A Championship, Day Date, and Hospital Tour!

Did you hear the news? FINALLY Cleveland, Ohio won a Championship! I will be the first to tell you that I'm not an NBA fan at all, however I'm just so excited for the entire city, for LeBron, and especially for my die-hard Cleveland fan husband, who is now the happiest man in America. Pretty sure he will re-watch the game no less than 3 times in the next week!

After celebrating Father's Day yesterday (we went to brunch with my parents + took Cam to another splash pad!), he actually drove to Cleveland because he's been saying since the series started that if it got to Game 7 he wanted to be down there with his family + all the fans in the city he grew up in. Well, I couldn't think of a better Father's Day gift than (you know-besides Cam and the baby boy in my belly!) experiencing "history" in Cleveland, as he would say. 

He sent me these pictures of downtown...he said it was truly insane being down there in the midst of it all!

(couldn't stop laughing at this one!)

Cam was pretty happy last night about the CAVS win, too...


Goodness, I love that sweet face and smile so much. Moving on...

What a fun weekend! On Friday afternoon we went to a splash pad (seems to be a common theme with us this summer so far) with my stepsister and her kids. Cam was loving life there with them! They took him running down this hill a minimum of 15 times...he was laughing out loud and smiling so big each and every time.

On Saturday morning we dropped Cam off at our parents and started our day date together! We went out to brunch (minus sippy cups, a highchair, and snacks all over the table), relaxed at the pool in the sun all day, then went over to downtown Dublin for lunch and to get Jeni's ice cream (the Churro flavor is life changing) before the hospital tour...

Honestly, we talked about Cam 90% of the time but it was so nice to spend time with just my husband. Our hospital tour...went as well as a maternity tour could have gone. We chose this hospital (Dublin Methodist) because it's closer to our house, it's newer, and the rooms are huge. The rooms for labor and delivery/postpartum are seriously so nice, and are about double the size of the room where I delivered last time. We also love that they don't use an overhead speaker system so it's just much more quiet and not as loud. I'm actually pretty excited to deliver here. 

...in FIVE weeks or less. Holy crap! FIVE weeks until my due date and only TWO weeks until I'm full term. 

Shit is getting real! 

How was your weekend? Did you watch the NBA championship?


  1. That's amazing that he was in Cleveland for the game! And so nice you guys got to get out for a day date sans kiddo... we need that! I know I don't live in Columbus anymore, but where is that pool? It looks glorious! And I've heard so many great things about Dublin Methodist for delivering. Great choice! We are getting so close!!

  2. Congrats on the championship! I can't even imagine how crazy the city must have been!

  3. Love your post so much. Your kids are cute. And your girl like the one that I met at the party. She wore pink but cheap homecoming dresses that day.

  4. I have to tell you a story: I'm a Columbus girl too and Dublin is definitely where I want to deliver if we are ever blessed with children. I have always been curious about which hospital you delivered Cam. My friend was due with her son on January 8, 2015 and her water broke on the morning of January 9th but she didn't have her son until the early morning hours on January 10th. If I'm not mistaken her story is very similar to yours and I always wondered if the two boys were born at the same hospital. She had him at St. Ann's. Anyway, love your blog and have a great day!


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