(from this past weekend when I went out to dinner with my girlfriend Angela)

 Wearing...this striped tunic & vest on repeat. I bought the tunic in cream as well - it's such a good deal (and on sale for $14 right now) and is long enough to wear with leggings!

 (candy corn lil' pumpkin sleeper is from Children's Place, mickey mouse sleeper/hat from Target, and the pumpkin and skeleton onesie are from Walmart!)

 Looking forward to...Camden's first Halloween! I keep finding more and more cute Halloween related items that somehow by the time I'm done shopping end up in my cart and are purchased. We are so excited to see him in his little costume! Speaking of costume, he currently has 3 because his mom is a little indecisive (and ordered one several months ago not knowing if it would fit or not!)

 Laughing...because one of Cam's main motivations to pull himself up/stand up is reaching for the remote control! He is definitely his fathers son! Look at that tongue-he's focused people... 

Loving...(1) that we got a treadmill for our basement!! Our neighbor was actually selling theirs for a steal of a price and they hardly ever used it so it's in great condition. Now that the weather will be getting cooler, I'm excited about being able to hop right on it whenever I want (especially during nap times or after Cam's in bed!) and not have to make the drive to my gym. 

(2) that my thyroid levels seem to better. Overall, I'm feeling much better than I did before but I won't know for sure what my levels are until I have them checked again which will be in about a month or so. 

(3) Pump Rules is starting back up in a month. This totally counts...  

(4-I swear this is the last one) Heading to Boston in a few weeks! Lots of fun things planned with our family and we get to spend a day/one night with my girlfriend Erica-it's going to be so much fun!

Not enjoying...not being able to sleep! Seriously is it not the worst? We got a new memory foam mattress recently and we've tried SO hard to like it, but I just don't think it's going to work out for us. Mattress shopping is so hard I feel like...do any of you have a type of mattress/brand that you LOVE?! Please share if so!

 Planning...fall family pictures! We booked a session a while back (with the same photographer who did our newborn photos) so I'm currently trying to figure out what all of us will wear before the pictures next week!  

Recommending...that you girls try this It Cosmetics powder and this CC cream. I like to switch up my makeup every so often and my girlfriend uses this brand and I fell in love with both of them! 


And last but not least...really.not.wanting this boy to get any older! 9 months forever please (slightly kidding but a little bit serious..you know what I mean? ;))

Happy hump day! 

(PS: finishing up my traveling with a baby post so stay tuned...) 


  1. After lots of intense research, we decided on the Leesa mattress. It's online-only, I believe, and comes rolled up in a box. There are several similar brands, but once we decided that we'd try this way out rather than spending $$$ at a mattress store, with pushy salespeople, we kept coming back to this brand more and more. We have a California King and it was around $900. It did have some off-gassing for a few days, but this would be the perfect time of year to keep the windows open and a fan on. It did take me about a week to get comfortable on it, but now I love it and get some amazing sleep each night!

    1. thank you for this suggestion! I'm going to look into it!!

  2. I never did like memory foam either- I found it too firm!

  3. Love those baby pj's I have not even looked at Halloween ones for Evie yet... random question, but I used to follow Stephs blog and loved ya'll friendship.... how is she? how is that sweet baby? do you still talk to her?

  4. It is an expensive option, but worth EVERY penny = sleep by number.

    I have a bad back (fractured) and was averaging 2 hours of sleep at night. This mattress is heaven. Bonus, I'm a nurse and they give us a 25% discount!

  5. I hear you on being indecisive about Halloween costumes! I purchased 9 from Once Upon a Child (knowing I could return them) and narrowed them down to three that I really couldn't decide between. The lady that had been helping me was so sweet and let me go a couple days past the receipt expiration because she knew I was having a hard time deciding. I did finally make a decision and only have one now, though. :o)

  6. Those halloween outfits are too much!! I'm sorry to hear you're not loving the memory foam mattress. We got a tempupedic last year and it did take me a while to get used to it. My husband loves it, but he likes firm mattresses. I have thought about adding a pillow top on my side bc I would like it to be a bit softer :) Are you able to return it? Gla to hear your thyroid levels seem to be getting better! And I'm jealous of your tredmill!! I've been running outside, but I know it will start to get cold soon.. :/

  7. That pic with his tongue stuck out is so cute!


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