What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Today I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW! I've got a lot of LOVIN' to share lately! :)

I'm loving the weather this week! 60's and sunny... I'll take it!!

I'm loving the red holiday cups from STARBUCKS! They just make me smile!

I'm loving that the grand opening of Lululemon athletica at Easton is THIS FRIDAY...November 12th!! My trip to the store is already planned and am soo excited! :) Check out their website if you have never heard of them before..they have the most amazing/comfortable work out clothes!

I'm loving this new pair of boots I bought for HALF off the original price!! Yes, I am obsessed with boots. Acceptance is the first step. They are so cute!

I'm loving this Simply Vera Wang scarf :)

Simply Vera Vera Wang Ruched Scarf

I'm loving that the holidays are quickly approaching and that I have so many families I get to spend them with. Holiday celebrations are the best...all the yummy food, putting up all the festive decorations, snuggling up in a big blanket with my lil pup, and looking forward to making new traditions with my husband!

I'm loving being married to my best friend of 6 years. He is so caring and supportive. I still look at our wedding pictures all the time.. I love them so much and the day was perfect :)

 ... and he's pretty handsome too! <3

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday... the week feels like it's flown by for me so it's all downhill from here! :)



  1. Thanks for playing along!

    I just love those boots!

  2. I think I might need those boots. In a bad way. Where'd you find them? I also need some great brown ones if you happen to be prowling around :) Feel free to email them my way please!

  3. That table scape is beautiful! I love the boots! and Your photos are so gorgeous...

  4. Oh god I love those boots. Can you please email me the brand/style name?? ashleyharris31 at gmail dot com. I'm a little bit obsessed, too. And you were such a gorgeous bride! Can't wait to check out more of your older posts!


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