I Confess...

It's that time again! Lots of random life updates that I'm sure you're sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for...  (RIGHT?!)

I confess...that we went over 2 weeks without air conditioning up until this past Sunday evening. The boys' rooms were SO HOT (even with fans on) and it literally drove me up a wall. We had to replace our entire unit and furnace unfortunately, but I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER to have it working again. Most of our days during that period of time were spent outside and in our new pool that someone is a big fan of...

I confess...I am lovvvvvving this season of the Bachelorette. Rachel really is the coolest girl ever. She can laugh at herself, is confident and smart yet funny, and explains herself so well. I want to be friends with her. And the guys? They are hilarious and (for the most part) I think she has some really great guys. I'm rooting for Peter for the obvious reasons....total babe.

I confess...it is so much harder to blog from home when the boys go to bed than I imagined. I'm much more physically exhausted at the end of the days now vs. when I was working (and sitting at a desk) so I usually fall asleep so early! I want to try to start waking up an hour early in the mornings to do my posts!

I confess...I'm one of those people that don't pack until the night prior and then I get really mad at myself for waiting so long. This exact situation happened last night actually. Did I mention that by the time you read this I will have landed in DENVER?! :) I'm so excited to spend girl time with my cousin, and get some gorgeous mountains in my life. My cousin sent me a whole itinerary of what we're doing and where we eating probably 2 weeks ago, so I know we're going to have such a good time!

I confess...even though I'll only be gone 4 days I teared up putting the boys to bed. It's so hard to be away from them, but yet I think it's so important to have balance and do things for myself too.

I confess...my postpartum hair regrowth is straight up terrible. I have those lovely wings all around my face and it looks ridiculous. I never really had it after my first pregnancy with Cam so this is new to me. WHEN does this madness end?!

I confess...I'm still following a keto diet, but cheated a lot around my birthday.

I confess...this is the best bronzer and highlighter in one. I said awhile ago that I would report back after trying it and I really love it. It gives the perfect glow and is easy to apply (I like the nude glow shade the best.) 

I confess...I made Camden some sensory bins this week that I'm really excited about. I followed this list of what to buy/what is in each bin (all from the dollar store!) and put them together yesterday!

I confess...I can't get enough of this lace up shirt. Have it in white and am contemplating getting another color because it seems like I'm living in lightweight casual shirts like this lately.

I confess...that I'm crossing off something on my bucket list tomorrow! You'll have to follow along during my Colorado adventures to see what it is! ;) (@katiewkrysh on insta/snapchat!)

Talk to you all when I get back! Can't wait to share about all the fun places we go to! xo

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  1. We just spent 4 amazing years in Colorado! Best duty station ever!! Have fun and enjoy your kid free mountain time!


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