5 Things I'm Currently Loving

tassel earrings for spring & summer - love the fun colors on these!
(shop here)

the new pillowfort collection from target! and perfect timing for me to scoop things up for baby boy's nursery...
 Speaking of baby boy, Billy and his brother got his crib and dresser assembled and we absolutely love them! We were a bit nervous since we ordered them online and never actually saw them in person before purchasing, but we couldn't be more pleased! I did, however, change my mind on the paint color for his room and am going a completely different route. I think we're on paint sample #5 now...oy vey!

This fun and bright bathing suit top! Love the style of it and since there are so many colors in it you could get away with wearing with so many different bottoms!

 I got these sandals this past week (on sale!) from Old Navy. I promise you they are much cuter than they look in this picture! They are so comfy and love the color of the straps...PS: can anyone tell I'm ready for warm weather?

Camden's sense of humor and big personality! He keeps us laughing all day long and is so silly/enthusiastic over the littlest things. 

It's also my Billy's birthday week (it's on Thursday) so I'm really looking forward to celebrating him all week / weekend! He is the best husband and Dad, and honestly he deserves much more than any birthday gift I could give to him! (you know, besides his sons...:))

PS: This tropicana phone case is pretty much the best ever. 

What are you currently loving? Happy Monday!


18 Weeks Bumpdate

How Far Along? 18 weeks, 2 days! Crazy that I'm almost halfway

Size of Baby: A sweet potato

Weight Gain: 6-7 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Busted out the belly band this week and I'm wearing a few maternity tops (like this one pictured above), but mainly my regular clothes still.

Stretch marks: None yet. Also, one thing I did have with Camden that I haven't had (yet) during this pregnancy is the linea nigra.

Symptoms: I feel good most of the time, but getting a lot of headaches that seem to stick around for-ev-er. They are so not fun! Other than that, feeling good. 

Cravings: It's really pathetic how many sweets I've eaten this pregnancy...ugh. Let's not even talk about it.

Gender: Boy! We are so excited to give Cam a little brother! (he does have a name but we're keeping it a secret until his birthday)

Mood: I feel like I've been much more pleasant this pregnancy compared to last, but I guess you'd have to ask Billy to know for sure. Or maybe I will just stick with that. :)

Nursery: We've made great progress in baby boy's nursery! This weekend his crib and dresser will be put together, and we have a paint color picked out for the walls! We've decided to do a nautical theme (you know how much we love boating in the summer) and I've found some really great things the past week, so it's all sitting in his room waiting to be hung/arranged! We hope that when we start visiting the cottage to go boating early this summer that we can find some local things to add to his room, too. 

{little brother onesies are both from here, heir to the throne onesie from here}

Movement: I found out this week at our ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta, which is why I haven't felt him as much as I did with Cam. I was starting to wonder because I felt so many kicks early on with Cam! But, I do still feel him (it's even better when I do) and I'm sure in the next few weeks I will start feeling him more and more!

Sleep: I don't remember the last time I haven't fall asleep on the couch before 10pm. Sleep is no problemo over here...

Workouts: 3 per week and still keeping me sane

Anything making you queasy or sick:  No real aversions

Best Moment This Week: Having our big anatomy ultrasound the other day! Doctor reassured us that baby looks perfectly healthy, nothing to be concerned about, and measuring right on track. Music to our ears!

Looking Forward To: Getting his nursery set up and feeling more kicks! 

A picture from my 20 week bumpdate with Camden:


My Everyday Makeup Routine


Hi friends! Let's talk makeup, shall we? More specifically, my absolute favorite make up line...It Cosmetics.

I posted about my love for them back on this post, but today I wanted to more of my favorites, what I use on a daily basis, and why they work! Life with a little toddler running around means I have about 10 minutes to get my face ready for the day, so I really need products that I can count on and truly love. Happy to report all of these pass that test...

Bye Bye Under Eye Anti Aging Concealer: This is the product that actually originally pulled me to try It Cosmetics because I have seen so many great YouTube and blogger reviews about it. If you want a concealer that can cover anything - this is your bff. It's full coverage but doesn't set into fine lines or wrinkles. Use it on dark circles, red spots, age spots, discolorations...you name it and it covers it! You only need to use a pea size amount of this concealer, which is a big perk in my opinion since you'll get a lot of use out of one tube. (I use the light shade) 

Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+: This is the only foundation I use (medium shade) and I use it year round. It gives the most perfect airbrush look and it makes my skin look really healthy! In the winter, it makes my skin more moisturized and in the summer it gives me a nice glow without being too oily. I use this brush to apply - it goes on my skin so soft and even, I couldn't recommend this brush more!

Bye Bye Pores Micro Powder: An award-winning product must mean it's legit, right? My pores can be seriously awful, so I 100% needed this in my life. It's infused with collagen, vitamin K, and pure silk for a poreless and airbrushed finish. It absorbs oil and shine and blurs away the look of pores. I apply it once all my makeup is done to set it all in place!

Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil: I never thought I really needed an eyebrow pencil, but after using this one (so easy and quick) I love how it defines my face and makes my eyes pop, especially when I wear my hair back in a ponytail! This pencil is nice because it matches all hair colors and covers gray perfectly. The oval shaped tip is intended for both thin and thick brows! 

Hello Lashes 5-in-1 Mascara: A mascara you'll want to add to your collection (especially for those special occasions!)...like now. It has a lash ball detail at the end that is designed so you can reach every lash - I love it for those inside and outside corner lashes. It's an excellent volumizing mascara that really delivers. I also use and love their new Superhero mascara. I typically like to save these for the weekends/special occasions so that they last longer, and use a regular drug-store mascara during the week!

Last but not least...Confidence In A Cream: I use this cream every single night before bed. It's designed to deeply hydrate, restore radiance and reduce the look of pores, uneven texture and discoloration. Also, it's paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-irritating! I can tell a big difference in how refreshed my skin looks in the morning with it. Again, a little goes a long way with this cream. 

What is your favorite It Cosmetic product? If you haven't tried any yet, definitely add them to your list!


Life Lately

Hey hey hey! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'm loving the warmer temps and longer days with more light! It feels like we've been so extremely busy lately, but with all really good and exciting things. Here's what has been going on in our household the past few weeks: 

+We switched Camden to whole milk (we're doing Organic Valley) and no bottles! This was a pretty big change for him (and us!) but he did pretty well at adjusting after a few days. 

+We did get around to picking out paint samples this weekend for baby brother's room! And we think we've got a winner! 

+Our big anatomy ultrasound is this week. Other than finding out the gender (which we already know obviously), the doctor will be taking many measurements and looking at baby's brain and heart. Praying for all good news! Sidenote: I can't believe I'm already 18 weeks!

+I've fallen in love with a vacuum and it's called the Shark Rotator. Who else loves this amazing little machine? And no, I don't even care how old I sound right now...this thing makes my life so much easier, ha.

+Billy put together our double stroller last week, which made everything seem so much more real! We went with the Chicco Cortina Together and LOVE the look and style of it. It is a tandem double stroller so it goes front to back vs. side by side, which I really wanted. The quality is great too - sturdy but still easy to maneuver. The price point is attractive too! I will post more about it soon.

+Took Camden to Uno's last weekend...I think he's going to be a pizza fanatic like his Daddy! Although he seriously loves ALL food - he eats so much!!


Speaking of the litte man, he just got molars in and is talking up a storm recently! His newest favorites are yeah! and whoa! 


+Gymboree and Target have the cutest spring (and some summer) kids clothes out right now! I couldn't pass up these adorable swim trunks and rash guard (which are 40% off right now) They have some other colors/styles too that are really cute!

+Billy's brother and fiance are coming to visit this weekend and him and his brother are going to put together baby boy's crib and dresser! We just got them in the mail but they've been sitting in the boxes taking up space in my office...super excited to get them set up!

+It's going to be really hard to not share his name for the remainder of this pregnancy...I've already almost slipped twice during this post alone.

I think that concludes the most random blog post ever. Happy Bachelor Monday everyone! Total JoJo fan over here!


Spring Ready

Untitled #82

Romper (only $27!) // Shirt // Romper // Tank (so cute!) // Striped Shirt // Shorts ($44!) // Espadrilles (on sale-love them)

I may or may not be prematurely rushing spring and summer with this wishlist...but hey, it's going to be 61 here tomorrow!

How cute are all these items? Perfect if you have a warm getaway coming up or want to get ready for the upcoming seasons (#handraised.) The rompers and pom pom shorts are probably my favorite picks, but for more of an everyday shirt both blouses would be perfect for the warmer weather heading our way soon! And if you're one of those lucky ones where it's been warm where you live...don't even think about telling me. ;) 

Which item is your favorite? 


Nursery Inspo Round 2

I'm super excited to be able to decorate a nursery again! At this point in my pregnancy with Camden, I'm pretty sure I knew exactly how I wanted it to look, already had things bought that I was storing in his closet waiting to be hung, and I already made Billy get all the painting done.  

Things are moving just a taddddd slower this time...hello...toddler running around! It's also more difficult for me to get going on it because if we don't end up moving this year, it'll definitely be next year so it's hard to put a lot of work into the room when I know he won't be in it very long, ya know? But of course, I still want it to be adorable and perfect for him, so we've made some definite progress in hopes to get the ball rollin'!

We ordered the crib and dresser yesterday (yay!) and I think I nailed down the colors I want to do. Luckily, Billy trusts my vision and loves the ideas so far. I hope to pick up some paint samples this weekend and then hopefully Billy can get started on it soon (sidenote: I seriously hate not being able to help paint when pregnant! It's one of my favorite parts..I know I'm weird)
Anyway, here's some of my inspiration for baby boy #2:

A brother sign of some sort is a must...

As for the wall color, this is kinda what I'm leaning towards...

Can't wait to share more once we really get started! And just for fun-here's Camden's finished nursery. I'm still so in love with it!


Valentine's Day Pictures


and I thought this was so cute to compare... 9 days old to 13 months old! 

Happy Valentine's Day Weekend friends!

Cam had a mini session with Patti Rose Photography last week where we got these adorable pictures! I can't wait to frame some of them!

 I'm so glad I decided to do this session so that we have professional pictures from when he was right around a year old. If only you could see in these pictures how all OVER the place he was...he was walking all over the place, playing with all the props, being SO goofy, and didn't want to sit still for longer than .2 seconds (which accurately describes this stage and his personality oh so well!) 

I'm excited to spend the weekend with my boys! We actually have a babysitter (thanks Ang) for Saturday night so that me and Billy can have a nice Valentine's Day dinner together! Woo woo! 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend with your loved ones!


Loving Lately // Thoughts For Thursday

+Who's been watching The People vs. OJ Simpson on FX? We're really into this so far, except David S. (aka Ross) playing Robert really throws me off. I can't stop picturing him in Friends, ha. I've always thought it was so obvious that OJ is guilty?! I mean...come on. Who's with me?

+Remember when I posted about my favorite monogrammed tumbler? The one I use every single day and hate when I have to put it in the dishwasher? Oh yes, that one. They have been out of stock for a while, but they're back in stock (shop here) and only $14. Get yourself one, call it a Valentine's day gift to yourself, and thank me later! #thebest

+I need your guys' suggestions on diaper bags! The one I have now has been nothing short of amazing (and I still plan to use it here and there), but I do need one that is going to be big enough to hold enough for 2 little ones. So, what are your favorites? I'm also thinking about going the backpack route (to save my arms), so if they have that option that would be awesome! Help!

+Currently have a thing for these two bracelets with the stones...so, so cute!

Turquoise Mesa Cuff


+I made these crescent rolls on Sunday and let's just say none of these little guys were leftover. Oh my, they are SO good!! Add a little marinara on the side and you're all set...

+Cam was teething bad last week. So not fun! His naps were hit or miss and Motrin seemed to be the only thing that helped him...poor little guy! I did hear about freezing one of his spoons and letting him chew on it, and that really seemed to help him too.

Look at all my teef, ma! 

and don't you even think about telling me how big he looks here because looking at this pic makes me feel like he's already entering freaking kindergarten! I know I've made this claim before and it's really annoying, but I'm pretty positive that this age/stage he's in right now is THE BEST EVER! Can't even begin to describe how much fun he is. Le sigh.

+I've gotten a ton of compliments on my pineapple cell phone case. It's from here and perfect for spring/summer coming up!

+My favorite workout top is currently on sale...it comes in blue, black, grey, pink, and white! I size up because I don't like them super right and to be more relaxed. You'll love it, promise.

I think that's all of the rambling I've got today...happy almost Friday!


Travel Recap: Cabo San Lucas

Cabo...oh Cabo...I love you and your colors! And your weather. And your food. 

Actually, there wasn't much not to love! The weather was perfection - low 80's and hardly any clouds! I mentioned this briefly before but we planned this trip really last minute about a month prior to going. I didn't research as much as I normally do, but saw a great all-inclusive deal to stay at the Riu Sante Fe and we really wanted/needed a warm vaca, so we were sold pretty quickly! We had a great stay here - the staff was so accommodating, grounds and pools were super clean, the food and water (they used bottled) was never an issue, and the views were stunning! Seriously stunning! We knew going into it that it wasn't a 5-star resort, but overall it was an awesome place to stay for the price. They had a lounge pool which was perfect for relaxing, and also a beautiful infinity edge pool where they had music playing, water sports being played, and a swim-up bar. We loved both of them! My only complaint during our stay is that you have to make reservations for dinner early (as in like the minute you arrive) because they book up very quickly. We had a few nights that we couldn't get a reservation where we really wanted to eat, but the night of we just walked up and asked if they had openings and they got us in, which was really nice! There is a sister resort, Riu Palace, right next door that we didn't know about when we booked that is really nice as well! One afternoon we decided to go tour it and both agreed that while maybe the rooms might be a step up, the views were not as good as the Sante Fe. But hey, you can't go wrong with either!

There were a few days and nights we chose to venture out into the city and not eat at our resort, which I highly recommend doing if you go the all-inclusive route. Hello, authentic Mexican! The two winners were The Office and Hacienda Cocina. Both are right on the water with amazing views and delicious food! Hacienda is actually a resort (residences-but you can still eat lunch/dinner there even if you're not staying there) and I'm currently trying to convince Billy that we MUST buy one, ha. The grounds are truly breathtaking! I kept telling Billy I could have sat at our table for HOURS! During our lunch at The Office, we basically ordered the entire menu (when in Mexico, right?!) and they had a little band come up to sing and play music at our table - it totally made the experience! I'm a sucker for things like that.

If you visit Cabo, I'd also recommend looking into the tours they have available, however don't book them through your resort (the travel companies they have in the lobby) as they are a huge ripoff! Luckily, I had heard about this from you guys before we went so we didn't book through them. You can just book them when you get there from the guys that walk around on the beach ("you need a water taxi? glass bottom boat?") or by walking/taking a taxi or shuttle into the city. There are so many fun activities available like whale watching, snorkeling, parasailing, and a glass bottom boat tour. We took a glass bottom boat tour (for only $10/person) out to the famous Arch and Lovers Beach! It was one of the highlights of our trip...so, so beautiful and you could see so many fish! The water was unreal. There's also a ton of little shops in the city, so we just walked around after our boat tour and shopped til we I dropped!

When walking around the marina area, two sea lions put on a pretty cool show for us! They were SO close! I thought I would share a little video I took of them... :)


We will definitely be visiting Cabo again...we loved it and I miss that hot sun already! And to top off our great vacation, I actually felt the baby move for the first time when there! :)

One thing I did want to mention that I had some questions about were the mosquitoes. A few weeks before going, I had heard about the Zika virus and did a ton of research on it. By nature, I'm a worrisome person so trust me when I say I took it very seriously! I made many calls to our resort and talked to my doctor (who didn't tell me not to go-just recommended a certain bug spray.) Our resort also told us that they spray daily for them. We went back and forth for a while about going or not, but ultimately got reassurance from the resort, friends who visit Cabo often, and guests who stayed there that week prior that they were not a problem in the specific area we were staying in. In fact, all of the people who stayed at our resort recently (I talked to 3 or 4 different people about it) said they never once saw a mosquito. This held up to be true for us because we never saw one! I still wore my bug spray to be safe, but there were no issues! If we were going to a different part of Mexico, we would have cancelled as it's much more tropical and humid in other areas, than it is in Cabo. 

If you have any other questions about our trip, feel free to email me!