Paw Patrol Birthday Pawty

Planning Camden's Paw Patrol 2nd Birthday Party was even MORE fun for me than planning his first birthday party. Maybe it's because I knew he would go crazy over all the Paw Patrol decorations, or maybe it's just because this is how it'll always be with kids birthday parties. Things just keep getting better and better? I can only hope that's the case!

Everything turned out exactly how I had envisioned in my head (you know-except for the fact that he had to get stitches in his 3 days prior to the party...), which shocked me a bit because I was SURE I would forget or lose something. We had it at my parents house and about 27 family + friends and their little ones joined us in celebrating our sweet little 2 year old! It was so much fun and Camden was so happy (as every birthday boy should be) the entire time...

I bought Cam these adorable Paw Patrol suspenders + bow tie off of Etsy...they were seriously the cutest and he couldn't have looked more handsome, even with that big ole bandaid on his head. He rocked it.

So, I knew I wanted one table that was the main "focus" with balloons and streamers as the backdrop. I bought the bone pet bowls from the Dollar Tree and thought it was an adorable idea to serve the food out of them.

For the food menu, I decided to do a hot bog bar because it was easy, went with the theme of the party (and was perfect for the kids to eat as well) then we planned the side dishes around that. We had pawsta salad, pawtato chips, fetch sticks, fruit kibble, and pawcakes. Too cute, right? I couldn't resist and if I'm being honest I kinda want to do a Paw Patrol party every year. Anyway, my stepmom always makes the birthday cakes for all the grand kids in our family, but she really knocked it out of the park with this amazing bone cake and adorable cupcakes...

All of the decorations tied in together perfectly and I placed pictures of Camden from the past 2 years on some tables...

We had a Paw Patrol table for the kids (of course) with Paw Patrol masks, balloons, and blowers that they could play with. The masks were a total hit and were only a couple dollars off of Amazon. All the balloons I also bought off of Amazon here.

 straight to the face..my kinda style
I'm glad he took some time out to hug and kiss his little brother...so sweet.

Singing happy birthday to him with everyone was probably my favorite part just because of the look on his face - he was so excited. And when he blew out the candle on his very own? Heart. melted. He was so proud of himself that he immediately started cracking up, it was so cute! (video below)

Opening gifts was interesting, though, since his attention span right now at this age is about 2 minutes long. He kept wanting to get up and take breaks, so I ended up doing a lot of the unwrapping, but hey he is loving all his new toys now. Favorites being a big talking Buzz Lightyear (he holds it up and says "and beyond!" ha), all his new Paw Patrol vehicles, cars, a tricycle, new Nike's, etc. (thank you all!)

It was such a special day. I really can't believe I have a 2 year old! I'm kinda scared...but mostly happy. Make that very happy. Very happy that I get to be this boy's mama and that he is our son. Happy birthday, Camden! We love you and hope you had the best day ever!


  1. Love this! So much of this reminds me of what I did for my 2 year old's Paw Patrol 2nd Birthday. Also, I have to agree that planning the 2nd was even more fun than the first.


    1. PP is just so much fun! I swear I would probably watch the show even if Cam wasn't :) haha! Thank you Brittany!

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  3. Such an adorable party!!! :) You knocked it outta the park girl!

  4. Such a gorgeous paw-ty and such a happy birthday boy! x

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