Happy Wednesday!

Sorry for the blog silence so far this week! Grayson is officially ONE year old a week from today and his "little blue truck" birthday party is this Saturday! 🙌 I've had so much fun putting this party together for him (and cannot wait to share all the details), even if my to-do list this week is a mile long. We're having it at our house in our backyard, so I'm praying the weather holds up so that everyone can be outside!

This weekend we were hanging out with our neighbors and he was obsessed with their slip n' slide. He kept crawling up and down it like a pro!

and now😀

I've gotten so many questions about these vases I made over the weekend. I saw them being sold from a local vendor at a festival a few months ago, but knew they would be easy to make ourselves. Billy used some extra wood we had in our garage and cut them to the size I wanted, and then I bought these 2 small glass vases from a store called At Home. I'm sure Hobby Lobby would have them, too. You secure the vases onto the wood with pipe straps that you can get from Home Depot. I recommend getting 3/4" or 1" ones. I plan to get a single stem plant for each of them and hang them in our half bathroom! Super easy DIY project!


If you don't have a Nordstrom card/early access to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale that is going on right now (my favorite picks are here), make sure you mark your calendars for this Friday, July 21st, when the sale goes public. Tomorrow I will have up the best deals going on for kids so come back and check that out tomorrow!

The Barefoot Dreams Hooded Cardigan that everyone raves about (and that I love the look of!) is at the TOP TOP TOP of my list this year. I really hope I can snag it before it sells out! Put it on your list, for sure.


I'm FINALLY finishing up a toddler meal post that I have been working on in my head for the past couple months, ha. I should have it up next week! 


I'm on a mission to lose 8 lbs before mid September. The past 3 weeks I've been tracking my calories (my goal is 1,400 per day) and busting my butt working out and lifting. I aim to work out 4-5 times per week + I feel so much stronger already.

A 6th very important thing...currently losing my mind over the fact that Peter could potentially be the next Bachelor?! SO MUCH YES to this. Crossing my fingers!!

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