CJK: 6 Months (1/2 Birthday!)

I was going to wait until after his 6 month appointment on Friday to post this, but decided to just go ahead and post. FORGIVE ME-lengthy post ahead. It's official...I want this time right. now. to. stay. still. We can't believe our baby is 6 months old already! Cam has grown and changed so much this past month. Gone are the days where diaper changes were easy and he'd just lay there....now he's a complete wiggle worm trying to grab everything around him and he does not want to be on his back at all. He rolls and scoots all over the place. He's this close to sitting on his own, and does when I put a bigger toy in front of him that he can hold on to. He grabs toys with both hands and everything goes into his mouth, including his feet.

We recently just started foods (he tried sweet potatoes first and has had bananas the past few days) and we've been so surprised with how well he's done. He seems to love it as he's been eating a lot of it! He grabs for the spoon often so I will give it to him and he puts it right to his mouth! This month he's been obsessed with shrieking "ahh!" and he does it right when he takes a bottle, when it's time for another bite of food, and at bath time. Speaking of bath time - can you say wild child?! He kicks and splashes everywhere now. He's still going to bed at 730pm and is doing great sleeping in his crib (so happy he loves it now. phew.) Some nights he will wake once for his paci if he can't reach it but he typically goes right back to bed. He wakes up around 6:45ish and then we bring him in our bed to cuddle for a bit!

And here's just a round-up of this past month:


+started to eat baby food! makes the cutest facial expressions!
+has learned how to give kisses, which is basically the best thing ever. I will say it and lean in a bit and he will put his mouth right up to mine!
+rolls over both ways
+sits up on his own with the boppy behind him, but so close to being able to support himself without being wobbly
+grasps objects with both hands
+saying some syllables and vowels (ma, ahh, ooo, eee, etc)
+scoots all over and completely off his activity mat. he lifts his butt up in the air and tries so hard to crawl!
+weighs 15 lbs 8 oz, a little over 28" long! Eyes are more like a hazel now and hair is getting really long and has gotten a little lighter. He's in all 6 month clothes but about to be in 9 month sleepers!
+SO many firsts this month: swinging, swimming at the pool, zoo (twice), to the cottage/on the boat, and celebrated his first 4th of july & father's day!

+his jumperoo (this has been our favorite thing to witness so far! this child is obsessed with bouncing. video proof below)
+being tickled
+blowing raspberries
+nuby teething ring and sophie
+sit me up seat
+the pout pout fish book
+when daddy gets home from work (if I'm feeding him and he hears the door open he will turn his head all the way around to look for him)
+playing peek-a-boo
+music (the wheels on the bus and old macdonald)

+the sun in his eyes during walks
+being on his back..most of the time he just rolls right over to his belly. these pics were almost impossible to get! 
+waiting too long for his bottle

We are so smitten, thankful, and in love with this little boy. When out in public everyone comments about how smiley he is and how much he laughs. You hardly ever see him without a smile on his face and it's just the best thing ever. He will let anyone hold him and he loves other babies/kids too. We know we are biased, but we think he is the cutest boy and makes some of the best expressions. Rocky and him are forming quite the little friendship and we couldn't be happier about that. Billy's always saying how much Cam follows me with his eyes. He's always looking around for me, which makes me feel so good. We definitely have a special mommy son bond, but that's not to say he isn't absolutely crazy about his daddy because he is! Another VERY VERY VERY exciting thing to mention is that this past month Cam's LM (or noisy breathing) has almost completely gone away! We hardly hear it anymore (only at certain times/not for long) and our ENT expects he should be fully grown out of it soon. This is music to our ears!! Extremely thankful about this as it was a huge stressor for us ever since he was born. In the world of exclusively pumping-I'm down to only TWO pumping sessions per day. This week I plan to cut back to one and then be done! Woo-Hoo!

Happy 1/2 birthday, Cam Cam! We LOVE being your parents! (a few favorite videos below)


  1. awww so cute!! I can second every single thing on this list. Love it. Went to Charlie's 6 month appt this AM ( little behind) and home girl is 28.5" long!! Off the charts, more than 100%. Good to know there are other long string beans out there :) And please let time slow down! I have baby fever so bad because I already miss the tiny snuggly baby and am obsessed with my happy, shrieky wiggle worm.

  2. Good gracious! He is just the cutest! I love the way he laughs when you laugh in those videos - what a doll! Happy half birthday, Cam!

  3. He's so adorable!! Love hearing about what he's up to! I'm glad that Wyatt is loving the same things...it's harder to keep track the second time around! ;)

  4. Katie - he is too freaking cute!! I could just eat him up - and that cute little giggle :)
    Love reading all his little updates x

  5. He is so cute! I have my little mans 4 month check up tomorrow, I'm excited to see how big he now. Last appointment he was 12 pounds at 2 months. A big boy for sure. Quick question, do you have another stroller that you use on top of your bob. I have the Bob but looking for something light weight for everyday use. I love the bob but it gets heavy!


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