Grayson: 10 Months Old

This month has been so fun, especially now that I'm home full time with both boys! Grayson is growing so fast, I'm just so thankful to be able to spend so much time with him when he's at this age (Cam too, of course.) Grayson absolutely insists on standing all the time now and loves to pull himself up...I'm sure it won't be long until we've got a walker on our hands! He is still my snuggler and will fall asleep in my arms 9/10 in less than 10 minutes at bedtime. He just loves to be held.

Camden and him are really starting to play together now...I mean really play together. And not just with toys...Cam will let Grayson crawl ALL on top of him and they've started playing hide-and-seek together. Cam loves to go hide under the kitchen table and tells Grayson to come find him. When Grayson crawls over to get him they both just crack up and it goes on and on and on! They like to both sit on my lap when I read to them and they just really like being around each other...I'm totally soaking this up for as long as this lasts! Cam is always wanting to be the one to get him up from naps and is constantly calling him his baby brother...he really is super sweet to him. Oh, and whenever Cam is upset Grayson has started crawling over to him and tries to literally sit on his lap, which makes Cam laugh every time. :)

Milestones//Special Moments: Pulling up on EVERYTHING // Standing all the time // Signs "more" // 5 teeth (3 top, 2 bottom with another 1 on top about to be in) // Sleeping without a sleep sack now // Drinks good out of sippy cup & holds his bottles on his own // First time to the splash pad & library for story time!

Weight/Height: 21 lbs, 29 1/4"  (he's in the 80% for height, 55% for weight)

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Clothes: 18 months

Diapers: Finishing our current box of 3's then will be in 4's

Sleeping: 2 naps - 1st is 9am-10:15ish, 2nd is at 12pm-3, bedtime is at 7 and sleeps until 730ish

Likes: Clapping // Crawling on us // Bath time with his brother // Giving kisses // Trucks, cars, and playing with wheels (LITTLE BLUE TRUCK birthday theme is rather fitting! More on that soon!) // His paci's (but only really "needs" them for sleep unless he's teething) // Mickey Mouse

Dislikes: Laying on his back to have his diaper changed (too busy for that now mom) // When we take something away that he can't have

Eating: MORE than our 2 year old ;)

Favorite foods: Spaghetti, yogurt. any fruit or veggie, cheese, waffles and pancakes (this boy hasn't disliked a single food we've given him except he was pretty unsure about watermelon, but still ate it! ha) He does have an intolerance to raspberries so we are avoiding those from now on (Camden is allergic!)

favorite pictures this month:

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  1. My daughter is the same age so I love reading your updates! I'm pretty jealous of his long naps and sleeping until 7:30! We are up and at 'em around 6 every morning 🙄. He is so precious and reading about him and Cam's relationship makes me excited to have another!


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