tv thoughts for thursday.

Did anyone love the CMA's last night as much as I did?! Loved that Carrie Underwood was the host (could she be any more gorgeous?) and hearing Lady A perform. I've seen them twice in concert and I can't get enough of the lead singer, Charles Kelley's VOICE! He is like Ryan Gosling but better. Easy on the eyes AND can sing like that? My heart is melted. Oh... not to mention how cute Miranda & Blake were! This years CMA's was by far one of my favorites. I hope you all watched or atleast DVR'd it! :)

Thursday night television: thank you, thank you, thank you. I look forward to you every week and make sure my glass of wine is ready for you around 8pm. 

I got up early this morning to put together this healthy Chili recipe I found so that it can cook all day while I'm at work and will be ready for us when we get home before all the shows start. I will post the recipe later if it's really yummy!

Putting it all in the crockpot :)

Move over Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice is where it's at!

I love these two and am excited to see what happens with Charlotte... anyone else find it tough to watch last weeks episode? So.sad.

Confession: I love all seasons of Real Housewives (and everything else on Bravo) but Beverly Hills wins for the best season in my opinion. They live the most extravagant lifestyles out of all of them.

I am sadly addicted to this show. My favorite housewife is Lisa - simply because she has the best sense of humor! She cracks me up. {The fact that she has a pomeranian named Jiggy may or may not be another small reason} I can't stand Kelsey Grammer's wife..ex wife..who knows.. she seems like a looney toon to me. But sure, I'd kill to have her body anyday of the week. As for the others..entertaining. Time to throw the hubby under the bus, sure hope he's not reading... He secretly likes/loves this show too. Yup. It's true.

Final thought...I'd give my right arm to walk ONE day in their shoes. literally. These ladies' shoe collections are out of this world a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Jealous.

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show... Can you please hurry up?

I know this isn't on tonight... but there's something about women that are double my age and that have popped babies out weeks prior that inspires me every year to kick my butt more at the gym. I wonder why. So.. I can't wait for this. I'm so thankful it's on around the holidays because maybe, just maybe I'll put down that 10th cookie, or piece of pumpkin pie ;-)

Last but not least...

**Thank you to all who have served, will serve, or are currently serving our country!**

Have a great day!!


  1. I missed the CMA's, but am loving all the updates!

    Healthy chili? Yum! Share the recipe! :)

    I love Private Practice, and my heart broke last week!

    I also love all the Real Housewives, but I haven't had a chance to catch the Beverly Hills ladies... maybe I should! :)

    Thanks for following! I am too now!

  2. I loved the CMAs too. Although I thought some of the performances were kinda eh. And I wish they'd get new hosts!

    As for Private Practice, I didn't see last week but while watching Grey's (thank goodness for early bed for the girl) I saw the previews. What happened?! Who attacked her? I don't think I can even watch because it looks so bad and sad. Yikes.

    As for RH, my favorite is Atlanta. I haven't gotten into Beverly Hills yet :)


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