next year!!

  4. 1. I just LOVE how you called me "Jessie Bear"

    2. Cape Cod looksbeautiful! Never been there, but has ALWAYS been on my list of places I want to go... Maybe I should start getting a move on that list.

    3. Yay for Buckeye Pride Friday... I am counting down the hours, minutes and seconds until I get to see YOUR pretty face and have some adult bevs, while enjoying some football and laughter :)

    4. Your OUTFIT (yellow and denim top) caught my fancy... Note: I shall borrow... mmmmk? SUPER CUTE!!!! Lookin' like a J. Crew model!

    5. Who is Lilly P and why am I in the dark about this.... someone needs to catch me up REAL quick (that's you).

    6. Today, you're a Superfox.


  5. ooooh katie poo ... happy friday! cant wait for some tailgaiting action tomorrow .. I will be texting you to see where you are at!! Any plans for a tailgaiting spot? Its gonna be SO hot tomorrow too .. wah!
    I love the Boston pics .. especially the ones you posted on facebook .. I know those arent posted on blogger yet, so Ill keep em a secret .. hehe :)

  6. The photos are beautiful! I really like that yellow skirt! Have fun!

  7. KATIE-DID, YOU is theee best FRAND EVAAAH :) I am sooooo soooo excited to see my LiL P gift because you always pick out thee cutest gifts!!! YAAAAAAAY for MEEEE hahahaha. You looked so prettty in all of your vacay pictures!! I'm now glad that you're back home and can QUIT ignoring me. I am stingey like that, shocking I know. Get ya tailgate on child!!!!!!

  8. You went to Chatham! I think that place is seriously my fav place in the whole wide world. If I had a billion dollars I would move there in an instant, for now... just visits!

    Looks fab!

  9. I'm loving hearing about your vacation! I've never been to Cape Cod, but I've always wanted to visit! I always thought Cape Cod was one of those places I could see myself living one day :)

    Keep the pictures coming! Oohh! I love that yellow skirt you're wearing in one of those pics :)

  10. Looks like an amazing vacation! I would love to go to Cape Cod. Can't wait for football this weekend! The Terps home-opener is on Monday night- SO excited. Have fun :)

  11. I've never been to Cape Cod before but those pictures are all so cute. I'll gladly take one of those homes :) Have fun this weekend! Sounds like it'll be fun... especially if you run into all those bloggy friends! :)

  12. OMG! I really want to go on the trip you just went on. LOL

  13. your trip looks amazing! I want to go to cape cod! I love those houses and provincetown looks super cute. Love your outfit by the way (:

  14. Love the pictures! It looks so beautiful there! I definitely want to go to Cape Cod someday!

  15. YAY for Buckeye Pride Friday... I went with Grey and white stripped sweater with red nails!!

    Loved your outfit this day, must know where you got it all!!

    And what is this pink store?? I am also in the dark about this like Jessie Bear!!

    See ya tomorrow, GO BUCKS!

  16. Totally wish I could join you tomorrow, darn! I definitely need to try for another weekend. Tomorrow is packed full of plans including watching the game at home and painting our master bedroom/bathroom!

  17. Love that yellow and chambray outfit!!

    Have fun this weekend!

  18. Loving the recaps of your vacation! Guess I'll have to add Boston to my list of places I have to visit...:) Even though I'm a Gator girl at heart, I did watch the game yesterday and I have to admit, your boys at Ohio State were looking pretty good! Hope you have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  19. saw the buckeye score! whoo hoo! ya'll rock!

    and this post makes me want to go to the cape SOO bad! i've never been. looks so amazing. and you, my dear, were MADE to be a fashion blogger....i'm going to need you to star id-ing your outfits ;)

    hope you've had an amazeballs wknd!

  20. ABSOLUTELY adorable! Seriously, I totally want to move there now. Looks like you had a fab vacation and you two are SUCH an adorable couple!

  21. looks like a fun time!! just added your button to my blog! Can't wait to read more!



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