Another Year

Hey ya'll! I've made it back from Nashville in one piece and yesterday I turned the big 3-0!

And yes, I feel sooo much older. ;) Actually...no, in all seriousness, I really loved my twenties (who doesn't?!) but I'm not dreading my 30's or think they will be a big snoozefest, by any means! I'm really not one of those people who believe it all goes downhill from here, or that all the fun has to stop! That's silly...I love my life and how can this year be bad when I have my baby Cam with me now? It's just not possible. Life and the years ahead are about to get a whole lot BETTER!

However, Nashville definitely got the best of me (we didn't even make it out past 11pm one night-HA!) because I'm all kinds of exhausted today. Our trip was so much fun...I'm working on a recap post that I will hopefully have up soon, but for now I'm spending one more day snuggling my little man who I missed so incredibly much!! My parents spoiled him rotten (how cute is the pic of him "reading the sports section" with my dad?) while we were gone and sent me texts/pics all the time, but it was still hard to be without him. On the plus side, I'm happy that he did so well at my parents house-makes me feel so good and eases my mind for the future! But he's definitely coming with us for our next trips this year!

Anyway...all this to say I'll be back (in the Arnold S. voice) with a trip recap! Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day and thank you to those who have served/are serving-the real reason for celebrating the weekend. Also a big THANK YOU to those who wished me a happy birthday, xo! 


  1. Can't wait to see the Nashville re-cap! Happy belated Birthday!

  2. Glad you had such a great birthday! We are leaving P for our first overnight in two weeks and I'm having anxiety over it! But I know it will be a good refresh (ya know especially since 9 months later she STILL doesn't sleep through the night. Oy Vey!)

  3. Can't wait to hear about your trip! Happy belated 30th girl! I'm only 5.5 months into my thirties but let me tell you, so far they ROCK!

  4. Looking forward to the Nashville recap - and happy belated birthday!!!

  5. I am so glad y'all had a great trip. Definitely a great way to start this next step on the age ladder. Sweet Cam is just too precious and I know he was excited to have y'all home with him. I hope your birthday was as amazing as you are!


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