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ARE THESE NOT THE CUTEST! You guys know I'm a huge Nike fan and these are at the top of my favorites list. I'm telling you to buy these, girls! I have had them less than a week and get compliments/asked about them everywhere I go. I have pictures of me wearing them on my snapchat right now if you want to see them! The colors are too good. (They run true to size and are also available here in other colors. These turquoise ones are pretty sweet too!)  

Adidas has made it's comeback...loving this tank top and this hat I bought (I'm on a big hat kick recently. This style is a mens hat but it works for women too..I love it! I also bought this Patagonia one for my trip to Colorado!)  

Striped Ruffle Romper (currently 40% OFF!!)

One Shoulder Romper (also 40% off)

(these are some of my most worn sandals! they are so comfy and I think I need the WHITE pair!) 

(only $34-perfect for wearing underneath a lightweight jacket!)

Also...totally not clothing related but still a big purchase...we booked tickets to go to San Francisco in September for an anniversary trip!! We've only been once before and fell in love with the city, so we are super excited to go back! If any of you have hotel recommendations or great brunch or dinner spots, I would LOVE to hear them! Alright, I think that's it! Have a good day y'all! 


  1. How fun! Brunch spots/things to do in SF (I lived there for a few years). Park Tavern in North Beach (for dinner or brunch), Gamine in the Marina for dinner (probably one of my top 5 in SF), if the weather is nice, go to the Safeway in the Marina and grab some cheese, wine and snacks and head over to the Ft. Mason green across the street to relax on the lawn and drink and eat. Coquetta is another great French spot. Anything in the Mission- if you want to do something like State Bird Provisions, look for a reservation now (not kidding). Mama's is supposed to be great for breakfast, but the line goes around the corner pretty quickly, so get there really early if you do that.

  2. LOVE the shoes and one shoulder romper x


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