Pretty Little Things For You (And Your Littles!)

If you've read my blog this summer then you probably know that my sweet friend Leah's shop, Simply Made with Love, is my go-to for pretty much everything lately (you've seen my water bottle tumbler and she made Camden's adorable 1/2 birthday shirt!) Whether it's for personalized baby/children gifts...something cute for myself...or for Cam...she's got it all. A one stop shop is my kinda thing!

 Recently, Leah's added a BUNCH of new items and has a great current sale going on that I need to share with you because everything is so cute. 

For your desk // blog space: 

-This cell phone holder & mouse pad are must haves! 
(I use this cell phone holder all the time, especially when charging my phone. If you have an iPhone then you know that basically means all.the.time-both of these are 15% off with the code 'christmasinjuly') 

For your little ones:

-Back to school personalized shirts
-Football burp cloth and onesie set (my favorite since football season is coming up! get your favorite football team colors!)
-Kids backpacks (I'm obsessed with these! they are only $20-much better than the PBK price. I'm getting Cam the navy one for his 1st birthday!)
-Lunchboxes (multiple designs/colors to pick from)

For you:
(ALL items under the 'Gifts & Accessories' tab are 15% off with code 'christmasinjuly', so both of these are on sale!)
-Cosmetic bag
-Striped Canvas Tote (only $28)

Happy shopping!

Oh, and my exact tumbler style I posted about a few weeks ago is sold out, but these gold foil ones are amaze!

*Lastly, I'm not sure how many of you followed Leslie from A Blonde Ambition, but I've read her blog for years and am truly saddened and shocked by her recent passing. It has been on my heart so much these past few days and puts so much into perspective. She was a beautiful person and left behind her husband and two adorable baby girls. I just can't wrap my mind around it. Her husband has set up an account for donations that will go to her baby girls college fund, if you feel like donating. Here is the link. Please keep her family in your prayers*


Striped Weekender: Save or Splurge?

When we were up at the lake the other weekend I spotted this Sloane Ranger Striped Weekender bag and was obsessed with it pretty much immediately. Stripes. Navy. Large Tote - GIMME! Ultimately I decided to pass, which ended up being a good decision, because literally a few days later I noticed Target has this version that is a fraction of the price! Um, sold.

The differences between the two are so subtle (the sizes are really comparable too-the Target being only a few inches smaller but it is deeper) so in this situation I would definitely save.

*If you guys like this type of post, please let me know because I feel like I'm always finding cheaper versions of popular items. You know you have a shopping problem when this happens...

Which would you buy?


Five Things

 Hey hey hey! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! 

Lots of fun things to share with you guys today, so I'm getting right into it! 


I like to share my five things on Monday's because then I'm able to include my weekend favorites. Like these beach towels. I've been using Aurorae's beach towel (I got the Med. Seas color-it's a beautiful deep blue) at the pool and when we go to the cottage to the beach and sit in the sand. You can easily stretch out comfortably on it, but what really makes them different/stand out to me is how absorbent and soft they are. The microfiber is nice and thick, so it doesn't feel like your laying on a normal, regular towel. It's seriously so soft! 

If you're into yoga/fitness, Aurorae has some great yoga mats and accessories as well! You can see all their products here.  




We finally bought a Blendtec! Life. changing! It's the best blender out there, I swear!

 I don't think we've gone more than a day without using it since we bought it, which was a few weeks ago! I really should do a full post on it because it's that good but I'm not sure if anyone would even be interested in that? If so, let me know!!

 Anyway, on the weekends we've been making some really yummy cocktails and I had to share our recipe from Saturday night... 

I randomly picked up ingredients from the store with no real recipe and it turned out delicious...

 -4 shots smirnoff sorbet light mango passion fruit vodka
-1.5 cups frozen mango
1.5 cups frozen pineapple
-1 cup simply balanced sparking peach mango juice (from Target) 

Blend all ingredients together and serve! Makes 2 drinks. SO YUMMY!


We found a new favorite brunch spot in Columbus: Walrus!

 We had the best brunch here on Saturday...I'm still drooling over our dishes.

We split the El Morsa (bisquits, two fried eggs, fries, cheese) and the Chicken and Waffles. Both were AMAZING! I also tried their "Juan Pablo's Seeing Eye Dog" drink, which was a combination of bourbon, carrot juice, ginger beer, and OJ. I was surprised how much I liked this! We loved this place and plan to head back there for lunch soon.

 After breakfast we walked over to a park/splash pad area downtown. It was such a beautiful day!


 Boo the Pom came home with us after a recent trip to Target. Rocky immediately attacked him when I showed him, haha! Aren't they cute?


Is there anything sweeter than a freshly bathed bebe with a comb over (and a side of drool?)

I think not... 

Ugh, I could just eat him up.


Happy Monday! 


NSale, Under $50

Sure, there are some really really really great investment/designer pieces included in the NSale, but there are amazing deals for under $50, too!

Example #1: These Zella Live in Leggings are only $33. I wear these seriously almost daily in the fall/winter (gym, errands, you name it)...they are comparable to Lululemon's popular Wunder Under's! A great buy during this sale (love the navy ones!)

Here's my $50 and under favorites:
(you can hover over each picture to see the prices)

How about those skinny jeans? They are a STEAL!! 

And the marquee letter sign would be adorable in a nursery! 



Things That Make Me Go "Woo-Hoo"

Happy hump day! Say it with me now...one day closer to the weekend! We got this!

Today I'm bringing an oldie back because I've got so many odds + ends to share. So basically this is just a big ole' post of my recent favorites. So be it.

First...I wanted to do a follow up about these NSale boots I purchased because I got them in the mail yesterday and...AMAZING. I wanted to share what exactly I like about them to give you more details in case you're on the fence about ordering them! I've bought my fair share of boots in my lifetime (hashtag putting it lightly) that I've hoped would fill the void for the perfect everyday pair, and I had yet to find a pair that fit that description perfectly. UNTIL THESE. The heel height is perfect...just enough of a heel to still be comfortable walking in them all day. I like the look of a short heel with jeans and they can't be too high so again-PERFECT. The width of the boots is exactly what I was looking for too because they go great with any type of jean and/or legging. Color-exactly pictured. Size-definitely size up. I got a 9 (normally 8 1/2) and they fit just right. Now just don't be surprised if I am wearing them every single day this fall and winter (order here before they are gone!)

+Cam just got his FIRST TOOTH! The past few days I could tell he has been really uncomfortable and when I checked this morning one of his bottom ones has popped through! I feel like he's such a big boy now!

+He's also started saying mama mama (!!!!). Favorite life moment? It's possible.

+I found the best lightweight oil for your hair-Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. The pricetag is steep but hear me out...this stuff will last over 6 months, I'm sure. It has a blend of siz oils and two extracts that softens, tame flyaways, detangles, reduces frizz, and adds shine. So BASICALLY, it does it all. Love love. It's also an Allure Best of Beauty winner.

+I'm contemplating having a complete redesign of my blog done and switching from Blogger to WordPress! If any of you have made the switch recently, care to share your thoughts about the process? I'm leaning towards doing it as of now, so exciting things ahead for this space, I hope! 

+What is it about the Cheerleader song that I like so much? On repeat lately.

+Look at this precious onesie I found...is this not the best thing ever?!

I found it while randomly shopping on Etsy from the shop Handmade by Lula. The pom pic looks just like Rocky so of course I had to buy it! They have so many other cute baby designs! (other dog breeds are available for that onesie too...) I seriously can't wait to see Camden in it.

+Two weekends ago my parents babysat so that me and Billy could spend a Saturday just to ourselves. Our date? Since it was the most gorgeous day out, we decided to go to Zoombezi Bay (local amusement park) so we could float in the lazy river with beers in our hands ALL DAY long, haha! We had such a good time...

 +Boohoo currently has 30% off of everything! Use code 'treats'. Shipping does take longer than normal so just a heads up on that!

+The last thing I need is a pair of shorts but this pair is calling my name and on sale for only $32. Black and white embroidered?! Hard to pass up!

+LESS than ONE month until I'm off exploring Denver!

Alright-I think that's all. Billy's last softball game of the summer is tonight so me, Cam, and Rocky will be spending the evening at the fields watching him play!
Have a good day, girls!


When At The Lake...


+Celebrate your brother-in-law's engagement! 

I put together this little gift basket with champs, a bridal magazine, mr. and mrs. koozie's (found at Michael's), a ring holder,  and placed it all in a white bin (that she can use for all the wedding papers she's about to have!) 

I actually made the ring holder...it was easy peasy! I just cut a piece of foam and burlap to fit in the frame portion, then I took a pin and bent it down to go through the foam so that it would stick out and she can hang her ring on it. I thought it was cute! 

+Spend all day at the "beach" area with your friends and their kiddos!

 Camden & Ella (our friends youngest baby girl!)
 Camden & Olivia (holding hands! same friends oldest daughter)
 toes in the lake/sand for the first time :)

+Go eat at your favorite Italian restaurant with good friends (and their baby boy who is a few months younger than Cam!) 

and then take 1,001 pics of your little man because it hits you that you have SIX MONTH OLD!!

+Go boating. A given...

+Wake up and head to the closest farmers market to stock up on fruits and veggies! The strawberries are going to be so yummy in our smoothies this week...

+Have the Monday blues. At least we've still got the Nordstrom Annniversary Sale goin' for us so I guess I can add 'stalk the mailman until he delivers my package' to this list. (Did you see my picks?!)

How was your weekend?


Nordstrom Sale Is Here! {My Picks}

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has started! I KNOW you've heard this from just about everyone else in blog world...but it's because it's that good, people. 

What does this mean for you? (and me, #sorryhusband)

For a limited time you can shop new Pre-Fall 2015 products are discounted prices. When the sale is over, you can still purchase these products but prices will return to full value. And who wants that? Not me!

 If you can swing it, this is the best time to invest in a new pair of jeans or boots!

Here are my picks:

AG Jeans - HERE
(if in between sizes, order up)

Booties (I bought these beauties!!!) - HERE
(order 1/2 size up)

Striped Tee - HERE

 Fringe Booties (GAH-LOVE them) - HERE 

PMD (personal microderm device-if you are prone to breakouts/have large pores you need this!)- HERE

Glam Glow Kit - HERE

 Tunic (only $27, multiple colors. how perfect is it for work or weekend wear?) - HERE
(runs large-I got XS)

Dress - HERE
 Jacket - HERE

Sweats - HERE

  Tunic (obsessed, $29) - HERE

SUCH good deals! I could probably add another 15 items but I'll spare you! Any favorites you've found?! Tell me! Happy shopping!


Congratulations Are In Order...

(pics from last summer when Cam was in my belly-so crazy...)

Guess what?

Over the weekend Billy's brother Kevin proposed to his girlfriend, Katie! Yahoo! We are so excited for them, they are such a great couple. She fits in perfectly with the family and makes Kevin so happy, which is the most important thing in life, right?

   Congratulations, Kevin and Katie! Love you and can't wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!

I also wanted to say congratulations to my girlfriend Rachel (who took our amazing baby announcement photos) and her husband who just announced their pregnancy! They have had a rough road getting to this point so I could not be happier for them. Such a blessing.

In other way less important but still important kinda news (really Katie?), I've been busy putting together a list of my favorite picks from the huge Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that starts TOMORROW! This is my favorite sale of the year. SERIOUS. If you love fall clothes like I do, then you will love it too. Just trust. Come back in the morning and I will have them posted so that you can shop quickly before they sell out! xo.


SwaddleSure by HALO (Giveaway)

 Happy Tuesday!

I've mentioned and worked with HALO here on the blog in the past so you guys are well aware how much I love and standby their products! I'm happy to say that Camden is no longer in a swaddle or sleep sack anymore (which is bittersweet because he looks like such a big boy when he sleeps now!), but I did use them literally everyday on Cam for longer than I care to admit. 

I was actually just talking to my friend/blogger, Lindsay, who just had her beautiful baby girl the other day and she was telling me how the swaddle blankets weren't working for her. I immediately told her to run out and buy a SwaddleSure by HALO, their newest velcro swaddling pouch. 

They are different than receiving blankets (and in my opinion way more effective and easier) because they ensure a perfect fit and minimize breakouts. The SwaddleSure supports hip health and has a patented three-point fastening system! Another advantage is that you have easy access to the diaper for those middle of the night diaper changes. How cozy does le babe look in his?!

SwaddleSure is now available here on Amazon, so keep it in mind if you plan to shop the huge upcoming Amazon Prime sale! You can also buy/register for one at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby.

Now for the good stuff...HALO is offering to giveaway a SwaddleSure to one reader! All you have to do is follow the steps below to enter. Good luck!
Follow HALO on social media here:


CJK: 6 Months (1/2 Birthday!)

I was going to wait until after his 6 month appointment on Friday to post this, but decided to just go ahead and post. FORGIVE ME-lengthy post ahead. It's official...I want this time right. now. to. stay. still. We can't believe our baby is 6 months old already! Cam has grown and changed so much this past month. Gone are the days where diaper changes were easy and he'd just lay there....now he's a complete wiggle worm trying to grab everything around him and he does not want to be on his back at all. He rolls and scoots all over the place. He's this close to sitting on his own, and does when I put a bigger toy in front of him that he can hold on to. He grabs toys with both hands and everything goes into his mouth, including his feet.

We recently just started foods (he tried sweet potatoes first and has had bananas the past few days) and we've been so surprised with how well he's done. He seems to love it as he's been eating a lot of it! He grabs for the spoon often so I will give it to him and he puts it right to his mouth! This month he's been obsessed with shrieking "ahh!" and he does it right when he takes a bottle, when it's time for another bite of food, and at bath time. Speaking of bath time - can you say wild child?! He kicks and splashes everywhere now. He's still going to bed at 730pm and is doing great sleeping in his crib (so happy he loves it now. phew.) Some nights he will wake once for his paci if he can't reach it but he typically goes right back to bed. He wakes up around 6:45ish and then we bring him in our bed to cuddle for a bit!

And here's just a round-up of this past month:


+started to eat baby food! makes the cutest facial expressions!
+has learned how to give kisses, which is basically the best thing ever. I will say it and lean in a bit and he will put his mouth right up to mine!
+rolls over both ways
+sits up on his own with the boppy behind him, but so close to being able to support himself without being wobbly
+grasps objects with both hands
+saying some syllables and vowels (ma, ahh, ooo, eee, etc)
+scoots all over and completely off his activity mat. he lifts his butt up in the air and tries so hard to crawl!
+weighs 15 lbs 8 oz, a little over 28" long! Eyes are more like a hazel now and hair is getting really long and has gotten a little lighter. He's in all 6 month clothes but about to be in 9 month sleepers!
+SO many firsts this month: swinging, swimming at the pool, zoo (twice), to the cottage/on the boat, and celebrated his first 4th of july & father's day!

+his jumperoo (this has been our favorite thing to witness so far! this child is obsessed with bouncing. video proof below)
+being tickled
+blowing raspberries
+nuby teething ring and sophie
+sit me up seat
+the pout pout fish book
+when daddy gets home from work (if I'm feeding him and he hears the door open he will turn his head all the way around to look for him)
+playing peek-a-boo
+music (the wheels on the bus and old macdonald)

+the sun in his eyes during walks
+being on his back..most of the time he just rolls right over to his belly. these pics were almost impossible to get! 
+waiting too long for his bottle

We are so smitten, thankful, and in love with this little boy. When out in public everyone comments about how smiley he is and how much he laughs. You hardly ever see him without a smile on his face and it's just the best thing ever. He will let anyone hold him and he loves other babies/kids too. We know we are biased, but we think he is the cutest boy and makes some of the best expressions. Rocky and him are forming quite the little friendship and we couldn't be happier about that. Billy's always saying how much Cam follows me with his eyes. He's always looking around for me, which makes me feel so good. We definitely have a special mommy son bond, but that's not to say he isn't absolutely crazy about his daddy because he is! Another VERY VERY VERY exciting thing to mention is that this past month Cam's LM (or noisy breathing) has almost completely gone away! We hardly hear it anymore (only at certain times/not for long) and our ENT expects he should be fully grown out of it soon. This is music to our ears!! Extremely thankful about this as it was a huge stressor for us ever since he was born. In the world of exclusively pumping-I'm down to only TWO pumping sessions per day. This week I plan to cut back to one and then be done! Woo-Hoo!

Happy 1/2 birthday, Cam Cam! We LOVE being your parents! (a few favorite videos below)