Weekend Recap // Currently

Happy Monday friends! So much to say, so little time!

Let's start with this past weekend....

A trip to our favorite farmers market + out to eat at our favorite restaurant + cook out with my parents + haircut for Cam! The weather was a little too chilly (low 70''s) for the pool, but the kids still had so much fun and kept busy. I get asked a lot how we go out to eat so often with the boys, and my answer is we always go EARLY and we order for them the second we sit down! We typically go around 5 so that they aren't starving or tired and they typically do really well. We also sit outside whenever possible since Cam can be loud sometimes and loves talk to everyone that walks by. Funny story-he saw some older boys and yelled at them "bye boys, love you!" as they walked passed him! It was so cute! He's been doing that a lot lately everywhere we go...at the grocery store he will chat it up with anyone and is always talking to the other kids and saying he loves them, ha! Anyway... this weekend I also squeezed in a solo shopping trip to Marshalls and found some cute asleisure tops and this adorable black gingham top (it was only $19!)

 (shorts are from here and only $24, super comfy!)

And in an effort to catch up with you guys a little bit, here's a little bit of what else has been going on lately...

Planning: In the thick of planning Grayson's FIRST birthday party! I don't think I've mentioned it a lot on here (maybe once?), but we're doing a "Little Blue Truck" Theme and I'm doing lots of royal blue gingham and touches of yellow. We're having it at our house in our backyard, so I'm excited about that since Camden's birthday is in the winter and has to be inside (sidenote: I LOVE having 1 winter baby and 1 summer baby.) I just got his highchair banner in the mail the other day and had to share because I'm so obsessed with it....

is that not precious? This theme might be my favorite so far. The banner is from HERE! She has lots of other party themes too!

Also...about the fact that Grayson is turning one. I'm having a much harder time with it than I ever thought..I'm actually pretty emotional about it, if I'm being completely honest. He is the absolute cutest right now (so sweet, such a mama's boy, the chubby thighs, his giggles, how he struts when he crawls..I could go on and on) and I want him to stay little. It's not that I don't enjoy them getting older because I love witnessing them learn, grow, talk more, etc. but I just really LOVE this age and feel like the year went way too fast. It actually really makes me want to have another baby, but I'm just really not ready to be pregnant again right now. 

Favorite beauty product: I've found my all-time fav mascara (finally) and it blows all the others I've tried out of the water. I will never use another...it is worth EVERY penny!

Complaining about: Bedtime with Camden right now is a struggle. He is still sleeping great in his big boy bed, but he is just taking SOOO long to fall asleep. I seem to be losing my patience with him so quickly because he only seems to go to bed if I'm the one putting him to bed, and even then it's taking a good 45 minutes-1 hour to fall asleep. And it's not like he's just sitting in bed quietly during this time...he's trying to open his dresser drawers, climb up onto the window (true story), take things out of his closet, etc. We've tried pushing back his bedtime, but he still takes long to fall asleep and then he doesn't sleep in any later so then he's cranky the next day so that plan doesn't work. Hoping it gets better soon!

Loving: my popsocket for my phone! Not a lot of my friends have them, but I've got some of them hooked now. Get yourself one, girls!


  1. That is bedtime at our house to a T with my toddler. We put her down at 7:30 and it is sometimes 9:00 before she is in bed. MADNESS. Totally wears on my patience too. Such a hard thing to deal with!

  2. I've been MIA from blog reading for awhile but popped on (maternity leave! woo!) Luke's 2nd bday was Little Blue Truck theme and we had it at little Gym so I didn't do a lot of decorating, but went all out on his cake :) I think the bedtime thing might be a phase. I know they're almost 6 months apart but Luke has experienced some of that too. Currently though he's waking up early and coming in our room, wanting to watch the iPad. Yesterday i bought "ok to wake" alarm clock at Target but didn't have time to get it out last night. We'll see how it goes! ack


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