Mother's Day Weekend Recap

This Mother's Day was one of the happiest weekends I've had to date. My first Mother's Day! After 14 years of completely dreading the holiday, it's about time! The feelings of missing my mom and wishing she were here were still in the front of my mind (as I'm sure they always will be), but it was so nice to actually be able to celebrate the day with the one who made me a mama, my little Cam.

It's true that you don't truly understand the depth of a mothers love until you become a mom. It's because of that same very love that I know my mom would be happy that for the first time in many years I spent the weekend smiling and laughing, instead of shedding tears.

A big special thanks to Billy, who really stepped up to make me feel extra special and loved all weekend! My parents, as well, who offered to babysit Cam on Saturday so that we could have the afternoon with no responsibilities other than enjoying the day the two of us. 


We had a nice lunch outside at Milestone 229 then we decided to rent bikes and ride throughout the Short North. We stopped to go into shops, get ice cream, and to relax in the park...it was a perfect way to spend the day and it was so nice to catch up together.

And you know how "they" say when you do get a date to try to not spend your time talking about your kids? Yeah, that was a big fat fail. Maybe we can try that again in a few months, but I'm suspecting that it'll be the same result. ;)

I woke up on Mother's Day with a full nights sleep (perhaps the best gift? ha) and to flowers, a huge balloon, the sweetest card (complete with funky signatures from Cam and Rocky), and my favorite breakfast that Billy had picked up! He also got me some of my favorite products from Lush (and we just booked a week long trip to Florida for the fall, which I'm SO excited about!), but honestly all I really cared about or wanted was to spend the afternoon outside with all my boys!

Anyway, after Cam's first nap all of us, including Rocky, headed to the park to spend the afternoon and to go for a long walk since it was beautiful out. We actually ran into our nanny and her kids there, too! Right before we were leaving, we saw a young girl walking her pet lamb (you read that correctly...pet lamb), named Gerald, and she came right up to us talking about him. It was adorable because she seemed so proud to show her off her pet, ha! Rocky and Gerald seemed to hit it off pretty well (as much as a lamb and pomeranian could?), it was pretty cute! A pet lamb at the park...there's a first for everything.

Once we got home, Billy cooked a delicious meal for us on the grill for lunch. He was so helpful all afternoon...he let me work in the yard and run errands while he watched Cam, and he even cleaned up the house and did laundry! It was so appreciated because what mom really wants to do laundry or clean up the kitchen for the 100th time on Mother's Day?!

Oh, and he was a good sport because somehow I got away with forcing him to watch 50 Shades of Grey with me.

I think that above all of that, the best part of the day was just being able to snuggle up with my sweet little man (and his fur brother too of course) who was the reason I was able to celebrate the special day. I just felt so grateful all day long that I'm his mom...there's really no other way to explain it. 

I hope that all you mamas out there felt the love this weekend because you deserve it! 


  1. Looks like such a wonderful first Mother's Day! So glad you got to spend some time alone, even if you didn't completely avoid baby talk ;)

  2. Isn't being a mommy so special? Mother's day is still not the easiest day for me (and you I imagine!) but knowing a mother's love and celebrating that is so awesome!!!!!! Happy Mother's Day to you love bug!!

  3. That lamb??? Haha, i cannot stop laughing!! Happy Mother's Day my friend - and sending you the biggest hugs x

  4. So happy to hear you got your happy Mother's Day- you so deserve it sweet girl! I was thinking of you. <3 Your little man is just precious.


  5. I started feeling sick Saturday night so my poor Momma had to take care of me. I think she secretly still loves to be needed after 30 years!

    Cam definitely looks great in Red, White, and Blue!

  6. So glad you had a god one! You definitely deserve it! I was thinking of you!

  7. Camden is so stinking cute!! So glad you had a great weekend! Happy Mother's day!


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