NOT WATCHING: This Is Us, BECAUSE DAMN HOLIDAY BREAK! I am so addicted to this show, you guys. I can't remember the last time I REALLY got into a scripted TV series, but my goodness. I watch each episode at least twice because I'm really weird like that. Sterling K. Brown is just my favorite! And I have to ask...IS TOBY OKAY?! or do you guys think he died? I keep saying to myself...nothing bad happens on Christmas Eve! Or will they spin it and he does pass away and then Kate is forever mad at her mom because she promised her that?

LOVING: On a happier note, did you guys see that all Kendra Scott earrings are $10 off today AND free shipping? Use code GIFTS! Buy yourself a pretty pair or one for your mom! Here are two favorites...(I asked Santa aka Billy for the black/silver pair!) 

GOING ON AT HOME: On Tuesday it snowed all day for the first time this year and since I was home with the boys I took Camden out to play in it! He was saying, "snow! snow! snow!" all day long while watching it come down from the window, and like I expected he had a BLAST playing in it. In fact, he had a meltdown when I made him come inside. ha. This picture captures his happiness and curiosity so perfectly....

iphone 7 plus camera for the win

In Grayson news...he is growing up way too quickly. His hair has been coming in more lately and gets super spiky in the back, it's the cutest! Those cheeks of his are mighty delicious too. He's already starting teething (Cam started at this age too with a first tooth shortly after) and is constantly shoving anything and everything into his mouth. 

I bought both the boys new boots from Target (Camden's are the Cat & Jack line) and they're practically the cutest things ever...

MAKING MEMORIES: By going to Breakfast with Santa! It was Camden's second year going and Grayson's first (obviously...) We love it because it's held at one of our favorite restaurants and it's much more personal, so the kids get more interaction and time with Santa! Not to mention, there are no lines which is Mommy's favorite part about it. 

 Cam was saying Santa all the way there in the car, but froze a bit when it was time to sit on his lap, ha! When we ask him what Santa says, he says "ho, ho" with always just 2 ho's. Not three. :)

I also started a new tradition with Camden (and Grayson can join next year) of decorating sugar cookies. He was much more into the eating of the cookies and icing, but he loved shaking the sprinkles all over our counter tops...I mean, all on the cookies.

I think that's it. Short and sweet today, but if you haven't entered this giveaway yet head on over and do so! You could win a $100 Gift Card! xo


  1. Love your boys' boots!! I'm thinking Toby will be okay; what a cliff hanger!

  2. This is so so cute! This is us is so so good!

  3. I need to start watching This Is Us - it sounds amazing! Those boots!!!! x

  4. I'm obsessed with "This is Us" too! Sterling is my favorite as well :) Have a great weekend.

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