NSale, Under $50

Sure, there are some really really really great investment/designer pieces included in the NSale, but there are amazing deals for under $50, too!

Example #1: These Zella Live in Leggings are only $33. I wear these seriously almost daily in the fall/winter (gym, errands, you name it)...they are comparable to Lululemon's popular Wunder Under's! A great buy during this sale (love the navy ones!)

Here's my $50 and under favorites:
(you can hover over each picture to see the prices)

How about those skinny jeans? They are a STEAL!! 

And the marquee letter sign would be adorable in a nursery! 



  1. I finally came to my senses and ordered the Zella leggings! They are en route to my house right now!

  2. I love you - thanks for posting about the Live In Leggings! I've been wanting a new pair and now I'm getting them! Weeeeeeeee

  3. I have heard great things about Zella leggings. I think I need to try them. Also how cute are those wine glasses ??? What a great hostess gift.


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