Five On Friday

Sorry for the radio silence the past few days! The weather here has been beautiful (80's!), which has really not made me want to spend much time in front of a computer at all. Way too hard!

What are your plans this weekend? I'm really excited to celebrate my first Mother's day! My parents are also babysitting Cam on Saturday, so that we are able to have a day the two of us. It's going to be nice to spend time with just Billy catching up and we hope to go kayaking or something fun like that.

Time for on Friday! Here we go...

+The other night we took Camden to his first Clippers baseball game! My friends asked us and another couple to go and everyone brought their kiddos. It was so much fun. Cam did really well and ended up falling asleep right before the game was over!

+Newest favorite shop for littles?! As Daring Does!

They have some of the cutest blankets, bandana bibs, bow ties, and headbands...

Cam has this blue lagoon blanket which is so soft, lightweight, and HUGE! It's the most perfect size. You can see all the other blanket options (such good designs!) here. Not to mention, that green adorable little bow tie Cam will be sporting this summer. Bow ties on little boys is almost too much for me to handle....too cute and I love the spring green color!

follow them on instagram to see everything they have in their shop + info on new items!

+It's officially the time of year where I have to refrain myself from getting frozen yogurt on a daily basis...anyone else?

+This past weekend my girlfriends got to spend some time with Cam...how cute is this picture of them reading to him? They are so sweet with him!

+Our little Cam man turns 4 MONTHS OLD (!!) on Monday. Similar to the other months, I can hardly believe this and I'm sure I will be saying that for all the months to come. I'm actually taking him to the pedi today to get his shots, which always breaks my heart! I know it's much harder on me than him, though...

Amen for barefoot babies and not have to worry about putting 50 layers on him.

Have a great weekend and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY ladies!
(even if it's not technically until Monday..celebrate all weekend :)) 


  1. Your little man is the cutest. Hope you had fun at the game!

  2. He is a doll! My son was born shortly after yours. (January 15th.) I'm glad he's growing but it breaks my heart!

  3. He's getting so big! Hope you (and him) made it through the shots without too many tears!

  4. I love those Carter's blankets. We end up using ours as a burp cloth more than a blanket thanks to a little boy who loves to overfill himself on breastmilk haha. Now he's even started hugging his burp clothes as if they're a dearest lovey. Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Small world! I have been following your blog for a while. Looking through the pics in this post I realized I work with the dad on the right in your dads at the game picture.

  6. Cute update my friend - so special to see how little Cam is fitting into your life and heart x


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