Camden at 2.5 Years Old!

Camden is officially 2.5 years old as of this week! I can't get over how much he's learned just in the past 6 months. Everyday he picks up a new phrase or something that he loves to do...it has been so fun watching him grow! He is very energetic, fearless (I swear he doesn't hesitate to try anything new and isn't scared of anything), strong willed, and funny. He is a little comedian! He loves to be silly and make us laugh. What we've seen from his personality a lot lately, though, is just how thoughtful and sweet he is.

He loves helping people or sharing his toys with them. He is constantly trying to teach Grayson different things and point out items when we are out and about ("look Grayson! It's a balloon!") He is a natural leader and absolutely adores his little brother. Cam lets Grayson crawl all over him and they think it's the funniest thing ever. He loves to lay in his crib with him (I see a future of them wanting to sleep together!) and make him laugh. They both just love to be around each other (and play hide-and-seek) and are the best of friends already.

In fact, right now he's in a huge phase of telling everyone that he loves them. We will be at the grocery store and he will see other kids and say "bye boys! love you!" to random strangers (he is so not shy at all..he loves talking to everyone!) We will be at the zoo and he tells the Dory fish that he loves it over 5 times. And at home he tells his stuffed animals in bed that he loves them all about 100 times before falling asleep, or when he wakes up!

He is still a great eater and will eat pretty much whatever we put on his plate, except as of lately he is more particular with meat. He's not a huge fan of chicken right now, but normally if I give him some ranch or ketchup to dip it in he will eat it. He takes 1 nap from about 1215-230 or sometimes 3. He is so active that he (and myself) NEEDS that nap still.

One of his favorite parts of the day is when we're laying in bed with him and we talk about what we did during the day. He LOVES to talk about all the fun he had, and is so great at remembering the little details. I would say the only real challenging part at this age with him is bedtime. He takes about an hour to fall asleep and is pretty wild before he finally closes his eyes. I'm talking...throwing out his clothes out of his dresser or closet, trying to climb up the window, turning his sound machine on/off. He is so curious and smart that you really can't get anything by him. We have to really baby proof (or just remove things) his entire room!

Favorite Things // Interests: 

+Exploring outside: His favorite place to be. He loves to swing, jump on the trampoline, water the flowers in our yard, and play at the park. When we're at the park he is always trying to play with other kids and share his balls that we bring with them...he really loves socializing and is very sweet with them.

+Playing basketball//kicking balls: Shooting in his basketball hoop or kicking in his soccer/hockey net is what he wants to do all day long! And let me tell you he is GOOD at it. He has an amazing arm and kick-we cannot wait to get him into sports because of how athletic he is and how much he loves it!

+He's on a Moana (he will dance when the songs come on which is the CUTEST), Lion Guard, Mickey (still), and Frozen kick right now. He also loves Toy Story.

+The Zoo//Animals: More specifically, he LOVES the petting zoo and riding the carousel. He cannot get enough of petting the goats and seeing the pigs and horses...it's his favorite part! He's also a big dog lover. He says hi to every dog he sees when we're on walks and told us that he wants a black dog for Christmas...... Billy?? What do you think? :)

+Right now he cannot get enough of different types of vehicles...he talks about them ALL DAY LONG. He gets so excited when he sees backhoes, tractors, dump trucks, airplanes or trains, and of course the garbage truck! Totally makes his day when it's trash day in our neighborhood! Typical 2 year old boy right here and I just love it. And he's great when flying because of his love for airplanes, so that works to our advantage!

+Cute things he says right now: "Oh no! What happened?!" "We're home, boys!" (loves to repeat things) "I'll try it!" (or "I DID IT!") "Baby pooped!" (<---legit LOVES to tell me when Grayson goes) "Can I have more, mama?" "Daddy's home!" And on that note, I have to mention that Cam just IDOLIZES Billy. Adores him.

+Always asks to play with stickers, playdoh, and to paint or color. He's really good at puzzles and still likes to read, but we have to be a little bit more intentional about sitting down to it since he's so busy these days!

Thank you Cam for making our life so fun, exciting, and full of love! We love seeing the world through your eyes, and I love spending my days with you. We love you to the moon!

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  1. Oh gorgeous Cam, you are a real darling!! I cannot believe how fast you are growing up - time slow down! he bond between these boys is heart warming x


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