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Going forward in 2017, I want to add in a different series of posts that feature links + products (maybe even a recent favorite recipe or 2) I'm currently loving, but in a short and simple way. I still plan to do my currently/life lately series, but because I ramble a lot on those (sometimes it's the best way to catch up with all of you!) they can get kind of lengthy.

Blogs have changed so much the past few years and I know some of you prefer posts that are short and simple, so if you are one of these people (or just don't care about the nonsense I type all the time) then these posts will be for you!

Let's get into it...

+Recently I've been using this anti-aging cleanser. Totally not sponsored at all and I don't look like Cindy Crawford just yet, but I really love it so far. It's refreshing and  gentle and smells good. It is a little bit pricier, but you only need a little bit so I know it'll last awhile. All the good reviews sold me on it.

+An easy low carb dinner option

+New favorite earrings are these crystal crawlers. This pair is a close second. I'm starting to really love this style. 


+Stop Being a Butthole Wife...basically one of my favorite posts I've read lately. Seriously. Read it.

+I have these sneakers in gray but just got the black because I wear them so much. They are definitely one of my favorite Nike shoes.

+I have a fun (fashion related) giveaway coming up next week as a thanks for always following along/sticking with me, so stay tuned!

PS: I know this is me just adding my voice in to a post I said I wouldn't but holy cow - ya'll wouldn't believe the past few days we have had. A flat tire...Camden having to get stitches after a hard fall at school (we just got them out yesterday actually)...and then a stomach virus going around our house. Triple yikes. I do plan to have Camden's 2nd birthday party details up tomorrow, though, so there's something positive! Happy hump day!


  1. Hey Katie! I'm so glad to know you enjoyed the low carb recipe and the simplicity of the blog post! It's one of my favourites. I love your blog and thank you so much for the shout-out! I appreciate it :)

  2. Thank you for sharing that blog about the butthole wife. I've been struggling bad since having our baby girl 11 months ago...postpartum has made me a butthole wife and I so badly want to fix that. I may end up rereading it over and over again. Whatever helps me be a non-butthole wife!
    Also I totally love your blog, love your instagram, love your boys!! Keep it up girl!


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