5 Things I'm Currently Loving

tassel earrings for spring & summer - love the fun colors on these!
(shop here)

the new pillowfort collection from target! and perfect timing for me to scoop things up for baby boy's nursery...
 Speaking of baby boy, Billy and his brother got his crib and dresser assembled and we absolutely love them! We were a bit nervous since we ordered them online and never actually saw them in person before purchasing, but we couldn't be more pleased! I did, however, change my mind on the paint color for his room and am going a completely different route. I think we're on paint sample #5 now...oy vey!

This fun and bright bathing suit top! Love the style of it and since there are so many colors in it you could get away with wearing with so many different bottoms!

 I got these sandals this past week (on sale!) from Old Navy. I promise you they are much cuter than they look in this picture! They are so comfy and love the color of the straps...PS: can anyone tell I'm ready for warm weather?

Camden's sense of humor and big personality! He keeps us laughing all day long and is so silly/enthusiastic over the littlest things. 

It's also my Billy's birthday week (it's on Thursday) so I'm really looking forward to celebrating him all week / weekend! He is the best husband and Dad, and honestly he deserves much more than any birthday gift I could give to him! (you know, besides his sons...:))

PS: This tropicana phone case is pretty much the best ever. 

What are you currently loving? Happy Monday!


  1. Oh man that Pillowfort collection is too much. So obsessed with all of it. I may have bought the unicorn head and I don't even have a child yet.

  2. Love those tasseled earrings, they would look perfect for spring and summer with a cute updo!

  3. I love that bathing suit top, but the hyperlink isn't working! Would love to know where it's from -- thanks!

    1. ah, sorry - I just fixed it! Should work now! :)

  4. Love those tassel earrings, they are on my wish list!!


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