CJK: 4 Months Old

I'm 3 days late-he was 4 months on the 10th!


-learned to roll over both ways (first time was back to belly right after he turned 3 months), but does back to belly most often and by often I mean practically all the time! he loves to show off his new trick..when we lay him down on his pack and play or activity mat he right away rolls over and will do it over and over again.
-found his feet! he thinks they are yummy
-started pushing the buttons on his musical toys
-learned how to put his paci back in his mouth! (this is especially amazing when we're in the car)
-13 lbs, 26 inches long (so tall!)
-eats 4-5 oz. during the day and up to 6.5 oz. at the dreamfeed
-has taken a few naps during the day in his crib (we made a crib "nest" to imitate the rock and play and also elevated it with a pillow under his mattress for his reflux)
-knows how to close books with both of his hands when reading to him!
-has started to lean forward/push himself up to try to sit up 
-has possibly started teething, even though it's early he's showing a lot of the symptoms.


-bouncing up and down (you HAVE to watch the video below of him cracking up!)
-getting in his towel after his bath // bath time in general
-being naked. total boy.
-rolling over
-putting everything in his mouth
-laughing and being talked to is his favorite, his constant happiness is so infectious
-kicking his legs (all.the.time)
-standing up when we help him
-when mommy sings "twinkle twinkle little star" 
-sophie the giraffe and his lovie!


-there was a week period this month where he decided he didn't like riding in the car. luckily it only lasted a week and he seems to be back to not minding it.
-when he has to burp
-missing a nap
-he gives me these funny looks when I try to change his clothes too often, doesn't cry but just is kinda like "really? enough, mother" type of thing ;)

I've decided I'm never going to end these monthly posts with "my favorite month yet!" because as it turns out I'll sound like a broken record. This month he has grown so much-from noticing things around him more, interacting with us, getting stronger, and just being more "aware" in general. His noisy breathing has gotten noticeably better as well. His eyes are looking more hazel these days, but with more blue than green. Every day with him is truly a blessing in our eyes. Every day me and Billy exchange text messages about how even the sleepless nights are so worth it. Every day we feel lucky to be his parents and I already have baby fever again. Cannot believe he is 4 months old...his half birthday is coming up pretty quickly and THAT is just crazy talk.


I told myself I would post more videos because I know I will want to have them in the long run, so below are a few of my favorites of him laughing and rolling over!

If these don't make you smile today, I'm afraid I can't help you. :)


  1. Too cute! Our littles are basically the same size. My Evie was 13 lbs 5 oz and 25.5 in at her 4 month appt! Makes me feel better to see another perfectly healthy baby at her (almost) same age and size, because we have a nephew who is a week older than her, and he's 17 lbs! Everyone thinks Evie is so tiny and it makes me feel like they think we're underfeeding her sometimes lol.

    1. I agree...when they are so long it makes them look smaller! people will say stuff to me when we are out running errands too like "he's so tiny!" but they normally can't tell how tall he is and they definitely don't know how much he eats :) just gotta shake it off! every baby is different. congrats on your little Evie! xo

    2. DITTO! I am SO with you! Everyone out in public talks about how small our Conner is, but we're like - WHAT?!? It's just because he's so long! Tall babies rule! ;)

  2. oh my gosh those videos!! What a cutie!! Brody, my little guy, has his 4 month appointment today! Time is seriously flying by!!! (And I agree, each month does get better and better!!!) And it is seriously the best when they can put their pacifier in themselves!!! Have a great day!

  3. I love reading your posts so I see where he and Charlie are both at. I don't know why I feel like I need to know where other babies are/were at these stages. He's so cute! I officially have baby fever now b/c I feel like she's growing so fast and that each day gets better and better and I don't want it to end. Lord, help Joe :)

  4. What a little cutie!! He's so tall! I love all the videos,,, seriously, I'm glad I'm not the only one that documents everything like crazy ha! It is so fun to watch these babes grow! Happy 4 months Cam!!

  5. he is freakin' adorable!!!! :) :) the middle picture of you and him in the collage is adorable, his face...major heart eyes!!

  6. Aw man, what a little handsome boy!! Wish I could snuggle you mister Cam x

  7. OMG... I'm just over here dying over his sweet laugh!!!!! SOO sweet. More videos are always welcomed!!!

  8. Baby giggles. They are literally the SWEETEST sound in all the land!

  9. Four months already huh? He seriously is way too adorable! That little grin of his...so cute!

  10. Please do share more about the crib "nest" and sitting up the mattress on the pillow. Our Conner has acid reflux, too. Right now, he sleeps in his Rock and Play, but I know those days can't last forever.


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