Happy hump day friends!

The beginning of this week is already over (what?!) and we just had two nights of the Bachelorette.... HUGE yay on both accounts.

This past weekend in Cleveland was a great time! My soon to be sister-in-law's shower was beautiful, we had fun visiting with family, and me and Billy even got a date night downtown while Billy's parents babysat Camden. We went to a restaurant called the Chocolate Bar and they had seriously the best looking martini's I've ever seen. Of course I had to pass on getting one but don't worry, I wasn't about to miss a chance to indulge so I got this huge sundae for dessert (and will def be going back once baby is born!) which totally made up for missing that martini and then some...

Today...recent confessions because well, there's a lot of randomness brewing in my head that I'm gonna throw at you and I kinda love posts like this. Thank God I have this blog otherwise I have no idea where I would put all these life shattering thoughts. I mean, the horror! :)

I confess...as of the past week/week and a half I found out baby is extremely low (and head down) which is causing me so much discomfort/pressure. I'm talking sometimes it hurts to even stand for long periods of time. Camden never felt this low, so this is all new to me and is taking some adjusting to! I hate that I can't do as much, but I'm slowly learning to give myself more breaks and to not be so hard on myself.

I confess...there is a new CostCo opening about two miles from my work, which may or may be dangerous for our bank account. For all of my local readers, the new location is in Dublin and is opening in August! New Executive Members will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card and $55 in coupons and new Gold Star and Business Members will receive a $10 Costco Cash Card! Before having a kid (soon to be kids), I never really felt the need to buy in bulk all that often but it is just so much easier to shop for certain things in bulk when you have little ones. Less trips to the store keeps me sane, I'm tellin' ya. These are 3 things from Cost Co that are my faves...random, but GOOD buys. Camden loves loves loves peanut butter on pretty much anything, and this is by far my favorite to buy because the ingredients is just peanuts and it's super yummy.

(all 3 products are from their Kirkland signature brand)

I confess...I'm in loovee (insert heart eyes emoji) with the apple watch and am already so happy with it. Full review will be posted tomorrow!

I confess...that I don't understand people who can say they wish the boy or mother died, instead of Harambe. I love animals just as much as the next person, but it's just wrong. I also don't understand why people don't agree that the zoo made the right decision. They are the professionals and the ones who knew the gorilla best. I just wonder if that was their son down there, would they really be speaking the same tune? I don't think so.

I confess...I've already started to pack my hospital bag. I'm kinda paranoid about going into labor early and having nothing prepared. When I have some free time during the day I'll just casually start throwing things in it that I know I'll need, so it's not like it's completely packed but hey it's a start! I'm trying to limit the amount of full sized toiletries I'll need (let's be serious-not many will be even used) so the mini sizes of my favorite products are where it's at...

beauty, it cosmetics, skin care, make up
(it cosmetics cc cream, I wear the medium shade // superhero mascara)

I confess...I don't see the appeal in Jordan (from the Bachelorette) Maybe I will start to see it soon because clearly JoJo is smitten and I def trust the girl. She's the best, isn't she? I love watching her! Anyway, Chase and Derek both completely won me over this week.

I confess...configuring two carseats in my backseat has me all kinds of confused. Do I want Camden behind the drivers side or on the passenger side? Who will I load into the car first? Who will I load out of the car first? #SENDHELP (any tips from experienced mamas out there?)

I confess...that I'll pull all the weeds in our yard and then not bag them up or clear them from our grass, so they just sit there for multiple days on end. I don't know why, but I literally do it almost every single time.

I confess...you all need to try StriVectin's new Ultimate Restore hair care line. I've been using their shampoo and conditioner for the past weeks which I love, but my favorite product is the deep repair mask. My hair feels healthier each time I use it and it's sulfate free and safe to use on color treated hair.

Also, the WET BRUSH. If you haven't bought one of these bad boys yet, run to Target and purchase stat. It's actually the only brush I use and I just bought one for Cam! The best.

strivectin, hair care, beauty, hair products

I confess...I've got nothing else.

What do you confess this week? Can you relate to any of my confessions? 


  1. I questioned what to do about the whole loading kids in the car too. I put my oldest behind me and the baby behind passenger. I often load baby first and Jack second. I make him stand right in front me me inside the door. Sometimes I'll load him first and set the carseat on the ground if the parking lot is empty. You can also have cam crawl in the car first before loading baby and then walk around and put him in his seat. I havnt found the best answer yet it's all trial and error and what works. Also.. I don't see the appeal in Jordan either!

  2. Absolutely love that pb from Costco!!! We have so many favorites from Costco..it seriously is the best!!! As for how to arrange the boys...I actually but the baby behind my seat bc he didn't need as much attention in the car. This way I could hand my older one something if he wanted it and I can lean over and unbuckle him before I get out (he is 3 1/2 now so he can get in and out on his own...it is the freaking best). I normally get Brody out first and just have cooper stand in the car and wait for me. U will figure out what works best for your little guys!!

  3. My boys are 22 months apart and I was clueless about where each one should go in the car at first. I ultimately decided that the newborn would go behind the driver because it would be easier for me to load him in a wrap/carrier or stick his seat him a basket first (that way my toddler wouldn't be standing there or waiting in the basket for too long) then I would unload the toddler. When it was time to leave the store I would buckle my toddler up first then the newborn. Hope this insight helps! But you will figure out whatever works best for your family!

  4. Can you do a post on hospita bag packing for second time moms? I'm not that far behind you due with number two and am starting to get my bag together too. Id love any insight!

    1. Congrats to you!!! Sure, I can try to fit it in for sure! :)

  5. The Wet brush is LIFE CHANGING for moms and kids! The car seat story is a little tricky but we put toddler behind driver and baby behind passenger so that you can reach back for baby. I always put toddler in first because they can run in the road and baby will stay in the stroller or car chair...

  6. There is a great Instagram account for Costco, from the same people as TargetDoesItAgain...It might CostcoDoesItAgain!

  7. YEESSSSSS about the gorilla debacle! Since when is the life of a gorilla more valuable than a human life?? That is just crazy to me. It is a sad thing the gorilla had to die, but if the alternative was a four year old losing his life then I think they made the right call. I have a 2.5 year old son so it hit close to home. I cannot imagine how that poor mother must be feeling with all the media scrutiny. :(

  8. I just had baby #2 three weeks ago and he was sitting super low too, so I totally feel your pain! For the car seats, my 2 year old was already behind the driver's seat, so we just left her on that side and then the baby is behind the passenger's seat. I always get the baby out and into the stroller/carrier before I get my 2 year old out, because she is a lot harder to contain!


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