Counting Down Until Christmas

(2nd visit with Santa this year-both boys were pretty calm meeting the big man and Grayson was about to take a little snooze on him, ha!)

It has been a crazy past couple of days, sorry for being a bit MIA! Billy texted me yesterday saying, "I noticed you've been slacking on your blog." Nothing like being called out by your husband, ha! Trying to wrap up everything that needs to be done for the holidays has had me completely consumed.

Our celebrations are actually starting tomorrow with my stepmom's side of the family because we are going to Cleveland on Friday for the weekend and for Christmas day. Santa is coming for the boys at our house on Friday morning before we head to Cleveland! And then, once we come back home, we will be celebrating with just my parents on Monday night so we have a very busy (but exciting) next few days! 

We stayed up until 1am on Saturday to get all of our wrapping done...I'm more of a "let's just get it all done at once" type of gal when it comes to wrapping, but I will say using kid wrapping paper (aka Paw Patrol) makes it a little bit more fun and exciting. 

We're super excited for this Christmas with our families and to watch Cam open his gifts, but we do still feel a huge void with Rocky not being with us. It just doesn't feel the same not being able to shop for little squeaky toys or treats for him. I got so sad just looking at his stocking. 

Before I tear up, let's change subjects. Have I mentioned we are taking the kids to Florida in two weeks?! This time Billy's brother and his wife are coming with us! It will be so much fun to have them there with us, and they are saints for coming to help with the kids.

What else has been going on? I changed up my hair! Since summer I've had highlights in my hair but recently decided to go dark for winter. At first it felt like I went black because I'm not used to having it so dark, but I'm really liking it now! And of course, if this filter could stick with me in real life that would be fantastic...

Also, yesterday Camden helped me make "Christmas Crack" to bring to our in-laws and OH MY GOODNESS is it GOOD! Apparently I'm the only one who has never had it before? If by the small chance you haven't tried it or made it, here is the recipe. Trust me, you'll thank me later...

I'm also in the middle of planning Camden's 2nd birthday party. I cannot believe he will be TWO in less than a month! I sent out the invitations last week and I loved how they turned out...

(I got the invites on Etsy here

He's even wearing a Paw Patrol shirt in that picture, so he completely matches the invites! To think I was that girl who always said I wouldn't go crazy with "characted themed" things for my kids. Clearly THAT didn't last long! Anything for your kids, right? :) 

If I don't talk to you all again until after Christmas, I hope you all have the best Christmas and enjoy the holiday with your families!! xo


  1. YAY for lots of amazing Christmas tasks that you've already completed. Their Santa picture just makes my heart smile. Sweet boys. I hope y'all have an amazing long weekend doing some much deserved celebrating with your family and enjoying the magic of Christmas with your sweet boys.

  2. I was the mom who said I'd never have character parties for my kids but I totally DIY Paw Patrolled it UP for my guy's 2nd birthday "Paw"ty. It was actually so much fun to come up with cute Paw Patrol themed foods and decorations. On another note, I'm super jealous of your Paw Patrol wrapping paper for Christmas. All I could find was the girl version. :-(

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Your hair looks gorgeous friend - and yay for Christmas fun! x


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