My Birthday // Memorial Day Weekend

Hey hey! How is everyone?! I hope you all had a wonderful long holiday weekend! 

Just like most Memorial Day weekends in the past, we jam packed all the fun we possible could into those few days. Since my birthday was last Thursday I also used that as an excuse to celebrate a little bit more as well. :) I honestly felt so off yesterday trying to get back into the swing of things...did anyone else or was this just me? 

As for my birthday celebrations most of them revolved around FOOD. Because hello, it's me and most of my birthdays typically are like this. We ate dinner outside on a patio...I got brunch with girlfriends over the weekend...Camden "helped" decorate my funfetti cake (I was really craving the funfetti for some reason and he really wnet to town decorating it/leaving some of his handprints in the middle of it)...and the boys and I got lunch with my parents (they gifted me this leather Kate Spade wristlet/phone case for my phone that I LOVE!!) Billy even surprised me with Starbucks in the morning and took the boys with him so I got to sleep in a bit. He also got me the most gorgeous pair of Ray Bans I've ever seen. They are a brand new style and I am obsessed with them...they look so sleek on! I have a picture of me wearing them on my snapchat if you want a better look at them. So yeah...my birthday was pretty great this year, thanks to my family for that! 

If you follow me on Snapchat then you heard me mention this, but another cute thing that Billy did was have Camden give me a card from "him and Grayson" that had a Starbucks gift card inside and a cute little note. It was adorable and Cam was so excited to give it to me. It was such a simple gesture but of course I teared up.

(these aren't my new ray bans-they are just an inexpensive pair I think I found at f21 a long time ago)

I was so happy that the weather was really nice for most of the weekend because there were so many fun events going on around town that I wanted to take the boys to and just so that we could play outside at home while grilling out, too! Columbus Commons had a family fun day with bounce houses, a carousel, soccer nets, arts and craft stations, etc. which ended up being so much fun! Cam even got to plant a red pepper plant that he really enjoyed doing! If it involves getting to play in dirt, he's all in. :) We also had a cookout at my girlfriends house on Monday (she has 2 boys as well) so that was a blast too. The boys had so much fun playing in their pool! (Speaking of that...I need to get ours set up!) 

To all my local girls, brunch at Bisquit and Branch is seriously my new favorite place. Add it to your list! They have amazing mimosas, bloody mary's, and absolutely delicious southern comfort food! I came home telling Billy that I want to go back again soon and also go there for dinner. So delicious! 


  1. So much fun! Glad you had such a fun birthday weekend! :)

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful long birthday weekend!

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