When At The Lake...


+Celebrate your brother-in-law's engagement! 

I put together this little gift basket with champs, a bridal magazine, mr. and mrs. koozie's (found at Michael's), a ring holder,  and placed it all in a white bin (that she can use for all the wedding papers she's about to have!) 

I actually made the ring holder...it was easy peasy! I just cut a piece of foam and burlap to fit in the frame portion, then I took a pin and bent it down to go through the foam so that it would stick out and she can hang her ring on it. I thought it was cute! 

+Spend all day at the "beach" area with your friends and their kiddos!

 Camden & Ella (our friends youngest baby girl!)
 Camden & Olivia (holding hands! same friends oldest daughter)
 toes in the lake/sand for the first time :)

+Go eat at your favorite Italian restaurant with good friends (and their baby boy who is a few months younger than Cam!) 

and then take 1,001 pics of your little man because it hits you that you have SIX MONTH OLD!!

+Go boating. A given...

+Wake up and head to the closest farmers market to stock up on fruits and veggies! The strawberries are going to be so yummy in our smoothies this week...

+Have the Monday blues. At least we've still got the Nordstrom Annniversary Sale goin' for us so I guess I can add 'stalk the mailman until he delivers my package' to this list. (Did you see my picks?!)

How was your weekend?


  1. I love seeing that you visit the lake as often as you do! That's my home town and just wish we got to visit more. Looks like you had a tasty meal and Ciao Bella possibly? There just nothing quite like the lake life. Hoping that someday will be able to move back, until then it's Athens, OH for a while. :)

  2. Ahhh I am waiting for the mailman to deliver my booties. Wish I was sitting in one of those Adirondack chairs now.... sigh!

  3. I love seeing pictures of little Camden! He is such a cutie pie!!

  4. Soooo many cute pics! And I love the little goodies you got for the bride-to-be, cute idea on the ring holder! :)

  5. What a special time - love the cute engagement gift x


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