Naples 2016

Another glorious, fun, refreshing, not-ever-wanting-to-leave trip to Naples in the books. We wanted to take one last trip before Camden turn 2 so that we could take advantage of him still being free to fly with, so it was like a birthday/family trip combined. It was also really special because we had Grayson + my brother-in-law and sister-in-law with us! The boys were so happy to have them there to play with, and I can't tell you how nice it was to have the extra hands + help for our first trip with 2 kiddos.


This was Grayson's first time flying, going swimming, and to the beach! This boy continues to impress me SO MUCH with his go-with-the-flow 'tude and laid back demeanor. He slept for the majority of the flights (to and from) so no issues there, and adjusted just fine to his new sleeping conditions/nap schedule while on vacation. I've asked myself how we got so lucky about 1 million times...he's just a dream. 

(matching swimsuits for the boys are from Carters!)

He loved swimming and was super inquisitive about the water - always making funny faces, but enjoyed it. And when we were at the beach, Billy dug a hole in the sand and put a towel in it so he just sat there content as can be for the majority of the time. It's so cute how much he loves watching Camden play and how much he laughs at him.

 And as expected, from the second we arrived Camden was having a blast (I think he prefers warm weather like his mama!) He's been to the beach 3 or 4 times now, but he was much more into it this time I noticed. He stayed entertained there for longer period of time and loved throwing shells into the ocean! When we were swimming at the pool there were even a few times he jumped off the side of the pool into the water on his own (we were in there to catch him of course), which made me realize just how big he is getting!

And just a few (see also: many) more pictures...

I know I've gone over it before but since I get asked a lot - when we go to Naples we stay at my parents place. Since it has a kitchen and multiple bedrooms it's much easier than staying in a hotel room when traveling with kids. For this trip we mainly did breakfast and lunches at our place (or we would pick up some coffee/something quick for breakfast) then ventured out for dinner almost every night. The key (for us) when going out to dinner is just to make sure we go at an early enough time before the kids gets sleepy/overly hungry and we always order their food first so that they are fed by the time we get our food. It just works so much better this way and avoids meltdowns! 

Camden also surprised me again with flying. Since we flew during his nap time (a great decision on my end), he napped the entire way home on my lap. We were so impressed, but I think most kids generally do better than we think they will do! 

We are already talking about planning a trip back (and trying to get Katie and Kevin to join us again..duh) because well, you can never really have enough palm trees and sunshine in your life. 

I did want to share some things I learned with traveling with 2 kids that are just little tid-bits I picked up along the way...
+if you can swing it, get the nonstop flights (so, so worth it)
+put the toddler in the window seat (I've heard the opposite-that the aisle seat is best-but for us that is NOT true. By putting Camden by the window he's not tempted to want to get up/walk around because he's "blocked" in, so to say. He also loves looking out the window, which helps distract)
+use the resources the airport already has for you - like curbside check-in, the carts you can rent for luggage, etc.) 
+wear the baby (you can walk right through security wearing them)
+as for schedules, we still stick to normal nap times/bed times when on vacations for the most part (Cam's bedtime was a little later if we went out to dinner or something), but some days Grayson did skip a nap but I didn't stress about it. He did just fine and slept a little longer at the next nap. 
+Buy diapers/wipes at the store when you get there so you can save space when packing

Overall, you obviously need A LOT of stuff when traveling with 2 kids, but it's definitely do-able and actually gave me a boost of confidence to want to do it again. Oh, and since we had so many people we decided to rent a mini van (my first time driving one) and it was the best decision. So much room for activities! ;)

I know that I'm missing some things I wanted to mention, so I'll probably come back and update this post when I remember them. Mom brain is going STRONG lately.


  1. What a fun trip! Ahhhh I need a trip to the sunshine right about now too. Also, those shark swimsuits for the boys were absolutely adorable!!

  2. Awesome pics and so many happy memories! Who doesn't love the beach and hot weather?

  3. Your boys are so precious. You make it look so easy, ha! Where do you usually try and sit on the plane with the kiddos? Do you find it easier to be toward the back near the bathrooms or more in the front?


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