Camden's Quirks

Now that I'm not doing monthly Cam updates, I sometimes feel like I don't share enough about him on here! I know all of you guys are probably thinking...um you share too much as it is, girlfriend! But to me, I really want to remember all these little things (especially from this age! he is so much fun!), so having this space to write it down is super important. So...would you bear with me and act interested? Just pretend, ok?

- Camden's Quirks -
...little tidbits about him that make me melt...things he does that make me laugh!

+how he doesn't just walk casually around the house (or anywhere), he practically runs and is often laughing at himself during
+if I turn around to look at him through the mirror in the backseat of my car, he cracks up and flashes me the biggest smile
+how he pulls up his shirt when we ask him where his belly is and pokes his belly button!
+that his hair gets curly when it's wet and if we don't brush it right after a bath 
 +how tough he is, he will take some pretty hard falls and get right back up like it's nothing
+how he often says "wow, wow, wow" over and over again in his car seat, and then laughs at himself
+also, how within 2 minutes of being in his car seat he always aggressively rips off his shoes and socks and throws them
 +his attempt at brushing his own hair, it's more like brushing the side of his forehead
 +how sweet he is to other kids, he loves giving them kisses
+the teeny tiny birthmark on his right shoulder
+when he gives baby brother kisses on my belly! (the best)
+his feet! my goodness, they are the cutest toes ever 
+his huge, infectious smile and big eyes
+how he will pick out a book and bring it to me then plop down on my lap to read it to him
+that he can catch anyone's attention at the store, people are always telling me how cute, outgoing, and smiley he is!
+that his nose is literally identical to mine as a kid
+how he tries to shove 10 goldfish in his mouth all at once (this actually drives me cah-razy, but it's cute too because boy is obsessed with his goldfish)
+how he has to be touching both Billy and I when we read his bedtime story 
+his big hugs & the extra big ones he gives Daddy when he gets home from work!

loving this sweet, sweet season of life...


  1. Alexander does the same with the goldfish (or anything - it's like a challenge to see how much he can fit in his mouth) and everyone stopping at the store to say how cute he is ... and he loves hearing it too!

    I love reading about Cam (since Alexander is just 3-ish months younger) and I'm equally interested to read about how you manage with two little boys, since we're thinking about a second.


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