Friday Favorites

Happy June!

Guess who is having a baby NEXT MONTH? Ahh! Yep, totally at that point where I'm counting down the days...

Thank you guys for weighing in on the discussion yesterday. It was fun to hear your thoughts! Sometimes (a lot of times) I miss the good ole' blogging days where commenting was the norm, because I heard from all of you so much more! I still look forward to reading your comments, though, whether it's here or on instagram.

We are heading to Cleveland tomorrow morning to see family + it's my soon to be sister-in-law's bridal shower on Sunday, but we have so much to do around the house tonight before we leave. Am I the only one who hates coming back in town to a billion things to do? I like to try to get everything done before we leave, which doesn't always work out, but it's makes it so much easier when we get home. I'm going to try to convince Billy to put together our new patio set tonight. :)

Anyway, there are so many cute things on sale right now that I'm going a little nuts not being able to buy some of them. It's hard being 8 months pregnant in the summer because you're so limited with clothes! I decided this week that being pregnant in the winter is so much easier...or maybe I've already said that before? I've lost track because I've thought about it so much lately, ha. But it's true. All of these items are 40% off and some of my favorites. I mean, you can get a pair of jacks on sale! those espadrilles! and the striped tee is super cute on and comes in so many colors...size up for that.

{you can click on the each picture and it'll take you directly to the item to shop!}


  1. I love my Jack's and just got a pair so I won't be tempted by the Nordstrom sale. I still can't believe your little one is coming next month. Crazy! Jess at Just Jess

  2. Those all look like pretty post-pardon friendly items to me! :-P

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