Nashville: Travel Recap

{shorts from here-only a few left! love these too}
{jean jacket-here}

I'm still trying to figure out how I can travel weekly, be a mom, have a job, and keep my sanity year round. Let me know if anyone can help in this area because I would be all over it. Just like the rest of America, right?

In the mean time until that's figured out...I will "extend" our weekend get away by recapping our recent trip to Nashville here with all of you! 


We had one of the best hotel experiences we've ever had this past weekend in Nashville. The only other hotel that could top it was this one, but that should tell you just how great our experience was since I'm comparing it to that hotel. When we booked this trip we kind of had to book at Springwood Suites/Residence Inn by Marriott (it's two hotels in one building-in the Vanderbilt area) because we were late, it was pet friendly (Rocky tagged along and got a lil' vacation too!), and well...all the other hotels downtown were either sold out or really expensive. We are so happy they were! The hotel and the customer service was so great (both sides), and it was only a mile away from downtown and they had a shuttle offering to take us to/from anything within a 2 mile radius (which included downtown and many other areas-you could also take a cab and that was only $5 to downtown!).

We originally had both our rooms (me and Billy in one room, my friends in another) on the Springwood Suites side, but we found out when we checked in that it wasn't actually pet friendly (thanks Expedia) but the Residence Inn side WAS, so they immediately upgraded our room to a king suite and put us on the same floor as our friends (we were literally a few rooms down from each other still.) Both Springwood/Residence Inn had modern decor and such beautiful rooms! Our room (our friends too) were amazing...and HUGE! 

Our room was like the size of an apartment, as it had a full kitchen (in the pic below the kitchen was to the left), desk, eating area, sectional (with a pull out bed), king bed, and a great view on top of it all. I could've stayed here for two weeks! Could not recommend both of these hotels enough if you are traveling to Nashville! I actually preferred that it wasn't smack in the middle of downtown because they were so many cute areas around it to explore and you didn't have to deal with any traffic. PS: Nothing was sponsored on this trip, I just genuinely loved this hotel. 


Nom nom nom! Nashville's food scene is just okay. JUST KIDDING... 

Fried chicken, BBQ beef brisket, deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes, chicken and waffles, bisquits and gravy, "white trash hash"....just to name a few of my favorites (lol). I actually did have each of those this trip and am suddenly realizing why my pants are tight right now (#worthitmmmkay?) 

Instead of going through each place we visited in depth, I'm just going to share my recommendations because each place we visited I would say the same thing, something along the lines of delicious, for each one. 

+Merchants (dinner, on Broadway in the heart of it all)
my picks: chicken fried chicken, deviled eggs, fried green tomatoes
+Tavern (THE BEST BRUNCH EVER, in Midtown (SO close to our hotel)) 
my picks: cheddar bisquits and gravy, white trash hash, heuvos rancheros, sangria (2-4-1!)
+Hattie B's (also right by our hotel, they serve the best fried chicken here-the line wrapped around the building seconds that)
+Tin Roof (this was just for a quick, casual lunch and some beers. Perfect place for that! They have a location by our hotel with other cute shops and restaurants around, and also one on Broadway)
my picks: the cheese dip & quesadillas!
+Frothy Monkey Coffee Shop (coffee and food as well)
+Acme Feed & Seed (dinner, on Broadway, they serve food on the first two floors and have an awesome rooftop next to the river for drinks. I hear they have a good brunch too)
my picks: the ike & mike nachos (HUGE and drool worthy with their pulled pork, beans, and bbq sauce!), rule the roost (hot chicken)
 {view from Acme rooftop}
+Jacks Bar-B-Que (quick lunch, on Broadway)
+Las Paletas (I am soooo sad we never had the time to go here, but I'm still adding it so I remember for next time and so you guys can-was featured on food network for their frozen ice pops made with fresh fruits and vegetables)
+Juice Nashville (to make you feel better after all those drinks!)
my picks: berry nice or the green detox one (can't remember the name but it has spinach, kale, apple, lemon)


Honestly, most of our weekend was spent on Broadway listening to the live music but me and Billy did venture to Hillsboro Village on Saturday afternoon. They have some really cute clothing shops, restaurants (Pancake Pantry is here-I ate here on my previous trip otherwise would have gone!), and dessert places. Rumor on the street is Taylor Swift can be found here often!


Another area we got to explore a bit was The Gulch. Read more about it here.

As for places on Broadway-I really like Tootsies, Rippy's (upstairs), and The Stage.
If we had more time, we would've made the drive to Franklin because I hear it's really charming and pretty, and drank some wine at Arrington Vineyards. Next time! 

OH...and guess what?! I got to meet my blogger friend, Sarah, right when we got into town! We parked our car for lunch and she just so happened to be eating lunch with some girlfriends and we recognized each other right away! It was so awesome! I had been wanting to meet her for years! And she was just as sweet and pretty in person :)

Even though we didn't stay long, we still fit in a good amount of things. Mainly revolving around food, which I'm totally cool with. :) On our last trip, I toured the Country Music Hall of Fame, visited Bluebird, etc. Read that recap here.

Thank you music city for another great visit and as always thank you to those who always send me the best rec's! 


Another Year

Hey ya'll! I've made it back from Nashville in one piece and yesterday I turned the big 3-0!

And yes, I feel sooo much older. ;) Actually...no, in all seriousness, I really loved my twenties (who doesn't?!) but I'm not dreading my 30's or think they will be a big snoozefest, by any means! I'm really not one of those people who believe it all goes downhill from here, or that all the fun has to stop! That's silly...I love my life and how can this year be bad when I have my baby Cam with me now? It's just not possible. Life and the years ahead are about to get a whole lot BETTER!

However, Nashville definitely got the best of me (we didn't even make it out past 11pm one night-HA!) because I'm all kinds of exhausted today. Our trip was so much fun...I'm working on a recap post that I will hopefully have up soon, but for now I'm spending one more day snuggling my little man who I missed so incredibly much!! My parents spoiled him rotten (how cute is the pic of him "reading the sports section" with my dad?) while we were gone and sent me texts/pics all the time, but it was still hard to be without him. On the plus side, I'm happy that he did so well at my parents house-makes me feel so good and eases my mind for the future! But he's definitely coming with us for our next trips this year!

Anyway...all this to say I'll be back (in the Arnold S. voice) with a trip recap! Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and thank you to those who have served/are serving-the real reason for celebrating the weekend. Also a big THANK YOU to those who wished me a happy birthday, xo! 


Five Things: Memorial Day Weekend Edition


How perfect is this pom pom top?

 It's a shame I didn't find it early enough so that I could have it in time for our trip this weekend, but I'm pretty positive it will get plenty of use this summer. Would be cute as a cover up, with shorts or white jeans, and for the 4th!

shop here


I came across this article, 92 Days of Summer: Something To Do From June to August in Columbus, and had to share for all my Columbus girls! What a great list! We are always wanting to find new fun things to do, or to take Cam to, so I saved this article to my home screen on my phone so I can pull it up whenever. :)  

and if you haven't tried the macarons from Pistacia Vera, make that on the top of your list!


It's true...I'm loving this age. He is SO much fun.


New product obsession below. It's a finishing spray that is liquid-to-powder that I spray on my hair after I style it for added volume and texture. Sometimes I use it in my place of dry shampoo on day 2 dirty hair because it keeps it looking clean!


Today is my Friday because bright and early tomorrow morning we're heading to Nashville!! It's bittersweet because we are obviously really excited, but at the same time will miss our little man so much. I know I mentioned this the other day, but gah. It pulls at my heart strings. Good thing it's only for 2 days and he's in good hands! I think I can do it, I think I can do it. 

It's also my birthday on Monday (and we will be back then) so I will get to celebrate with my boys! Best of both worlds!  

Follow me on instagram or snapchat (@katiewkrysh) to see a glimpse of our trip! I promise I'll be back next week with more to blog about! Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! xo


30th Birthday Wish List

Untitled #74

Initial Disc Bracelet
Personalized Striped Canvas Tote (perfect for the beach!)
Kate Spade Water Bottle
Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace
David Yurman Ring
Tory Burch Logo Earrings

 Would you guys believe me if I said it took me a long time to figure out anything I would want for my birthday? My husband was shocked and pretty sure my parents were as well, ha. Making this list wasn't easy because honestly I would rather have an experience (like our weekend trip or a fun filled day planned with my boys) than any of these items. BUT, what kind of girl would I be to not have my eye on a few things?! I just can't let that happen.

Also, I realize how fitting it is to have a damn umbrella on my wish list when turning the old age of 30, but I really want one to sit under outside with Cam this summer! I remember the days of rolling my eyes at my parents for wanting "lame" gifts and well, now here I am...

Happy hump day!



Hey hey hey!

How was your weekend? Per usual ours seemed to go super fast, but was great! We went out to dinner Friday night with Cam and he was SO interested in our food. It was so funny! I plan to wait until 6 months (or very close to it) to introduce foods with him, but I'm already really looking forward to it so much. Is that weird, or probably normal for FTM's? ha!

Saturday we ran a bunch of errands and I managed to get a ton of flowers planted in our yard. Happy to have it done because I won't have time this weekend and many weekends after that will be spent at the lake!

Speaking of the lake/water...

Can anyone recommend some awesome baby toys/products that are good for water/the beach? We plan to get one of the sport umbrella's with the flaps on the sides so that I can sit outside with him, but what are some other must have items?! I can't wait to take him to the pool for the first time!

Anyway, the point of this post-to ramble on and on about all my life happenings. So thrilling, I know.


IN SHOCK THAT: ONE week from today is my 30th birthday. I actually semi forgot about it until the other day. It's funny how things change when you have a baby. Before I would be talking about my birthday for weeks ahead of time (all my confessions are coming out right now) and now, I've barely thought about it. But really though, THIRTY?! How can this be? I guess it's good I kind of forgot about it! At least I'm still a year younger than my husband. ;)

LOOKING FORWARD TO: To celebrate, we are going to NASHVILLE on Friday with my 3 best girlfriends and our spouses! Oh, and Rocky is coming too. He is the easiest dog to travel with! When we planned this, I thought that I would be ok with leaving Cam since it's just 2 nights (I mean as much as I can be), but now I am getting real nervous. I know that he will be just fine, but I will miss him so much and I hope I don't worry so much when we're gone so I can actually enjoy myself. I'm trying to focus on the positive-that we will have so much fun, that it'll be nice to have time with Billy, and to give us a little break! I plan to repeat these things to myself daily this week...

EATING: We made this copycat Bonefish Grill Shrimp recipe on Saturday and gave it our stamp of approval. Absolutely DELISH!

THINKING: How freaking adorable Cam is in this picture. That tongue obviously shows how much he's concentrating on learning how to sit. And those toesies...the cuteness is too much.

LOVING: This mason jar "one hot momma" glass I found when shopping with Cam last Friday. How cute is this?! Would be an adorable gift for a momma! Cam seems to like it as well...

WANTING: All of the following...

 striped romper (also comes in black)

What's currently on your mind? Any Memorial Day plans?

PS: What the heck was that Kanye performance last night? Tell me someone else also thought that was a complete waste? K, enough from me! Have a good day!



Recently my girlfriend tagged me in a Facebook article that shared Chipotle's guacamole recipe because she knows I'm pretty much obsessed with it. And yes Chipotle employees...I KNOW IT'S EXTRA! I do think they changed the recipe a bit, though, because last year it was 10x much better! Why you gotta be like that, Chipotle?!

It just doesn't taste the same anymore, but I normally end up with it on my bowl anyways because I mean...my bowl just wouldn't taste the same without it.

Anyway, my point. It made me want to dig up THIS recipe because it tastes just like their old version! It's probably my favorite thing to make in the summer in terms of a snack/appetizer. And I don't say that to toot my own horn because there's no way I came up with this recipe...I just made it and shared away with you guys.

If you haven't tried it yet, you should probably not wait one more day to do so because your life will be so much better once you try it. View the whole post and start drooling: here. If you want to make the original recipe that they just shared online-here you go!

PS: I think they stopped selling this flavor of chip because I can never find them anymore. Pretty mad about that because they were so delish. Oh well, nothing some blue corn tortilla chips can't fix. ENJOY! Happy Friday-Eve! PPS: Must make new recipes ASAP! #slacking


CJK: 4 Months Old

I'm 3 days late-he was 4 months on the 10th!


-learned to roll over both ways (first time was back to belly right after he turned 3 months), but does back to belly most often and by often I mean practically all the time! he loves to show off his new trick..when we lay him down on his pack and play or activity mat he right away rolls over and will do it over and over again.
-found his feet! he thinks they are yummy
-started pushing the buttons on his musical toys
-learned how to put his paci back in his mouth! (this is especially amazing when we're in the car)
-13 lbs, 26 inches long (so tall!)
-eats 4-5 oz. during the day and up to 6.5 oz. at the dreamfeed
-has taken a few naps during the day in his crib (we made a crib "nest" to imitate the rock and play and also elevated it with a pillow under his mattress for his reflux)
-knows how to close books with both of his hands when reading to him!
-has started to lean forward/push himself up to try to sit up 
-has possibly started teething, even though it's early he's showing a lot of the symptoms.


-bouncing up and down (you HAVE to watch the video below of him cracking up!)
-getting in his towel after his bath // bath time in general
-being naked. total boy.
-rolling over
-putting everything in his mouth
-laughing and being talked to is his favorite, his constant happiness is so infectious
-kicking his legs (all.the.time)
-standing up when we help him
-when mommy sings "twinkle twinkle little star" 
-sophie the giraffe and his lovie!


-there was a week period this month where he decided he didn't like riding in the car. luckily it only lasted a week and he seems to be back to not minding it.
-when he has to burp
-missing a nap
-he gives me these funny looks when I try to change his clothes too often, doesn't cry but just is kinda like "really? enough, mother" type of thing ;)

I've decided I'm never going to end these monthly posts with "my favorite month yet!" because as it turns out I'll sound like a broken record. This month he has grown so much-from noticing things around him more, interacting with us, getting stronger, and just being more "aware" in general. His noisy breathing has gotten noticeably better as well. His eyes are looking more hazel these days, but with more blue than green. Every day with him is truly a blessing in our eyes. Every day me and Billy exchange text messages about how even the sleepless nights are so worth it. Every day we feel lucky to be his parents and I already have baby fever again. Cannot believe he is 4 months old...his half birthday is coming up pretty quickly and THAT is just crazy talk.


I told myself I would post more videos because I know I will want to have them in the long run, so below are a few of my favorites of him laughing and rolling over!

If these don't make you smile today, I'm afraid I can't help you. :)


Mother's Day Weekend Recap

This Mother's Day was one of the happiest weekends I've had to date. My first Mother's Day! After 14 years of completely dreading the holiday, it's about time! The feelings of missing my mom and wishing she were here were still in the front of my mind (as I'm sure they always will be), but it was so nice to actually be able to celebrate the day with the one who made me a mama, my little Cam.

It's true that you don't truly understand the depth of a mothers love until you become a mom. It's because of that same very love that I know my mom would be happy that for the first time in many years I spent the weekend smiling and laughing, instead of shedding tears.

A big special thanks to Billy, who really stepped up to make me feel extra special and loved all weekend! My parents, as well, who offered to babysit Cam on Saturday so that we could have the afternoon with no responsibilities other than enjoying the day the two of us. 


We had a nice lunch outside at Milestone 229 then we decided to rent bikes and ride throughout the Short North. We stopped to go into shops, get ice cream, and to relax in the park...it was a perfect way to spend the day and it was so nice to catch up together.

And you know how "they" say when you do get a date to try to not spend your time talking about your kids? Yeah, that was a big fat fail. Maybe we can try that again in a few months, but I'm suspecting that it'll be the same result. ;)

I woke up on Mother's Day with a full nights sleep (perhaps the best gift? ha) and to flowers, a huge balloon, the sweetest card (complete with funky signatures from Cam and Rocky), and my favorite breakfast that Billy had picked up! He also got me some of my favorite products from Lush (and we just booked a week long trip to Florida for the fall, which I'm SO excited about!), but honestly all I really cared about or wanted was to spend the afternoon outside with all my boys!

Anyway, after Cam's first nap all of us, including Rocky, headed to the park to spend the afternoon and to go for a long walk since it was beautiful out. We actually ran into our nanny and her kids there, too! Right before we were leaving, we saw a young girl walking her pet lamb (you read that correctly...pet lamb), named Gerald, and she came right up to us talking about him. It was adorable because she seemed so proud to show her off her pet, ha! Rocky and Gerald seemed to hit it off pretty well (as much as a lamb and pomeranian could?), it was pretty cute! A pet lamb at the park...there's a first for everything.

Once we got home, Billy cooked a delicious meal for us on the grill for lunch. He was so helpful all afternoon...he let me work in the yard and run errands while he watched Cam, and he even cleaned up the house and did laundry! It was so appreciated because what mom really wants to do laundry or clean up the kitchen for the 100th time on Mother's Day?!

Oh, and he was a good sport because somehow I got away with forcing him to watch 50 Shades of Grey with me.

I think that above all of that, the best part of the day was just being able to snuggle up with my sweet little man (and his fur brother too of course) who was the reason I was able to celebrate the special day. I just felt so grateful all day long that I'm his mom...there's really no other way to explain it. 

I hope that all you mamas out there felt the love this weekend because you deserve it! 


Five On Friday

Sorry for the radio silence the past few days! The weather here has been beautiful (80's!), which has really not made me want to spend much time in front of a computer at all. Way too hard!

What are your plans this weekend? I'm really excited to celebrate my first Mother's day! My parents are also babysitting Cam on Saturday, so that we are able to have a day the two of us. It's going to be nice to spend time with just Billy catching up and we hope to go kayaking or something fun like that.

Time for on Friday! Here we go...

+The other night we took Camden to his first Clippers baseball game! My friends asked us and another couple to go and everyone brought their kiddos. It was so much fun. Cam did really well and ended up falling asleep right before the game was over!

+Newest favorite shop for littles?! As Daring Does!

They have some of the cutest blankets, bandana bibs, bow ties, and headbands...

Cam has this blue lagoon blanket which is so soft, lightweight, and HUGE! It's the most perfect size. You can see all the other blanket options (such good designs!) here. Not to mention, that green adorable little bow tie Cam will be sporting this summer. Bow ties on little boys is almost too much for me to handle....too cute and I love the spring green color!

follow them on instagram to see everything they have in their shop + info on new items!

+It's officially the time of year where I have to refrain myself from getting frozen yogurt on a daily basis...anyone else?

+This past weekend my girlfriends got to spend some time with Cam...how cute is this picture of them reading to him? They are so sweet with him!

+Our little Cam man turns 4 MONTHS OLD (!!) on Monday. Similar to the other months, I can hardly believe this and I'm sure I will be saying that for all the months to come. I'm actually taking him to the pedi today to get his shots, which always breaks my heart! I know it's much harder on me than him, though...

Amen for barefoot babies and not have to worry about putting 50 layers on him.

Have a great weekend and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ladies!
(even if it's not technically until Monday..celebrate all weekend :))